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  1. inbetweener_guy

    [ONE31] V.I.P. Thai version (The One Enterprise / SBS Contents Hub): Pong Nawat / Pooklook Fonthip

    Looks like The One Enterprise started a partnership with Korean broadcasting giant SBS (through its arm SBS Contents Hub) in which they will jointly produce Thai version of some of the latter's dramas.
  2. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[ONE31] When the Sky Falls (The One Enterprise): Film Thanapat / Prang Kannarun

    Looks like One31 is remaking this drama which had several adaptations (including the 2001 version with Aom P and Captain, directed by P'Sant). For sure, Nampueng is playing a support role. It's be interesting to see who's the main pairing.
  3. D

    ❤️[Ch.One31] Reuan Mai Majurat (One Enterprise) : Cheer Thikumporn/ Captain Phuthanet/ Organ Watcharapolmek

    A few weeks and months back there was news Cheer was going to have a lakorn for Ch. One31. This will be her first time playing for them. Link to news and source: Last week Cheer have a workshop for the lakorn but...
  4. D

    ❤ [CH.One31] Nakark Kaew (?) : Captain Phutanate/ Pok Piyatida/ Film Thanapat/ Ani Anipornr

    Title: หน้ากากแก้ว (Sorry don't know the title in English name. If anyone know please tell me so I can edit it) A new lakorn. They just have the opening today. Cast: Captain Phutanate Pok Piyatida Film Thanapat Ani Aniporn (Potter Natt) Bright Norraphat Aℓrisa Maprang Tou Sedthawut Lin...
  5. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    [CH8] Sanae Nang Kruan (RS Production): Captain/Fai Weluree/Bowling Prisana/

    Thought there was a thread for this, but didn't find one, if there is let me know, and I'll merge. Think, this is airing soon.
  6. D

    OneHD] Sanaeha Diary Series (Part 2)Buang Sanaeha - Captain Phutanate / Noon Sirapan / Toomtam Yut

    This is part 2 of the series: They already have the opening and fitting already. Staring : Captain Phutanate, Noon Sirapan, & Toomtam Yuthana The OST to all three part: Trailer: Link to Part 1 : Pong & Aom...
  7. D

    [GMM25] Club Friday Series 8: Ruk Tae Rue Kae Aou Chana

    A new series of this show. Staring Caption and Donut for the first part. For the other part of the stories there no mention yet who going to be in here. Teaser:
  8. S

    [OneHD] Ruen Roi Ruk (Exact)

    New lakorn from Exact,Fitting  April 7th  at acts studio  
  9. R

    [Ch5] Jaopayu (Exact & Scenario)

    I believe this will begin airing on November 11th.
  10. Alice

    [Ch5] E-Sa (Exact & Scenario)

    credit thanks to Snow_Scorpio @spicyforum http://www.spicyforu...exact-scenario/ http://www.komchadlu...7%E0%B9%8C.html Noon W confrim herself she's in here the nang'ek name is E-Sa