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    [CH.3] Rak Nakara (Act Art) : Mark / Taew / Mew

    i remembered aum and noon version i was pretty young but shit i always had the tissue box next to me cos i thought it was sadddddddddd romance i hated the ending cos it was too sad but it was a great sad lakorn :wub:
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    Duangta Sawan(Who & Who)

    i read on lyns lakorn blog that cherry backed out and so did janie so now they are seeing if tak would do it :) article :
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    Aom & Art

    they are so cuteee
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    halloween <3

    halloween <3
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    halloween <3

    halloween <3
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    Jao Por Jum Pen and Jao Noo Ninja (Tv Thunder)

    thanks for the picturesss =] whats the summmaary?
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    Sirita Jensen

    shes drop dead gorgeous <3 hot hot hot !
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    Kwan Usamanee

    i really like this picture of herrrr ; shes pretty wid the bangsss =]
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    amikrazie - i found something bout the lady who sang the teaser song click here & so far i like this lakorn i really wanna see the nice vicky [n'ek] :]
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    i dont really like this shoot; she looks better with her hair OUT more girly :] & whoever picked thee outfits suckkk lol
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    Pok Piyatida [Enjoy Life]

    shes looks like she gain weight but still fit :] i miss her on screeeeeeeen & she's stunning
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    ploys cherman new hairdo

    she appears to be younger with the new do ;] i love it suits her well
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    Weir Sukollawat & Rotmay | Smooth & Soft Touch

    i wanna see rotmay as a n'ek ;) she's pretty
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    Sukonthawa Kerdnimit [Mai]

    i love her body =]
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    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    March 16, 2k9 is the airong date credit spicyforumnet youtube account