Xab Thoj's MV


hey thanks for uploading the mvs of xab.. can u upload the other ones when you have time? thanks a bunch!


sarNie Hatchling
i thought it was funny in the nws tseem me me mv when the two old woman was singing, especially the one who had two pony tail on the side. i like the song but no the mv, or how they made it.


sarNie Egg
:yahoo: :kiss: :lmao: :clap: :spin: :wub: after i heard the song, i was sprung on it!!!! and my sisters too, we started to sing it alot afterwards, and finally i just found that song on here and downloaded it. listening to it right now too!!!! i like the meaning of the song too, because for me it seems true what the girl says. most girls do get marry at an early age.


sarNie Egg
thank you very much for your time uploading these.. really appreciate it ;) they're really good. i like xab thoj's music ;D