Who will make it big or will be hot in 2009?


sarNie Oldmaid
I know that this year haven’t end yet but seem like Aff, Pancake, Sririta, Pinky, Um, Lome, Por T. Pat, Bie, Bee N. were big or hot this year with many lakorn line up for 2009 and have many photo shoots this year all ready. So who do you think will be will big or will be hot in 2009 with new face and old face?


sarNie Granny
hmmm i think a lot of people are going to make it big...but i'm going to say aff and aum...and pancake too....i also think the old faces will triumph over the new faces too...
that's difficult to say, because there were so many notable daras in 2008 and all of them had many lakorns and were everywhere...so we'll just have to wait and see...:)


sarNie Egg
weir hu else....u forgot weir....hes one hot actor.......buh...wondering what hes doing now?


sarNie Oldmaid
i say Tik is gonna make one hella comeback next year! :yahoo:

surely Aff...tat girl has tons of lakorn lined up...
Araya...lotx of buzz about her too...esp. if her & Ken's lakorn make it out next year
i tink Ann is still gonna be going next year
Ken..he won't die down next year....

Aum..is on my maybe list cuz seems like eversince he got w/ Pinky Pinky...his fame kinda died down a lilo


sarNie Juvenile
Ruj and Bie the star...there's no doubt
they have been winning awards...
everywhere both of them show up the audience roars

Ann T. is gonna be HOT....her new drama with Aum is coming, can't wait.
Uhm, even though JLR was such a hit, Botun and Jai Rao weren't, but that doesn't mean she's not going to be hot, but :D

Anyways, for CH7 I think Pinky, Pancake...and Amy Ameria.