Yaya Urassaya & Cattreya (Sudsapda Vol.32 No.758 September 2014)


sarNie Oldmaid
Hi bubba thank you for posting. They do look alike, so pretty. I can see their love and closeness. Bubba, appreciate the time you took to post, lya.


sarNie Juvenile
Aww...so sweet! Both are so beautiful and they do look like twins. Thank you for your time posting this, bubba. :)


sarNie Egg
Really agree on them being twins. They look so much alike each other. So gorgeous, both of them!
Cat even has more resemblance to their mom than yaya.
I'm glad Cat finally agreed to let herself being shoot with her sister :heart: It's an exceptional shooting, no doubt. I can feel such sweet and beautiful sister bond from looking at them.


sarNie Adult
Thank you na Bubba for sharing!! Love their sister love for one another.


sarNie Adult
This is an old post but this is the first time I've seen Catreeya.
What a beautiful pair of sisters. They have the same sweet smiles on them like their mom.