fluke jira

  1. D

    ❤️[CH8] Manee Naka (A plus production) : Jean Gaewalin/ Toomtam Yuthana/ Fluke Jira/ Mungkorn Paphawin

    I don't think there was a thread for this lakorn. I check it and it seem like there wasn't. If there is one already. Please let me know so I can merge. CH.8 new lakorn. They just have the opening today. I'm not sure who is the p'ke but it seem like its going to be Toomtam. Title: มณีนาคา (...
  2. S

    Fluke Jira (STUDENT WEEKLY Vol.47 No.7 February 2016)

    Cr magazinedee
  3. Thookatha

    [Ch.8] Sapai Rot Sap (?)

    Didn't see a thread for this lakorn yet so i decided to start one, because it is worth me starting a thread for so far. I think itz hilarious. Lol. And actually, i only accidentally started watching this bc i clicked on the wrong lakorn link. While multitasking and leaving it playing, i found...
  4. krisayaporn

    [Ch8] Khun Ying Nork Tumniab (Deemak Production)

    New remake lakorn of CH8 that is Khunying Nork Tumniab. It's produce by Namfon Kullanat Starring is Nus Nussaba, Tangmo Patratida, Pete Thongchue and Fluke Jira.   The worship         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wqgnas0Qg8   Poster