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    ❤️⚠️ Lakorn Status Updates⚠️❤️

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    [CH3]Kaen Ruk Salub Chata (Magic If One): Alek Theeradeth/Namtarn Pichukkana/Krating/Bua

    This will be my kind of wedding outfit if I get married. Shying away from the traditional bridal dress. Who's subbing this by the way?
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    [CH3] The World of the Married

    Ken with Mai or Baifern are two of my dream pairings. If that came true even as a mistress in this it would be nice lol
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    #InfinityLove: Don't Let Love Go Away | CH3 50th Anniversary

    Postponed due to pandemic, refund instructions provided
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    [CH3] The World of the Married

    I miss Ken T. onscreen! Recently Philippines acquired the rights of Dr. Foster for adaptation. If this will push through it will be the eighth version after UK, France, Russia, India, South Korea, Turkey and Philippines.