Will Jui another one to move to Ch3


Expired Sarnie
I think better quality, script and production companies are subjective to one's opinions. There's no qualitative measures that show Ch3 is better than Ch7 or Ch7 is better than Ch3 in any way, other than in the ratings department. But then ratings are typically only a reflection of the popularity of the lakorn amongst the audience, so I don't necessarily think that good ratings=good quality or good script. I know that while not all, but most people do watch lakorns based on who's starring in it. If your favorite actors or actresses are starring in it wouldn't you watch it? And if more people watched then that means more ratings. And if you liked it, then wouldn't your opinions be biased when asked about the quality, script, or the production company?
That is true, just like you have said people judge base on what they see. And from what I see, I do believe that ch3 provides better quality lakorns to the audience, they have better script writers, etc. It doesn't mean ch7 lacks, but from what I have seen, they do.


sarNie Hatchling
In my opinion, Jui is just an average actress. I haven't really seen deliver a proformance with a bang yet.