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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Mew Nittha already gave birth to her baby. She named the baby Marin and has an IG account.
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Being a celebrity in China is hard, everything being controlled by CCP, even the tiniest things offend them and their career is on the line... seriously, I feel bad for them too. China still needs to pay for the COVID-19 they caused though.
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    [CH3] Tai Ngao Tawan (Maker J) : Mark Prin / Bow Maylada

    Bow having two A-list pra'eks in CH3 since transfer. Hope she does well and avoid controversy too.
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    ❤️[CH3] Ruk Nee Run Juntra (Cholumpi Production) : Ken Theeradeth / Ice Preechaya

    Hope to see Ken with other actresses next especially those who he has not work with yet. Preferably Yaya, Kim, Mai, Bella, Mint, Margie, Mew (after giving birth).
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    ❤️⚠️ Lakorn Status Updates⚠️❤️

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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Thank you for the translation. Condolences to Pooklook and her family. Losing a parent is hard for everyone. I hope her mother rest in peace.
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    Translation please?
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    How do you know if it is just a business relationship? They are together for a long time despite...

    How do you know if it is just a business relationship? They are together for a long time despite being on different channels
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    ❤️ Various ET News

    They are on a roll. They should have another drama as leads. Though I want to see Krating with Mint first.
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    The RANDOMNESS Thread

    I am at my new job, with better salary and benefits but also same field which is customer service. Talking to American customers frustrates me a lot especially when they are racist towards non-American representatives. If only I don't need a job to survive especially this pandemic I would have...