Yo Yo. I installed an Arcade on the forum


sarNie Adult
hey guys

I forgot to tell you guys that

I have a list here

600 games

Look thru the list and I can install whichever you guys want. Just post your request here.

Oh BTW.. I'm the king of DRAGON FORCE!!!!!!

Can't be the top on every game so gotta pick one lol.


sarNie Granny
man so many my eye is dizzy hahah just the game u install already is alots hahahi haven't even play all of it ! stuck at Arkanoid Flash

Muddie Murda

oil_yui said:
the game is so fun that made my sis-in-law is so addicted that she sign up for a user. :loool:
Oh!!! I can get my sister addicted too! But I don't know If iwant to risk her reading my bad bad posts LOLL


sarNie Adult
yeas i agree it's soo addicting to me now!!! :D


Yunho's GF~*
omg Darvil how can u think about that lol
well those games stress me lool
i'll test all LOOL

thank u p' ^_^


Sexy Back
dam darvil i hate you...i stay up untl 330 trying to beat one of the puzzle games lol


Sticky Rice
ooh look at all those dames gosh the arcade is addicting I've been on there since I got on anyway can I make a request!!!

I wanna try the game..."Eggmaze" I thinkt that's what it was called yeah lol I have a thing for "egg" games hehe >__<


sarNie Hatchling
u installed that attackshop game...no one gonna play the arcade anymore but me. =(
just kidding..u dont suck..ur the greatest ever..making that game..err!!LOL


Mrs James Ma
WWhere is the link to play arcade games? I dont see it anywhere.
And the link in the 2nd page says 404 not found