Your crazy fears........

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  1. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    My crazy fear is worms. I absolutely cannot stand the sight of them, when its raining and i have to walk on the sidewalk i run so i get it over faster. People love to scare me with worms by pretending to pick it up and drop it on me and i literally cry. I can't stand worms, they're gross and whenever i see a big fat one i need to puke. If someone puts a worm on me i will hate them for life.
  2. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    LOL! I love playing with them, but I'd go crazy if someone did that to me and if I don't like Worms...
    I know playing with them gross, just that , i'm a little not so girly...
  3. thai4ever93

    thai4ever93 sarNie Oldmaid

    This past week i had a mouse climb on my bed wen i was sleeping I FREAKED! Now im so paranoid and i cant even sleep in my own bed its so disgusting. The mouse is already dead but theres many more mouse in the house b4 i never was really afraid but now im so scared it will go in my room and up my bed again. I CANT HANDLE THIS!
  4. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    omg, I totally hate CATERPILLARS! HATE THEM FOR LIFE. i cannot handle how people touch them...eww they're so gross and i'm scared of them..ewwahhhah another thing i'm afraid of is HEIGHT like especially stairs and latters. omg everytime i take the stairs it'll take me like 5 min to get through one floor stairs. i dunno if its just me or??? but yeah i go crazy because of these things, they're my biggest fair.
  5. GueSs

    GueSs TyziR

    It's more of an ocd... when I'm getting naked in someone's bathroom, I'm always thinking there's a camera or someone watching me so I gotta make sure and check every little thing. Make sure the door is locked and screen is closed etc cause I don't wanna show up on porn sites... ya know? Voyeurs part 5 and shit.
    I don't like flies... I watched this cartoon Rocco Modern life when I was younger and he turned into a fly and the viewer got to see what he saw through the fly eyes and fucking gross all those eyes in one thinger... so I don't freak but I have to kill them or get away really fast from them.
  6. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    ^guess, i get paranoid like that too .. but i pushed it aside and said that if clip ever leak of me -- i will take whoever leak me out down to hell! lol

    aside from being paranoid -- i can't stand insects/bugs .. worm/snake -- i get chills at the mention of their names.
  7. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    That sentence made me laugh for some reason! But yeah flies are ugly!
  8. suchai

    suchai sarNie Egg fears are just ghost if i ever get to see one i think that would be scary for me....and that is the worst fear for me...
  9. kialakornlover

    kialakornlover sarNie Adult

    My worst fear is dying!
  10. pangmoua

    pangmoua RujRasa Fan

    that's my crazy fear also. my family (especially my brother) will always try to scare me with fake worms that they use for fishing. i cannot stand the sight of worms (living and dead, except for gummy worms, i guess gummy worms is different...)it gives me chill and makes me shiver. i might one day maybe pass out if my family keep scaring me with those worms even if they're not real, i still get scare if i am not aware of them. for example: one night my brother put a fishign fake worm on my car handle, i went to the car to put it in the garage and didn't see the worm because it blends in at night and i scream. i will definitely hate the people who uses my weakness to scare me or make me submit under them.
  11. PhoneO_5

    PhoneO_5 sarNie Oldmaid

    my fear is also dying. i know it's 'natural' etc. but it scares the heck out of me because once that 'grief' is over, people who are still alive move on and go on living, while the dead person is stuck. is there an afterlife? i don't want to just die and there's brain to make me think, gain more knowledge, wonder, dream. you know??
  12. Muddie Murda

    Muddie Murda smile...

    I don't know if I should list my fears...because then people will know my weakness LOL

    You can toss a spider on me, throw me a human arm (I'll just jump because I don't wanna get nasty blood on me LOL), I won't get scared.

    BUT any house insects or rat/mice related, I will scream and run the hell outta there or go in hiding LOL. I'm hella scared of roaches. The roaches are 1000000x bigger than what we used to have in our old house? LOL! They're like 1-2 inches big and they FLY! T__T Worst nightmare. And then mouse/mice. No, no, no T___T

    I think I might know why I'm so scared of them. Most people are just used to killing them to get it over with and I think I'm traumatized from that. I don't kill insects/bugs or mice and I don't usually support people doing it lol. So when I see a roach or mouse, I run outta there so I won't see them die from someone else's hand. I'm too scared to save them too. :(
  13. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    I got another one i forgot to mention. Octopus and squid. They are 2 of the most gross looking animals ever to exist. My dad was watching it on tv when i was eating and i lost my appetite. They are gross as hell.
  14. myx

    myx sArNieZ

    i'm scare of heights. i dislike bridges. what i'm afraid the most is when i know someone who dies. i'll have this weird feeling for like days. i'm afraid that if i turn my head i'll see them. i get scare the most when i drive home from work at night. i just couldn't feel safe until i reach home.
  15. lady0fdarkness

    lady0fdarkness Professional Lakorn Watcher

    hhahahhaha this pretty much sums it up!
  16. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    Anything related to Death/Dying
    Ending up being single for the rest of my life
    Not being able to achieve my goals
  17. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny worst fear...i can't have kids of my own..:sad6:
  18. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Not being able to find a career I love
    Public speaking
  19. GueSs

    GueSs TyziR

    Flies. Those two sockets have a whole bunch of eyes in them.

    Something I realized watching a cartoon. Scared the hell out of me since.

    I can't really look at bugs in the eye anymore either. Made eye contact with a grasshopper last week. Freaked me out
  20. GueSs

    GueSs TyziR

    Haha, I just realized I posted to this four or five years ago. Crazy.

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