cherry khemapsorn

  1. phatman

    Plae Kao

    I knew Ken T. and Cherry K. were in a lakorn called Plae Kao, but I didn't know it was a romantic lakorn. I thought it was a war lakorn, so I never bothered to watch it. After learning that it's actually a romantic drama, I want to watch it now. For those who feel the same sentiments, here you...
  2. K

    [Ch3] Leh Roy Ruk (Uma)

  3. thai4ever93

    [Ch3] Ruk Khun Tao Fah (Citizen Ken & UMA 99)

    http://www.komchadlu...29;ก.html Noi is making a lakorn with her hubby as p'ek how cute!!! i wish she would be n'ek with him again! Big thanks and ALL credits to snow_scorpio @spicyforum for the news hope someone can translate the article please, don't know what the title of the lakorn will...
  4. T

    [Ch3] Raeng Ruk (Broadcast Thai)

    แรงรัก credit to rita's fanclub. ekk! it sounds like revengeful drama. this is also including on the list of ch3s upcoming lakorn that will be in production soon