Yaya Opens up on Life, School, and Work Part II


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Part II

Yaya’s life changed when she met Khun Deu Sombasorn Tirasaroj who was amazed by her beauty and her features. She invited Yaya to become a model 3 years ago. It was the start of her career in the industry. After that, she had continuous work from walking in fashion shows, to doing fashion shoots, and even commercials.

“At that time, I was walking through Zen and Pah’ Deu saw me and invited me to go walk in fashion shows. I think it was because I look American and plus I’m tall. So I agreed to do it because I had nothing to lose and after that Pah’ Deu said she likes me so I started out walking in fashion shows, doing fashion shoots.”

Walking in fashion shows, Yaya said she doesn’t like it because she feels she’s shorter than the other models and her body isn’t as good as the others. She likes doing fashion shoots better and most of all doing lakorns. Channel 3 saw her picture in the magazine and called her to come audition and that was the start of her acting career officially. Before she was in the kiddie show, Baan Gan Mayohm and Peun See Long Hon but no one really knew her at that time.

She passed as the prim nangek in her first lakorn in Kularb Rai Nam co-starring along side Ploy Chermarn and this made people notice her more. But her breaking role as an actress has to be Duang Jai Akanee who she starred along side Barry Nadech Kugimiya, another newcomer who has many girls screaming for him. The two have people addicted to their lakorn all over the country. We can say they are the newest breakout star at the moment.

“They saw my picture in a magazine and Pah’Deu introduce me to them so I went to audition. At that time, I didn’t know how to speak Thai at all [laughs] so they told me to take acting lessons first then go sign the contract with them.”

“It was an obstacle for me at that time because whenever I speak, they would go, Oh! In a shocking way so I had to study and learn how to speak the language more. In the beginning, I don’t really watch Thai lakorns so I didn’t know what channel 3 was. Usually I watch American shows. I watch some Thai lakorn but I don’t really understand it when they talk. Not speaking Thai clearly is a big obstacle for me. I have to do a lot of homework and when I get the script, I have to read it like 20 times and then record my own voice because or else, it’ll sound pitchy.”

“I go and take acting lessons and it isn’t hard because I like acting. At school, whenever there’s a play, I would sign up to be in it. It’s fun and I think it’s like exercising, you use all parts of your body.”

Yaya said she likes the role of Nuchjaree from Kularb Rai Nam because her personality is similar to hers but for the role as Jeed in Duangjai Akanee, she said she has to do extra homework for it.

“In Duangjai Akkanee, I’m more fierce, somewhat a tomboy so I had to do a lot of adjustment. It’s a different character from my previous role. When I read the script, I had to analyze it. I don’t know how a tomboy acts so I had to search on you tube. I had problems walking because they said I walked weird so I went on you tube and typed in tomboy walk and there were weird results.”

At the age of 17, Yaya is still considered a kid so there’s time when she complains and wine about work especially when she has to work everyday and find time for school. The way she lets out all her complaints and whining is by letting it all out on her mom in the car. Once she is done letting it all out, she gets out the car and is ready to work

“There’s time when I’m tired and feel downhearted. So I would whine and complain it to my mom. Like for instance if I have to go film a hard scene, I would complain to my mom that I don’t want to do it because it’s tiring and I don’t want to get out of the car. I tell her I don’t want to go but I know that I have to go. I let it all out in the car and once I get out, I don’t feel tired anymore.”

Her latest project is Tawan Deud who she co-star along side Mak Prin, whom she is familiar with already. Here she has to change her character up a bit because the genre is action, cowboy style back in the day. She said it’s fun and it’s challenging.

“I want to play all kinds of role, something that’s challenging. Right now, I’m doing action but I want to do drama. Sometimes I come to set and I would think that I’m that character and sometimes it’s hard for me to concentrate, like I don’t have concentration. I want to become a good actress. I want to play all the roles out there. I want people to see that I’m good at acting. As of right now, I’m not satisfied with my past work, I feel like I can do better.”

“I get tricked a lot while on set. I don’t know what they’ve been doing to me but I’m always getting prank. I don’t know why they like pulling pranks on me though. Maybe because I’m the youngest on set so I’m an easy target. When those three guys come to set, that’s when my head starts to hurt. P’Boy Pakorn comes to set, he’s always messing with me, through out the whole day. I get scared easily so he’ll make loud noises and he’ll shoot guns in the air and I would jump.”

When asked to talk about the set, she would laugh a little, “ The people on set are really fun to hang out with. While on break, I don’t want to be alone so I’ll go help with the person that calls out 5-4-3-2. I go help him and he calls me Yaya the Assistant. I go and yell out 5-4-3-2...be quiet…they’re about to film [laughs].”

“I’m closest to p’Gupkip on the set. She’s a very cute person. She brings the fun to the set. There’s this one time when we went to go film in Pranburi and I’m the kind of person that can’t sleep by myself. I’m really scared of ghosts. We had to spend three nights there and on the first night, other people from the other room said they saw ghosts. That night I couldn’t sleep at all so I told P’Gubkip about it. So the next night she told me that she’ll sleep with me and she told me to hold her hands so I can fall asleep. I wanted to hold her hands but I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. So I held her hand and I fell asleep throughout the whole night.”

As for relationship, it might be too fast for Yaya because other than working, she has school to concentrate on. So her and her mom feels that she isn’t ready for it. The guys who want to pursue her must wait a little longer, perhaps until she finishes school.

“About love, it’s the love I have for my friends and family. If you ask me my preference on guys, I like a guy who has a nice personality.. I’m not too serious on the looks though. The guy of my dream is Orlando Bloom. He’s so charming.”

As for Yaya, the 2 most important thing to her is school and working. She wants to be able to improve everyday and be as good as her favorite actress Ann Thongprasom.

“Acting is what many girls dream of doing. It’s a life experience. I’m lucky to be working in this field. I feel good when people greet me and tell me they like me. I feel relieved because when filming, I give it my all so I think it’s worth it. I want them to continue following my work and I want to thank everyone. Most importantly I want to thank my mom for giving me moral support and being my everything. If it wasn’t for her, then I wouldn’t be here today.”


awwww.... thank you tubbytinker for your hardwork. Yaya is too cute~ Sheesh if barry and yaya were together they'll have to sleep hug each other forever since both of them are afraid of ghost.


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^haha. can't you imagine all the possibility they can do together since they're scare of ghost ..
They'll be super glue and we'll just keep on cheering for them to glue together (more and more lol)

Thanks Thip for the translation na .. so cute to see her being playful on her interview offscreen.


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omg! i really admire gubgib...she's so adorable!!! holding yaya's hand when she sleeps. i love her a milk. nadech and yaya have another thing in common besides being scared of ghosts...they are close to gubgib hhahahahaha mario's lucky to have her as his girlfriend.


i've always found Yaya super adorable from the start.... but after watching Duang Jai Akanee and reading this interview... it just makes me love her even more than before hehe :) i'm definently a fan of her's along with :heart: Nadech :heart: and for sure they'll be the NEXT BIG THING!!!


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thanks for taking time to translate and share the news with us thip!

its funny, i saw yayas magazine shoot for the first time and i was hoping she would be become n'ek now she is a hot commodity lol its great that ch3 actually does audition before having the actor/tress become a star in their channel. im glad they saw yayas potential and her beauty..to top it off, she has a cute personality


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I'm glad she got discovered because she's really beautiful and she's not a bad actress.