Yaya Urassaya (SUDSAPDA Magazine Vol. 33 No. 781 August 2015)


. : Lady Yue : .
Issues in stores on August 16th.

Make up: Ekkarin Wongakanit
Hair stylist: Ratda Puangpuangngarm
Stylist: Pipat Kim
Stylist assistant: Tanokrit Chusang Benjamat Chaikeaw
Photographer: Natpong Kittiwrapongkit
Photographer assistant: PeeChai Kaen Keaw

Info from Nadech & Yaya Vietnam Fanpage

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Repost photo from @bubba's post in RFTD thread


. : Lady Yue : .
Just a few more photos of this gorgeous lady lol.

Cover photo

We get to see her legs in this photo hehehe.

We get to see what kind of shoes she wears lol.

Photos are from Nadech & Yaya Vietnam Fanpage


sarNie Adult
I like this shoot, ya looks classy and best part it's not too photoshopped. They finally picked a deserving cover!

Thanks zoey and bub too