Lakorn Obsesser
I'm not feeling Namfon. She still seems stiff like a doll ^^,but she's still pretty. I say Yard passes because of her posses. She brings out her sex appeals very well ^_^ .Her eyes are bringing out everything! lol .But in the first picture, it looks like she's shocked or something.lol.I also like her hair.As for Pat I like the last four pictures only.Especially the top right one and bottom.Pat shouldn't smile so much. She should try to bring out the eye than the lips. Overall, I think the pictures are very pretty.


sarNie Hatchling
pat is gorgeous and i love her yellow dress but the other 2 ... i dunno they're pretty too i just never really liked them


sarNie Juvenile
they all look nice....but PAT looks the best......Yard does look like she's in shock.....Fon.....i don't know...this wasn't the best of her....PAT is sooo pretty... the dresses she wore were very nice.....especially the yellow dress she wore to take pictures with the other two.....and by herself......the dress fits her perfectly which made her body figure stand out more....


sarNie Fansubber
pat looks weird in this photoshot....and i've hated namfon since her fist lakorn. cos i think she's not pretty at all... for yard, i think some looks reall good while some look kinda awkward...hmmm....