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    Ket Thantup's engage day

    Will I still miss P'Kade and P'Noon....... Even thought they all on they own... But I still love them both..... As long as they happy I happy for them toooooo.......
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    Why so many stars start to broken-up?

    Why so many stars start to broken-up? :teary: Also, a lot of stars start getting married too... :heart: But there are more broke up then getting married. :cry1: I think they got nothing to do that why... a lot of them broken-up :ouch: :yawn: :weep:
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    Nadech was in a car accident

    oh my
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    Paul Pattarpol Quits Lakorn Biz

    really, I'm going to miss him........ I'm really a big fan of him for a long time.......
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    [Pic] 41st anniversary CH3 Calendar 2011(2554)

    Hi, Did anybody know what the guy name that next to Maggie on the right side? Not Art the other one.... Never see him before Did he play any lakorn before?
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    Ploy Cherman's naked love scene with Ananda!

    I watch the preview is looking good
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    look nice!!!!!!!!!!!

    look nice!!!!!!!!!!!
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    look nice!!!!!!!!!!!

    look nice!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nampueng Kom(Makers Group)

    I think everybody crazy this lakorn. Me too, now every day I'm counting a day went going to be Friday. Know what I think only my sister don't like think lakorn.
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    Num Sornram & Jakjan Akumsiri

    Hi still looking hoot and he look the same and more handsome then before.
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    Aff Taksaorn & Bie Sukrit

    I love the pictures, they both so pretty, and I can't to see the lakorn when it coming out.
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    Parn's Newest MVs

    Will I like all her musics and MV.
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    Who looks better in a dress...?

    To me I think Chakrit is looking better then Ken in a woman dress.
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    Perng Mang

    Did anybody know where the find the music of the movie at?
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    [pic]Ch3 dara attended a wedding

    I think it was Ong & Paa's wedding.