your "perfect" boyfriend/girlfriend must be...


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my perfect guy has to know how to please me in bed. same goes for my perfect girl. that's it. ahahahahaha


lol... OKAY.

iwant my man to be everything ive always wanted to be. lol.SOMEONE i can PROUDLY show to my family, who is mature like me or so. One that can be immature at times not ALL the time. One that i can THINK BELIEVE SEEING us together walking down the streets holding hands. He cant be over 10 yrs older than me or so_Or 3 or 4 or 2 yrs younger. lol..STRICT rules hea!.
Thats it.

And has to be able to stand by me side NO MATTER WAT! haha


Official Robert Pattinson Ambassador could probably tell that my perfect ideal guy is this guy in my siggy...but considering that A. Robert Pattinson is so out of my reach and I don't know him and B. Edward Cullen is a fictional vampire....I have to say my perfect for me guy is:

1. Funny with at least a little bit of a sense of humour to appreciate the subtlety of a dry-witted joke
2. Sensitive in a manly way
3. Very smart but not holier than thou attitude, another word not conceited and self-absorbed
4. Gets along with my family and friends, he doesn't have to be an extrovert just friendly and respectful
5. Knows himself and can hold his own in an argument even with me
6. respects females and others in general...another word "gentleman"
7. Can be on his own and do his own thing and be with me for "we" clingy boyfriends
8. Self confident of himself...doesn't have to be the best looking guy in the world but has to be able to feel that he is...I find that sexy (not cocky though)
9. Doesn't have to be filthy rich but must be able to support himself and take care of his family (occasional splurging money on me)
10. Passionate and Romantic...if he can write and sing songs and serenade me or write me a poem that would be awesome

And these are not in any particular ranking order...I'm just listing my perfect for me guy's attributes.
Wow no wonder I can't be in a expectations are so high...


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my perfect man is a man that is optimistic, realistic, culturally similar, down to earth, affordable (multiple meanings), rigid on the out/soft on the in, doesn't think i'm weird (because i'm REEEEALLY WEIRD), loves "ME"...and is willing to show and/or out of


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Lol 7270 Puppies can be wayy cuter than people lol -.-"

Before I'm got married that is lol My perfect man

Has to be able to stand my temper -.-" (which tim can do swell) lol
Also he has to be strong and loving NOT those weak sissy types that will runaway when trouble arises o_O I hate people who run away from their problems instead of facing it then walking over it


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he has to be kind and compassionate, reasonable, patient, humorous, smart, independent, charming, and he must love me unconditionally!


gentle, innocent, loving, caring, kool, modern, car able, movable, tallable, meatable but not too meatty and NOT boney.

Cupid Candy

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-A funny person that doesn't go too far
-can cook cause i can't :lol:
-can stand my temper tantrums
-respects my opinions and lets me do whatever i want


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My perfect guy is in a book and too bad real life can't be like books
One very important thing about my dream guy is that he has to be taller than me because I'm pretty tall and I'm still young
He has to be smart and warns me before I do something stupid
A great smile that everytime I look at him it will make me feel like jelly
Kinda big and sporty but not too much
A good person that will make my family accept him
When I need him he will be there for me

Can't think of anything else. But probably in 5 years time these qualities will change


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1: Good like BIE.
2: same height but about 5 inches taller.
3: Good additude.
4: Good looking!!
5: Mature
6: Smells nice
7: Respectful
9: Not boring
10: Knows how to kiss
11: Truthful
12: Not so busy
13: No drugs
14: Not abusesive
15: Good shape.


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Security & Warmth -- all i need is someone to love his family before anyone else. Someone who care about his family's needs and safety before himself. Someone who love his children and give them the love they deserved. Someone who understand the 'GIVE & TAKE' motto. Someone who i can turn to when i'm all HOPELESS. It's not too much to ask? Is it?


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Girls, girls :scratchchin: , your expectations are too high !!!!! :p
And for Guyz: here are the must-have qualities that girls are looking for !!!! :secret: ...


p.s.: Not enough guyz here to make out a pattern :p


haha :loool: i wish you could find a bloke like that! but most of them are taken or gay!!
one more think boyfriend should be respectful!!


imma kick ur-ass-aya !
1. someone who is understanding and caring of my feelings
2. can get along with my family and friends
3. respects me and my family and friends
4. is willing to look past my negativity and love me for who i really am
5. someone who is a good role model ( is responisble for evething he does and is a hard worker)
6. someone who can always be there for me whenever i need him
7. must be taller than i am : -)
8. must accept that i'm a singer and is willing to support my passion
9. someone with a good sense of humour because in all honesty, i'm a boring person and there needs to have some balance between our personalities