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    Looking For Lakorn

    I have hua jai chocolate in thai...
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    i think i remember that lakorn...its with ae israya and eg right...where she plays two characters or something....i dont have that lakorn...
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    Signed T-shirts

    Hey I was planning to let go/sell some of my t-shirts/polo that's been autographed, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing them. pm me if ur interested The ones I'm selling are: Mos, patson, Mart's fc polo, and num. these were either autographed when they were here...
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    theres this site that shows you how they figured it out step by step too so it helps a lot...
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    Poseidon's Lover

    very interesting cant wait for more....
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    ^^^I have that lakorn if you're interested...
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    lol...ok...i should be finishing up here in a few days... if i remember correctly these are the following amount of disc. 1. Ruk chan nun puer ther - earn j. and patson converted into DVD 6 disc 2. Fah hin din sai - amy k. and oh a. 10 disc 3. Jao Nai Wai Katao - Kwan Usamanee and Aon Sarawut...
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    updated k-series n taiwanese series..
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    I've been gone for so long, I'm back and I will be updating all the lakorns that I'll be selling. My movies/lakorns are all either DVD or VCD with no subtitle. The older ones are in VCD. I'll be carrying hindi, korean, and japanese series and movies with subtitles also and a couple misc...
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    Has anyone here met their favorite thai celeb?

    For those that asked where I met the stars....I actually meet all of them here in the states...the only one that i met in thailand was bob badin.... We do have a site that tells where the stars will be touring..... website blog were in the...
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    Has anyone here met their favorite thai celeb?

    heres...who ive met....i just added to sarah's list.... Bird Thongchai Da Endophine CLASH Mike Piromporn Sornram T. Lift & Oil Kampun- BAZOO Id Fly Pepper Mos Zaza -Kaew, Waan, & Pim Nat Myria J Jetrin Bovie Yaya ying, belle & jennifer Annita Kat English Touch Pinky Kotee Na Kom Yod Ruk Aon...
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    The Star7

    finally a season where everyone is good...i have to say that my favorite one is Sueve??? first i taught it was z-nam from AF...reminds me a lot of her...anyways i really like her voice shes got one of those voices if u hear anywhere u'll know that its hers... ceci- i agree about note...n...
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    Master of the Sun

    update soon im already addicted..... kinda sad how her mom would be in a relationship with her ex....
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    The Accidental Affair (Aum & Aff)

    i taught there was an update....hehe.... anyways i get the vibe like wan likes aom but at the same time its also watever.....but with aom although she likes him shes putting up a front cause of her sister.... n if hes not really stable n gets attracted to others hows aom gonna feel bout...