Young Baby Shaman

Discussion in 'Hmong' started by bakaPX, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Recently saw this on youtube. Originally, it left me questioning whether it was real or not but according to you guys, it's fake since there's no Thaj Neeb etc. Now I'm wondering why they would even allow/suggest the child to do this. o.0

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  2. paige

    paige sarNie Hatchling

    my hmong boyfriend says he doesnt believe this. hes a bit on the cynical side of hmong values. as for me, (dont be mean) i am a conspiracy minded person and i found it funny.
  3. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Does he mean the video itself or shamanism? It's alright though. Everyone has their own opinions.

    Lol. I found the video amusing but it really left me questioning if it were real or not. xD
  4. paige

    paige sarNie Hatchling

    I'm the bf at question writing. I'm old Hmong, my grandpa is a shaman, but I don't believe in shamanism PERIOD. This video is total bs! I can build my defense, but 'paige' says I am a meanie. Wait! Can she edit this?
  5. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Interesting.. Do you believe in any specific religion? If so, what are they?
    I'd also like to know why you don't believe in Shamanism. Aha, yeah, she can
    edit this. But it won't show on my quote unless she edits it before this.
  6. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    i think i'll believe it more when he did all these by himself without having the man on the back to guide him and direct him at his every words/moves .. also, the cameraman made a comment 'THAUM TWG KOM NWS us blerm nws ua ntawv xwb.' so it really looks fake for me.

    Oh! when shaman do this kind of things, no one can cross in front of him and that bigger boy who came to wipe the sweat away from the baby shaman just walked right through him across -- UA NEEG takes longer than just 10 minutes and this one is short -- under 6 minutes? weird! Hard to believe in my book of belief.
  7. kellylis

    kellylis sarNie Hatchling

    Maybe they're just filming their kid just for the heck of it...
    like we film my baby niece and nephew all the time whenever they do something different or cute.
    They just thought that, "hey, maybe we should film him since he likes to 'ua neej' for fun." and just film as if he's doing it for real.
    the adult the guy behind the camera doesn't sound serious at all, so its hard to tell.
    but i've heard of child shamen, but this vdo kind scares me!
  8. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    That's what I noticed too, they're not supposed to go in front of the Shaman or which ever way he's facing until he faces another direction. Maybe it's a diff. ritual? But isn't it bad to pretend to be a Shaman with the real shaman tools etc?
  9. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    What really questions me is why they would allow a kid to play with Shaman tools
    unless he's experimenting if those Shaman tools are right for him. The youngest
    Shaman I've heard of was like, 6 years old when he became a Shaman.
  10. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    my nephew's a shaman but wasn't til he's in 9th grade. As for ritual -- i heard no one can cross the front of a shaman's way as it will interrupt him -- which can cause death. I think all ritual have this rule as i heard it from my mom all the time with different ritual that we go to b/c some can takes hours and hours to finish and some can be briefly done less than a hour.

    Anyway, i still think this is fake -- a child acting like a shaman for the heck of it (notice they didn't do this in front of any incense or thaj neeb like a real one but in front of an ENTERTAINMENT CENTER)

    Logically, this is fake -- for the fun of it!
  11. kulyia

    kulyia RUK

    the guy in red works at mclane high school. hmm i dont think this is true
  12. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Hrmm. Do you know if it's a smart idea to "fake" a ritual with the real Shaman tools?
  13. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    ^it's not a smart idea to play with these in front of a thaj neeb --- but since they're playing with this away from the thaj neeb, it might be alright. I'm not sure but all i can say is his parent are whack for letting him loosely play around with these.
  14. neena

    neena sarNie Adult

    I think the "new" kinds of shaman practices are crazy and ridiculous, not real...i believe only the old style of shamans and the ones who were "chosen" to become shamans.
  15. pangnerlicious

    pangnerlicious sarNie Adult

    the boy is super cuteee
  16. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Ahhh. Wasn't so sure about it. Thanks. :) The parents must be those carefree parents
  17. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

    Lol. I think it depends on the Shaman
  18. mainhiathao

    mainhiathao sarNie Granny

    my parents told me this is totally fake because first of all the little boy doesn't have a thaj neeb (the wood table where u set ur mini baskets, bells, water cups, utencil) and second, whenever sum1 does shaman no one can cross in front of him/her, and in the video the guy went to go get sumthing n came bac. so i'm pretty sure this is not real!
  19. bakaPX

    bakaPX sarNie Adult

  20. YM_gurl

    YM_gurl sarNie Oldmaid

    omg. this leaves me speechless. is it real or fake?

    if it's fake, is it that fun to pretend that you're a shaman? weird.

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