"Why the Tears?" Teaser MV - P'Bird, Pong Nawat, Sonia Sui


sarNie Juvenile
The full MV is going to be released on Sept 19th throughout Asia, to find out more about the project you can visit noteplengreviewsblog

The song is sung by P'Bird Thongchai McIntyre and stars himself, Pong Nawat and Taiwan's Sonia Sui Tang. The chinese version of the song will be released (or sampled) tomorrow. It's not really clear if the there will be a full chinese version or just portions dubbed though.

This is chance for Thai music to go out into the Asian market on it's own sound and style, please support!


Expired Sarnie
Too Much So Much Very Much sounds Kpop-ish to me. I am not referring to the video above.


sarNie Juvenile
thats interesting, had't heard that before about Too Much, I always felt like it was actually a throw back and modernized version of Thai pop in the 90's but ah well everyone has their own opinion on what stuff sounds like :lolyup:


sarNie Oldmaid
Have you guys seen the mv yet? I loved it, he did a Thai and a Chinese version. I still cannot believe he's in his 50's...looks like he's in his 30's!! Pong really suits the bad guy role haha, it's a change.

Thai Version:

Chinese Version:

credits to : gmmgrammyoffical @youtube


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^ thanks :)
i love the sceneries shot too.. beautiful!
and yup, i don't know how he does it but.. he's still young-looking indeed!!

random and off-topic but yeah, this is why i can't really see pong portray as chaiklang.. it's because pong looks rai-ish at times hehe..