Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)


sarNie Adult
today's episode had me teary eyed. so many tears, sad. he tells her that he loves her yet he goes off and marries that bee... ugh she makes me mad.
i agree with you,"Donna"

can't wait till the last episode!


rome should get forced married to noon not bee!....j/k


sarNie Oldmaid
Epi.14 so sweet between mart and rita. i feel so sorry for noon though. rome is mean even though he has family crisis he should at least tell her. contact her, not leave and let her think he dump her. and now he has to marry the girl to repay her dad back, that's stupid he don't love the girl why marry her, repay them back some other way. his character is so stupid. but this la korn is fun to watch. sad a bit that it will end already


sarNie Adult
no it got one more episode.

i feel sorry for nam. i prolly do the same thing that she gonna do. to get away from all the pain that she is feeling. feel sorry for her. that girl is a capital bee. she had her temper tantrum in front of rome mom. plus it made her able to speak! she don't want to deal with rome mom so she tries to get rid of her by sending her to america. rome was like no she is my mom. i can take care of her myself


sarNie Adult
my sis watch this lakorn with me and we like cry our eyes out at the end of epi-14 how they said their love and stuff rome and noon haha omg it soo funny my mom waz like WTF?!?!? is wrong with u 2 haha

soo cute awwwwwww i cant wait


sarNie Adult
jeeze. i'm jealous of noon & rita. their friendship is so strong! arrg! i love them two :] they're always there for eachother how cool. i'll be pissed too if noon left ,me like that. rawwr i can't wait for the next episode! lol


sarNie Fansubber
totally agree...so love the relationship between rita and noon...true best friends...rita is worried about noon...and noon is heartbroken, but is still trying to be the strong bf. i really like how the lakorn has taken a turn to focus on their relationship. as rita gets what she wants and is engaged, noon is left behind (well for now)...and i love how they highlight how this major life event will change their friendship forever...things will change...as a chick myself...i so understand. so, kudos to the drama writer for touching upon this...rita's character is an awesome friend, worrying how can she be happy when her friend isn't...so, guess, my favorite couples in this lakorn are noon and rome and rita and noon...friendships and relationships...how very contemporary of thai dramas...totally! omg...it's almost trudging on kdrama terrority...but please hold the terminal illness themes.


sarNie Adult

Promoting ch3 oranges???? hahah
amy's smile is so fake! or is that the way she smiles. ahah she pretty tho :) she should play in more lakorns. im too excited to watch teh ending! AHHH!


sarNie Coma
andrews lookin good there. ive always thought he was hot since sao pern!..im glad he cutted his hair

so bow became mental?..so typical of a n'rai lol


sarNie Granny
watching the last episode...it was so sweet.....love mart, sririta, rome, and noon......so cute....and even though rome and rita were not paired up together...i liked the pairings---->rome and noon: funny and cute, rita and mart: sweet and adorable^^ like the lakorn^^


sarNie Adult
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! i loved the ending! it was sooooo sweeeeeet :D GAH! noon looked gorgeous in the ending lol. i think the whole cast of this lakorn was great. noon has really good acting skillls whooooooo! she can really cry :D shes alll natural too. rome & mart are toooooooooo sweeet, swear. jeeze, i'm happpy=) haha!