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I don't know if it's her or your words that makes this thread a better place to come back to.

This quote is like wrote for her...
She is the type of flower that can still grow after a forest fire.

she choose to be strong even if she has the right to be weak , she has the door open to be weak an she for sure tasted the weakness drink but she doesn't enjoy it so she keep searching for the drink that will erase this weakness after taste

she has the right to hide but she choose to face
she has the right to close door on herself but she love be free
she has the right to see the world dark but she choose to find he light
she has the right to give up but her blood her nature refuse to obey to this choice
she has the right to lose the taste of joy but she choose to not to quit cause she love tasting it
she try everyday to face what she has to face to live what she feel she want to live to continue what she want to continue
to simply live
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nothing can ill this beauty's smile , no matter how much her eyes hide and cries her mouth refuse to forget the beauty of a smiling like a sunshine for other people to see the real beauty :icon12: she will keep fighting herself her world through storms and sunshine
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no one know what is waiting for them what is hidden but you need always to keep your feet on the ground and try to walk with a stable steps , queen you are born a fighter :icon12: and i'm one of those who can't help be touched and falling in love with what i saw View attachment 9349
it always has been about her eyes
it always has been her eyes who did the magic
it still the eyes still that special aura still that magic that can't be put in words
she meant it or didn't meant she did it she stole the hearts she made some souls falling for hers
it doesn't matter what she do or did her eyes dd all the job to makes those heart her support
it's the eyes it's the eyes it's the eyes the eyes the eyes ........

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A Queen on her throne is a woman who has mastered herself. She’s not perfect, but she is complete. She has come to the full realization that everything she needs to fulfill her mission can be found within. She’s uncovered her powers and she knows how to use them. She's no longer on The Path, she has become The Path

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She was a true fighter, you could see it in her eyes. She was not born strong, she was made strong. She was sculpted to her her own hero when the world let her down, and she kept picking herself back up.


sarNie Tombstone
it may sound hard to believe but whenever i feel down i come to this thread and read what i wrote on those moments of inspiration and then i get the power of a word that i wish the world understand the power of a word , a word can save as it can kill so even for me who wrote this words in this thread i just love coming back here and i will keeo writing here every inspiration that come directly from this piece of art's photos


sarNie Tombstone
like look at this photo it may look normal for other but for me it's fuullll of inspiration i can put slow music to this and just feel the words come to me like a waterfall

look at that small shining light in her eyes
it's not a normal light cause only the people who has their real self reflected in their eyes will have it
only the real fighter will have that fire inside
only beautiful people inside will have it and be capture like this


so when i share a poem about "her eyes are stars" it's not exaggeration it's real what her eyes has less charm than the star in the dark sky


sarNie Tombstone
she was walking her path
sometime with steady steps
sometime with shaking ones
sometime she fall
but even she fall she find herself getting up again
she is still walking her path not knowing what it hold for her
but it doesn't matter as long as she know what she need to reach
as long as her feet still holding her
she still have a reason to walk this path
she still has sightseeing to live
she still want to be a mum
she still want to love and be loved
the path is harsh tough
but she will keep looking for that reason
she still want to prove that life is worth it the path is worth it the pain is worth it
and one day she will stop and look back to this path and say "you did good you come a long way"

keep moving on keep walking the path until the end of it and be proud of yourself and most of all find the real light of life to guide you


sarNie Tombstone
we sometime forget that the real strength is inside us
we sometime doubt our strength
we sometime can't trust our thought our decision
we sometime doubt every move we make
we sometime can't get up after falling cause we think it's the end or we lose the energy
we sometime over time over repeating the same word make ourselves believe that we are weak
we just forget a lot of time that we should focus on our strength focus on the moment focus on keep our spirit awake keep shaking our fear keep focus on what we have infront of us to reach what we see far away


sarNie Tombstone
i will share alllll the feeling that this photo made me feel the second i saw it i will throw the words as they come

for one moment feel alive
breath life
breath healthy life
live the moment from heaven
feel every grain of air
fill the chest with the real meaning of "being alive"
she inspired me to smile
she made me imagine i'm in her place
i didn't go
i didn't saw
and probably i will never have the chance to do
but how come i can feel like i did by just seeing this
i just can feel i was there
i feel i'm breathing that air
i'm smiling the same way
now i know why i love her
she has this supernatural power of making other feel what she feel
she is a superwoman kimmy_kimberley_41746290_324607774754771_2202468432511419391_n.jpg
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sarNie Tombstone
every day we are in fight with our dark side (jealousy, loneliness, fear, anger , hate)
every day we are in fight to win over this darkness before it possess us
every day we fight this demons that surround us and the demons inside us
every day we try
but some days we fail
some days we can't find the exit from this dark battle
some days we can't escape
some days we lose
some days we are possessed with this darkness outside inside
forgetting for a moment there is a light in the end of the tunnel
be defeated today but we can be winner tomorrow
wait for the light or search for it if we have the strength
just don't surrender forever



sarNie Tombstone
she question herself
she question her dream
she is not sure if those dream are really what will makes her happy
she question her vision
she question herself esteem
she question if what she do is wrong or right
she question if she is strong enough to complete the ride
but one thing she doesn't question is she need love in her life
she can delete all this questions if can find true love
she found the answer in LOVE


sarNie Tombstone
we are in a a planet called earth
we are called human
we suppose to live with loving each other
but that's not what life is about
we will meet every type of human
each type will teach us something
each type will added a touch on our skin
some will damage us
some will heal us
some will makes us hate life
some will help us appreciate it
but in the end of the day is to who we give more attention to those who destroy us or to those who helps us heal
to those who destroy us with their words or to those makes us believe in kindness and wisdom
the bad that happen is not actually bad it just the bad that will determine your position between all this human race
we have given a lot enough to live in this earth with one life
we need to face all type of humans learn from each and give more attention to those who help us build this human being


living this life request believe , courage, patient, keep moving, keep learning keep looking forward with the most positive way we can see

death is not the end of life
where we will live our eternal is the final destination
search for that find a purpose to our life


sarNie Tombstone
her life isn't perfect
she isn't perfect
she is human
a human that shouldn't miss a chance to laugh
she know how to appreciate the little fortune of love she is surrounded with
she give them back through her smile
life is not perfect and will never be
we weren't born to be perfect we were born to help each other live
we were born for a reason not to hate life or hate each other
laugh whenever you can
cry when you can't
move on with each day
forgive your mistakes and be better for the upcoming


sarNie Tombstone
sometime need to sit and think through
what we did from the day we become adult to this day
how much good we did
how much bad we did
who we have hurt
who we helped
what's the point
how to be strong
how to keep moving forward
how to take care of our soul and mind
sometime need to sit and remember we are living in a vaste world but yet so small
sometime need to sit and learn more better than keep having the same knowledge the same attitude
search for the purpose
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sarNie Tombstone
suddenly i wanted to write this it's not about kim but inspired from kim's photo

she looked at her reflection in the mirror
it wasn't easy to accept herself her flaws
it wasn't that simple to look and say i'm beautiful
she looked at her eyes in the reflection of her eyes in the mirror
it was like looking to a different person
her reflection tell her the outside is not always a reflection of the inside
the key of the soul inside request more than just a look to the outside
when she will meet the soul that will be able to have that key to her inside
and fill that inside with love care and support to build it help to grow help to resist storms



sarNie Tombstone
we sometime are the prisoner of our thoughts
prisoner of our own world
we think we are the queen/the king of that world
but we are prisoner
build a wall after a wall until lose connection of the outside world
and it become too cold inside
the worst part is we can't escape cause the outside world is worst
at least inside is white and cold and we can warm ourselves on our own
but outside is burning fire everywhere
war everywhere
the good side is whoever will find the entrance of this cold world inside will be worth to stay in
to break those wall need a pure warm heart a real love
so the princess is waiting for the king that will break those walls and makes her feel the warm of the sunshine world
for now she will stay here fighting with her prison thoughts
endure and endure and endure



sarNie Tombstone
she was living the moment
she became one with the nature forgot who she is where she is from
she let her soul fly in this vast green space escape the choking of the high building
she was part of this nature her beauty is as stunning as this nature
the wind stroke her summer dress to makes her feel alive
the best thing to do is to enjoy every opportunity to enjoy the good moment as an energy to the bad moments
nature is a therapy