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    Tell me about your career paths!

    In grade school, I was focused in the art field. During my senior year, I knew there wouldn't be money in that field because I was not that great and I hate making my hobby a job. I focused on computers when I got to college but it wasn't my thing. Struggled in school and in the workfield. Had...
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    Who's still here?

    :rolleyes: Hi Ty!!!!! We see each other on social media but it's even nicer to see you here!!!
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    The dress

    I think the reason why it's gone viral is because one party refuses to believe the other party and those that have been on both sides are mind boggled!
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    Did I do the right thing? Or was I out of line?

    You did the right thing, Tina. Her husband is a douche, putting his wife and child at risk. If he wants you to pay for the copay, tell him to take you to court! Go to Judge Judy so she can tell him to go to hell and send him right back home empty handed.
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    Heck yeah!

    What??! How could you miss the super bowl? Were you sick in bed and passed out? Hospitalized? I would assume you would sleep on the couch at least, with the TV running.
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    Actors: 35+ and Still Looking Good

    Ken ages nicely.....So on point. Gosh! Imagine waking up to that sexy face for the rest of your life!! *Faints
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    Happy New Years! What's up?

    Aww Tina, I hope everything turns out fine. We'll be here when you need to rant or express yourself!!   My 2014 was full of up's and down's....but whose isn't, right?? I traveled so much in 2014 and reunited with so many old friends, some I haven't seen in decades and one I've been in love with...
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    Hi Genkers!!!!!! :dance1:
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    Heck yeah!

    OMG It's GueSs!!! Have you seen Tyzir around too? LOL
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    Have you ever seen something crazy like this before?

    I wonder what happened behind the scenes too. You can see other contestants nodding and clapping in approval of the immature act.
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    How was your Thanksgiving?

    I know I'm late but Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because family close and far get to come together to cook and eat :D please share your photos and stories! Especially FOODDDD! This year was one of my favorites. Got to be around all the people I love and cherish and people I...
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    Top 5 most handsome celebrity dads

    1) Ken! 2) Dice Iida-Klein (Does he count? Yes! LOL) [Click for eye candy] 3) Oil 4) Por 5) Mos
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    [Movie] The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

    I am psyched!!!!!!!!!! Been reading the book over and over while the last part of the movie releases!   Though, honestly, I am a little disappointed with some of the changes...but when it's a book to movie, who isn't, right??   Still, the best addition has to be Legolas. <3 A bit funny how...
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

      It's such a true statement and makes you think. First question would probably be, "What's the difference?" LOL But the more you think about it, the more you realize how important it is. If you find one flaw with the "perfect" person, that person suddenly falls off the perfect list. But if the...
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    Best Lakorn Lines?

    I really like this line from Kroo Cook to Alin:   "Do you love him because he's perfect or is he perfect because you love him?"   A line we should ask ourselves when staring at our other half! <3