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    whats happening with cartoon kanokwan did she move to a dif. channel?
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    Yeah Some Of The Old Boran Actors Are Back No Offense But I Hate Nott As Pra'ek He Still Needs Work And Mild Is Okay But I wish Yam,Aom,Phone,James, Etc....was in more of the boran nowadays
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO]

    i'm not sure but from what it looks like or as some people are saying on youtube he's playing the villain role...
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO] the teaser, so weir (character) gets jakjaan (characters) pregenant @ looks interesting.! credit to: spicyforumnet
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    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai (GTH)

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    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai (GTH)

    Who uploading it on youtube? i only found episode up to 21?
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    [Ch7] Neur Manoot (DaraVdo)

    [center]i saw the word vampire.! haha sounds interesting by the title.! i was dissapointed cuz sbs & was wonder wen r they ever going to reunite and now my wish came true :))[/center]
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    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    i cant wait till this lakorn comes out does anyone know when its schedule to air? the only thing that is eh is ken floral shirts..i know he playin like a player but um....i dont think player where floral shirt lolz other than that i love wat ken wearin wth the black graphic shirt tho.!
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    Any romantic/comedy lakorn for Aff T.?

    Lately Aff been having alot of heavy drama lakorn... i wanna see her in a romantic/comedy... i don't know if she can pull it off but she did pretty good in mon ruk lottery with dan d2b... i want to see her in different genre of lakorn like maybe the scary type action comedy type... and maybe...
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    Kularb Neua Mek (DaraVDO)

    what happen between them?
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    Phone Katawut Pintong

    do you know who the girl was? from ch3? and is there a video of the interview on youtube or a website? if there is can some1 give me the link....
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    Rahus Lo-Gan (CH7)

    LOL i thought they were copying yuey fah ta din lol at 1st cuz i didnt read dis thread yett and i saw de teaser and they said somehthing with gang insee or watever how u spell it lol so yeah yuey fah tah din had somethin to do wit dat so hurmmmm......
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    Bla Boo Tong (Debut Air : June 6, 2009)

    okay i loved boran lakorn but i stop watching after sung tong sung tong turn out like a musical and comedy i miss lakorn like thep sarm rudoo etcs. so anwyay i didnt watch the rest after dar but i came to check how bla bloo tong doing and whoa i didnt know Aum p. was in there lol i would start...
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    Aff confim break and is talking to songkran hope they just stay as friends i like how she answer
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    Phor Noo Pen Superstar [DaraVDO]

    Okay so i think its for real that jakkajun going to be n'ek and it means my dad is a superstar i know in spicyforum net people were wondering if it was dad i'm a superstar or my dad a superstar... i think the lakorn sound cute and weir outfit looks so ahh Hott well from what i see in the video...