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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    Thank you na kaa ^^
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    OMG!! Talking about blending skillsss!! hahaha That look so awesomee :]
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    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    cuuute na ka P' Fah!!
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    Goofball's Paintroom~

    WOW!! hehe I love the one with P' Kwam and P' Golf so cuuute!! ^^
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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    Birthday Cards.. hehe
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    J0EY'S ARTW0Rk. ♥

    *screams* P' Beam and P' Dan are so adorable!!!
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    Vector and Thangs

    really prettyyy ^^
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    Nat's Creation

    WOW!! I hope I could be half as good as you. You're super!
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    babe_girl's art work

    WOW!! You are really amazing!! lol
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    Karen's Artwork

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    ~Dorky Artwork~

    those are cuuute!!
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    P' Prisna!! Your artwork are awesome!!! LOVE THEM!
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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    Thank you na kaaaa ^^
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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    Aww thank you na ka babe_girl and P' Fahhh ^^
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    babe_girl's art work

    WOW!! Those look great!! ^^