Yaya Urassaya (DICHAN Vol.37 no.906 November 2014)


sarNie Adult
i like everything here except that cover pose but i like inside photo more.she look mature and hot


. : Lady Yue : .
That red rose looks like it got photoshopped in. I like Yaya's face & smile but I don't her body pose (her head and body do not match, very out of proportion, not even sure if the body is hers). The whole cover look very photoshopped as a whole. I do like the inside photos though.


sarNie Adult
i like the 3rd pic and these too.this time shoot make her look so much mature,strong and masculine.

cr as on pic


Live Love Laugh
Thank you na for sharing.    Yaya has so many magazines out this month.   I like this one too....very edgy.