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    Nakee with English subtitles

    Hi! Where can I watch "Nakee" with English subtitles? I got to episode 3 on dramanice then after that there's no subtitles :( Thanks!
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    It's been years since I'ved logged in! Hello!

    It's been years since I'ved logged in! Hello!
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    Pee Mak Phra Khanong

    does any one know where i can watch this with eng sub???
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    LeeKong's new album 2012

    his music in this album sounds all like his other songs... its boring. lol
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    Lis koob xyooj's new album

    I would love to hear it! Any one please upload his new album! Thanks in advance!!!
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    Toog Vaj & Paj Suab Yaj

    Awww congrats to them
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    1975 Hmoob Poob Teb Chaws

    omg! i cant wait to get my hands on the soundtrack! do anyone happens to have it????
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    Hmong Music Festival in May

    Sweet! I hardly know any of them. Lol
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    Ideas on how to mix a Hmong wedding and an American wedding

    My brother in law had a mix wedding. They wore Hmong clothes and had the American wedding. I too had a mix wedding, but mine was a bit more traditional. We had the Hmong ceremony then the American wedding the next day (bad idea unless it's planned in advance) lol
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    maiv xyooj does perform here, but it's all her old songs. it's not as interesting anymore >.<
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    Nplooj Xyooj Vol. 1-4

    can someone plz reupload his albums
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    i agree with bakaPX! do u even have permission from artists to rent out their music? sooner or later you'll have yourself a lawsuit.
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    Testimony of General Vang Pao in Hell

    im christian and im totally thing "wtf???" lmao
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    Neng Yang, a Fresno Teacher

    he's gonna get fck in the a$$! deserves him right dirty bastard!
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    Tshwj Xeeb Vwj new album

    u guys are over priced!!! just wait a few weeks n it'll probably end up here or on youtube