Yaya Urasaya & Susie Susira rising star of ch3!


sarNie Coma
they are my new favorites! both are coming out with one shoot after another. both are gorgeous in their own way. i believe they both have the potential if they continue to improve in their acting.

they will appear on the next issue of Praew magazine wearing the thai tradational dress.

Yaya Urassaya

Susie Susira



sarNie Adult
I am leaning more toward Yaya than susie. Susie is pretty but there's something about yaya that I really like. I'm sure she'll be veyr successful. She's young and beautiful and has potential to make it bit. Can't wait for her and barry's lakorn to come out.


Yaya is extremely gorgeous. She has the IT factor. She is absolutely adorable. Yaya and Nadech look beautiful together too. Together they ooze chemistry. I am very excited for their lakorns.

Honestly, I was away for so long I don't know of Susie. I barely found out about Yaya over the summer, but now following her work.


sarNie Adult
i like yaya more...susie is pretty, but yaya is more likable. i cant wait for her lakorn with nadech.


sarNie Hatchling
I like them both but more to Yaya. The girl is really likeable >.< I can't wait for her lakorn with Nadech.


sarNie Adult
Thailand sure have a lot of luk-krueng stars eheheh. For a moment when I look at Yaya photoshoot it reminds of me Janie. I think it might of be the camera angle. I watched them both and I don't have a favorite between the 2 yet. Will have to wait for their future lakorns to determine. However both are good newbies if compare to Lydia (from Rabum Duang Dao).


sarNie Adult
Susie is very pretty but I find her quite plain. Yaya is my new favorite : this girl is so cute, pretty and adorable. She has something which makes me like her so much and I hope she can go far in the entertainment. In fact, I wish success for both of them !


sarNie Hatchling
Wow, really couture! Yaya does look more friendly & amiable moreso than Susie. But Susie has a classic thai face & beauty. I haven't watched any of them in lakorns yet though..lol.


sarNie Egg
both are still newbie..so i can said much about them..Yaya is still younger so she have more time to improve ..Susie on the other hand is kind of old for a newbie(someone told me her age)..like most thai newbie are in the age of 16 to 22???..beside that she look kind of older and that lakorn with smart she was should to be younger then him but she look his age.....well Susie still need improve her action too...Yaya Urasaya & Susie Susira rising star of ch3! maybe for now...they could rise up or down..just like pat and pinky...


sarNie Egg
Yaya Urassaya is my new favorite nang`ek for CH3! Susie's pretty- but I don't really like her acting >> sometimes, her actings` good- but majority of the time, she's weak at showing her emotions!