Which Character(s) Made You Fall In Love With Your Favorite Star(s)?

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    I know, I'm just popping threads like crazy, but hey I'm trying to keep this place alive alright, haha. Anyway, there's gotta be a reason you like an actor or actress, whether or not it's because of their talent, looks or personality. In here I'd love to know which character(s) made you guys fall in love with your favorite star(s)? I personally have quite some stars/characters to share. Hehe. Let me just compile my list first, so...share on!!


    Here comes my list in no order of preference:

    Oh Warut Worrantum as Kobori (Koo Gum 1988) -  Kobori is a character any woman will die for. He's loving, patriotic, honest, gentle (ahem, sort of), courageous and has whatever characteristics a good soldier has. I didn't even know who Oh was until I saw the old version of Koo Gum. I've actually never seen his other movies/lakorns before and I'll admit, I don't even know how good his acting really is. But anyway, saw him as Kobori and I totally fell. My heart. He is the one and only hot Kobori in my book. 
    Tik Jedsadaporn Pholdee as Anothai (Luerd Kattiya 2003) - Anothai, I'll die for you. You don't have to die for me. Like any soldier he's loyal, heroic, considerate and more importantly loving. Loves Dara with all his heart that he sacrifices his own life for her. Tik played Anothai to perfection. His stiffness actually did good in here because his small/subtle movements made Anothai even more gracious and handsome. Some people say Tik's Kongpope made them fall in love with him, but I'll say Anothai did it for me.
    Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan as Kawee (Sawan Biang 2008) - Kawee is a jerk. He's someone I'll probably not want to date, but because of his change of heart for the one he loves, I'll give it to him. He deserves some love. Love that he never had. Anywhoot, because Kawee is such a complicated character he brought out so much from Ken. Ken displayed a great deal of mixed emotions in here and you can just feel his every...emotion. For the lack of a better word. He moved me in such a way that I completely fell in love with Kawee. 
    Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Charlit (Pin Anong) - Charlit can be rough, but he's actually quite soft and hot. I have said this before and will say it many more times, he is the hottest most macho pra'ek in Thai lakorn world. The reason? Because he's played by the ever so gorgeous Weir. Weir made Charlit so mesmerizing, that I can still picture half naked Weir swaggering through the fields with his rough (albeit ugly) hair, dark sweaty six-pack, and nice sexy jeans. Yeah, Charlit can work at my farm any day. 
    Willy McIntosh as Charnchorn (Manee Yardfah) - Charnchorn annoys me sometimes when he's so mean, but I can't hate him, he has his reasons. Like a reserved soldier he is, he doesn't lose himself easily to temptation even if she's a beautiful princess. Willy is the man to play a soldier who's protective, loyal, loving and physically larger than others. I've always admired him for his handsome features, but his take on Charnchorn solidified my love for him. Charnchorn is definitely a one-of-kind pra'ek. 
    Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Taywan (Borisud Bumbut Kaen) - Taywan is insanely a phenomenal character. Literally. He's not your normal loving and sweet pra'ek. He's a man with serious issues. So crazy that no one can be as crazy yet suave as Aum. Aum took on Taywan like a piece of cake. Playing the role required a great deal of emotions and Aum fulfilled all the requirements. He may have looked messed up in there, but his soft and gentle voice made up for it. Thanks to Taywan I'm an Aum fan. 
    Anne Thongprasom as Alin (Sood Sanaeha) - Alin, aroy, around. No kidding! Alin is perhaps one of the best nang'eks out there. She's funny, witty, smart, outgoing, outspoken, pretty much all the extreme characteristics you can think of. The good ones. I've yet to see a character so proud of herself, yet so admirable. Anne is the perfect Alin. I can't imagine anyone else playing this character. Although Alin was cute and likable, it's actually Anne's portrayal of her that made me an even bigger fan. Alin literally blew me away to Anneland. 
    Pok Piyatada Woramusik as Darunee (Toranee Nee Nee Krai Kraung 1998) -  Darunee is immature, annoying, and a brat. She did change, but my focus is on the immature Darunee. She's probably the worst nang'ek out there. These nang'eks are usually forgotten, since they're gonna grow out of it eventually, and I don't typically like an annoying naggy nang'ek, especially when they're also dumb, but Pok played her so well that I actually liked the character. Pok brought Nee to life and opened up a space in my heart for her. 

    As for the people I love that didn't name it's because I just like their acting overall, no particular character that solidified my love for them. Hehe. It's not a bad thing, it just means their characters weren't totally impressive. I may've liked them as a certain pra'ek/nang'ek, but wasn't WOWED by it. Is that a bad thing??  :ghehe: It does seem a little harsh, but you guys know what I mean. HAHA.
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    Thank you phatman for keeping this place alive.. :grouphug:
    I have to bring my ATEAM out for this.  It has to be their characters Harit and Soriya in the hit remake lakorn Jam Loey Rak (2008).  I fell in love with their characters.  Not only did I fall for their characters, I fell in love with the beautiful sceneries used for the lakorn... and the love for pearls even more. :crush:  Well ever since falling for ATEAM, I've caught up on most of their works together and individually... and their chemistry is still just so great and fabulous.  I would love for them to have another reunion in the future... Their last lakorn Roy Mai just broke my heart too much.. Jao Noi & Jao Nang Noi's lovestory was just too heartwrenching to bear.... :lmao:   I could continue spazzing about my deary ATEAM but.. I'll stop for now.. hehe. :shutup:
    Next up... my other dearies ~~ BARGIE.  I've always liked Margie when I first saw her in Badarn Jai with Aum Atichart... but didn't really follow up on her.  As for Boy Pakorn, I've liked him ever since he won Cleo's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors in 2008.  Anyways, I grew to be big fans of them eversince their success in the lakorn Wayupak Montra, which was the last series in 4 Huajai Haeng Khun Kao.  Margie as Thichakorn and Boy as Lom :pervie: I totally did not expect to fall for the two in there.  The storyline pulled me in and their witty scenes.. :bhehe: :crush:  Their characters in Roy Mai just blew up my love for them even more lol.  Margie was just too darn cute not to love! :spin:  Ooopppsss... I must stop myself on them right here too. :shutup:
    I just have too many darn favorites to list... because I can list a reason why I like everyone.. Like again, I can list down the whole AF wiki here too because at least one or two character portrayals made me swoon or gain interest in someone :lol: :clap2: :woot:
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    I don't mind your posts at all! Hehe. Well, I fell in love with Ken because of Sawan Biang. I felt myself relating to his character a lot..... Seeing his character change and his love blossom for Anne's character made me obsessed.
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    Lol....Phatman, you sure are popping threads everywhere, but that's okay, that way we don't go off topic in other threads 
    -James Ma: In my opinion, for his first lakorn, he did really well. He played Khun Chai Ronnapee so well as the character was pretty much the exact opposite of who he actually is in reality. He puts a lot of effort and strength into his work, in which makes me love him even more. His chemistry with Mint Chalida was outstanding and made me ship the two together and that I am waiting for a reunion for the two.  :heart: 
    -Mint Chalida: The character that made me become a fan of hers is Kun in Wan Jai Gub Nai Jomying. Even though she was more of supporting, she was really cute in there and she also had great chemistry with her leading man. Also, her off-screen personality is what makes me like her even more, she's very humble and down to earth. Her role and chemistry in Khun Chai Ronnapee showed that she does improve with her acting and always have chemistry with her co-stars. KCR made me fall in love with her pairing with James Ma. 
    -Cherry Khemupsorn: I used to not think much about her until I watched her in Kaew Tah Pee. She played the role of Nathlada really well and made me become a fan of hers instantly. She's one of my favorite and bias veteran actresses. I also like her as a person that is more on the DL.
    -Poh Nattawut: I haven't actually watched a lakorn of his that made me love him. With him, it's more of his off-screen personality and the love that he has for his wife and child. I love his off-screen personality, he is such a jolly and cheerful person.
    -Mos Patiparn: I actually like some of his music, one of my favorite roles of his, is Chun from Hua Jai Chocolate and Kan from Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar. He plays his roles really well, he's actually aging pretty well, I can't believe that he's already 40's, he looks like he's only in his 30's.It's a shame that he's no longer cast as p'ek, cuz I would love to see him as the lead again. Also, I love his relationship with his little girl, Snow :heart:  :heart: 
    -Aum Atichart: Though he's now a sexy, muscular man, I fell in love with him as Suer in Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun. The role was not your typical pra'ek, he was very loving and sweet towards his n'ek. Aum played this role perfectly and he looked the best in here. He wasn't too skinny or too chubby, plus his hair looked really good.
    -Taew Nataporn: I'm not a die-hard fan, but I do like the gal. But the role that won me over was Mook in Piang Jai Tee Pook Pun. The role was really sweet and Taew portrayed it really well. She was really cute in there. She then wowed me in Khun Chai Rachanon as the fiesty Jao Ying Soifah. She really WOWED me because I honestly didn't think that she would be able to pull if off because I've only seen her portraying soft and weak roles. But her ability to play portray Soifah made me realize that she is a good actress.
    -Willy McIntosh: Hands down, it's Charnchon. The bright and shining armour. He honestly didn't annoy me as much as Ariya did. Willy is the perfect Charnchon and officer and gentleman. I loved his portrayal. He had stubborn moments, but he was so loving.
    -Patson Sarintu: POOM!!!!! Yes, it's Poom from Ka Neung Ha. I really fell in love with Pat because of this role. He is so perfect for the role. This is one of the roles that I feel that no one can fill. Big shoes to fill. The role of Poom was definitely a playboy, but Pat's eyes were charming and flirty as well. It's a shame that he's not acting anymore, especially as lead.
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    I'll also have to add.

    Vill Wannarot Santichai as Gandaomanee (Sud Sai Pan 2013) - Gandaomanee is not the nang'ek, so it's okay to hate her. I don't like her at all. She's psycho, pathetic, and straight up not likable. Even though she repented at the very end, she can't be forgiven. Vill, surprised me with her skills playing two different people. I wasn't a fan of her before this lakorn, but after I definitely became a fan. She's one of the few newbies who has exceptional talent. Although she overacted at times, it's only because her character required it. I say Gan is her best, most challenging role to date.
  6. Koy123

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    Ka Neung Ha - My very first time I saw  Patson Sarintu and fell in love with him. Love that his character knows when he love Ning and told her right away. Him and Ning made an adorable couple. My favorite Lakorn of the two.
    Rolok Chivit(don't know the thai title) - it's a bout Johnny Afone taking revenge on Jarriya for killing his fiancee in a car accident. I thought he was so handsome here. Another one of my favorite of the two :dance1:
    Prajun San Gon - the first time I saw Ken Theeradeth  with Janie and his character was just so funny to me.
    Muean Khon La Fark Fah - Willy McIntosh was just so hot to  look at :)
    Wanida - Saranyu Wongkrajarng's character was such a gentlemen.
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    Forgot to add Mr. Anfone!!

    Johnny Anfone as Ponsithorn (Sai Roong) - Ponsithorn was suave and gentle and just an all-arounded cool guy. He's different from other pra'eks who plot revenge because he takes his time and does things smoothly. He sweet talks and he's mysterious. I like mysterious pra'eks, they're much more handsome. Anyway, this was the first lakorn of Johnny's I saw and boy did I fall in love! I don't think Johnny's handsome but his portrayal of Ponsithorn made him so swoon-worthy. The way he talks to his ladies just gives me eargasm. Loved Ponsithorn and ultimately loved Johnny.
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    Where's everyone?? Haha.
  9. Heidi

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    lol.....still "here", just not as active as I used to be. Will be back to update my list :)
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    I don't know how to explain how each actor made me fell in love with them. There's so much to say that I don't know how to write it down. 555
    Well, let's start off with:
    Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan as Kawee (Sawan Biang, 2008): He played Kawee to the T. Ken as Kawee was the reason why I fell back in love with Thai lakorns. Without him, I don't know if I'll ever be a lakorn freak. 555 He really made me hate him as Kawee yet love and pity him so much. His emotions are always right on. He made me smile when he smiled, he made me cry when he cried, he made sad when he was sad, he made me mad when he was mad, and most of all he made me love him more when he wanted to be a great father to his child and husband to Narin. <3 The fact that he was able to redeem himself by changing who he is and giving up everything for his family made Kawee so much more attractive. 555 Ken is definitely the greatest actor in the Thai entertainment. With Anne as his nang'ake, you just know that their lakorns are always going to be perfect because both of them are excellent and professional actor and actress. Aside from him as Kawee, his humble, silly and loving nature offscreen made me love him even more. He's probably the most handsome pra'ake out of all the pra'akes I have liked - and my most favorite! :D
    Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew as Kobori (Khu Kam, 2013): I have never liked Khu Kam prior to the 2013 version, which meant I never had a favorite Kobori. 555 I didn't like the fact that it had a tragic ending, but having Bie as Kobori was able to change everything such as my thoughts and emotions towards it. If it wasn't for Khu Kam and Bie - and Noona - I would have never been a fan of this classic lakorn. Even though I was off and on with Bie for the past years, that smile he flashed the first time I saw him in Khu Kam was able to capture my heart. He really played a great Kobori. He really made you pity him in the lakorn yet mad at him too for always mentioning his death. He made you smile when he was happy and silly, but he also made you cry when he was crying, sad and hurt. He was able to express each emotions that you start to feel his pain and happiness. You couldn't help it but to pity and love him so, so much! As you keep watching Khu Kam, you start to fall in love with Bie. Him as Kobori made everything even better. :D I have never been so satisfied with an lakorn that has a tragic ending until this lakorn. Even though it has been over a year, I still cry every time I watch Khu Kam. It's just that great that I even bought the magazines, VCD/CD, and dvd box set - basically everything! :D 555
    Willy McIntosh as Charnchon (Manee Yard Fah, 2001): I don't think I even need to say anything. 555 Willy was soooooooooo sexy in MNF, especially when he was in his green army uniform. Whoo. Almost got an orgasm. LOL Jk. He played a really great Charnchon. He was my all-time favorite pra'ake back then even though I was only an elementary student that time. 555 :D
    Mos Patiparn as Prince V/Wakim (Jao Chai Hua Jai Gern Roy, 2002): OMGOSH. After Charnchon, Mos became my biggest crush because of this lakorn. He was sooooo handsome. I even bought almost every one of his VCDs/CDs because I got that obsess with him. 555 He really played a cute prince. I totally shipped him with Yui, but i don't know who I ship him with now. 555 So ever since then I've been a fan of his and still going strong. :D He's so funny and adorable. <3
    There's more but these 4 are the ones that I can only think of right now; the ones who has a special place in my heart. <3
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  11. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    Rome Patchata - i can never get tired of watching his lakorn though nowadays his been looking tired and ageing but he still has the handsomeness prince charming his acting is very talented 
    whoever get a chance to pair up with him will be one lucky person 
  12. Dreamlove

    Dreamlove sarNie Juvenile

    Roselovesice, I love the description you wrote about Bie as Kobori. Everything you said/wrote was so descriptive. I've known Bie for a long time, but I just fell in love with him around Ruk Jub Jai and Koo Kum. His silly and funny personality made me fell in love with him and adding his personality to Koo Kum just made it better. Every time Kobori is sad or cries, I would be crying like crazy. He played the character so well that I pity him. The emotions he show in his eyes is so explosive that it hurt every time I look into it especially emotional scenes. I still cry every single time I watch Koo Kum, I just can't get over the fact that Kobori's gone. But for the happy scenes, he just gets me all happy and smiley of his silly personality. Especially his smile, when he smile it's like the sun is shining so bright. I usually don't like tragic ending, but he made me fell in love with him more and Koo Kum 2013. I'm totally shipping Biena! :) :) :)
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  13. phatman

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    Now that I think hard about it, I have to add my hubby:
    Pat Patson Sarindu as Ae (Balar Song Kreung) - Why must I finally add Ae? Because he's one of the most rational pra'eks. He's funny, knows himself well and takes no interest in any woman that clings onto him. I like this kind of pra'ek who distances himself from temptation. He doesn't give in one inch and I love it!! Not only that, he's played by my hubby Mr. Pat. I saw Pat's lakorn with Ning first, but didn't like his character there at all. After watching this lakorn though I completely fell in love with his character and him! You can say Ae is his best character yet!!
  14. pandakopanda

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    I SHARE YOUR SENTIMENTS WITH BARGIE. They're so cute on and off cam, and it's also because of Roy Marn. I wish they are not that close as brothers and sisters in real life, so i can have my hopes up of them being an actual couple XD and it won't be awkward. but hey, who knows right?
  15. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    Aum Atichart -  Jam Loey Rak (DUH) Judging from pictures I did not want to watch this because I thought Aum was unattractive, well I was veryyyy wrong about that (watch that shirtless jogging scene and not drool, I dare you). I loved him as Harit, his acting was absolute perfection, the way he looked at Soraya with pain and regret, the way his expression immediately changes when talking to Sunsanee...he's awesome, period!
    Bee Sawis - Ploy Lom Phet, He's a rude jerk yes but he's so funny and in denial you just love him. I love Bee here, he's sweet even though he tries to fight it off. Falling in love with him here immediately made me watch his other lakorns.
    Nadech Kugimiya - Game Rai Game Rak, yes I did watch 4 Hua Jai Haeng Koon Kao but I only thought he was adorbs there, GRGR established my love for him. I loved Saichon the innocent and loyal islander and I also loved Charles, the mistaken and angry man. He was super pitiful here and out of all Nadech's characters, I still lover Saichon the most.
    Willy McIntosh - Chanchon, I saw this lakorn as a little girl, I loved it even then. Only when I grew up a little I fell in love with Willy here. He's so manly and OMG him in uniform is the most godly thing anyone can ever see. Always loved him with Anne the most.
    Mark Prin - Ngao Rak Luang Jai, the lakorn sucked yes but I loved him as Techit, he didn't take too much bullcrap.
    Pol Tanthasatien - Samee, he's funny, got attitude, persistent, as awful as it sounds, I love the climbing the window rawr.
    Bie Sukrit - Koo Gum, never liked his other roles but this one made me a fan. He's just so pitiful and smiley, it's hard not to love him here.
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  16. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    I have so many but my favorite is Alin (Anne T.) from Sood Sanaeha. Alin was everything! She was adorable, beautiful, bitchy, dramatic, funny, and spunky all in one! Anne T.'s character as Alin is by far my most favorite nang'ek character of all lakorn history. I loved how Alin began to mature after meeting Khru Cook (Ken T.) and really realized what the definition of love is.
    Tied with Alin is Nathlada (Cherry) from Kaew Tah Pee. This was one strong woman inside and out. Though she may appear fragile in the very beginning but after much misunderstanding criticism from Chisanu (Tik), Nathlada began to build self-confidence and became stronger. She didn't have to say much to prove her purity and innocence. She was a smart woman, naive but nevertheless the definition of a perfect woman, especially what men will consider 'wifey' material. She did everything for Chisanu without even knowing she loved him. When she was jealous, she wasn't afraid to show it. I don't think anyone could've portrayed a better Nathlada than Cherry.
    The worst nang'ek ever but also the best nang'ek character ever is Lamyong (Noon W.), who I find amazingly stunning, stunning in terms of beauty, character development (watch as she transitions from a beautiful bitch to the ugliest and most horrendous mother), and stupendous but great overreacting. Lamyong definitely made me fall in love with Noon Woranuch.
    As for guys, my favorite pra'ek of all-time goes to two hotties: Seua (Aum A.) from Piengjai Tee Pookpun and Khru Cook, Kawee, and Rachen (all played by Ken T.). Seua is like the male version of Cinderella. He goes from rags to riches but money does not change the man he is, a loving, responsible, and sincere man whose love for his family and friend-to girlfriend-to wife, Mook (Taew) never fades away. He stands with them under all circumstances regardless of the negativity and tragedies surrounding him. It doesn't matter how many pra'rais and nang'rais there are but it did not stop Seua from his true love for Mook and his family, including his good-for-nothing mother.
    Khru Cook and Rachen are the sweetest pra'eks ever! The things they do for their nang'ek regardless of their social status. Unlike Seua who was rich and could've been destroyed by his own accumulating power and money, Khru Cook and Rachen were average guys who did all they could for the woman they love. They did everything and gave their all to win the woman's heart.
    Kawee was a total douche in the beginning through half of Sawan Bieng. I wanted to punch him in the face for his attention craving nature but then I realized I should save those punches for his stupid father instead. Still though, it gives him no damn reason to hurt Narin (Anne T.) and use her as a tool for his revenge. It was towards the end that I fell in love with him. He threw away everything to be with his baby mama to try to win her heart. The things he sacrificed made me cry. I loved and hated him at the same time.
    Last but not least is Kobori (Bie Sukrit), the strong but weak-hearted soldier. The sacrifices he made for his entire country and his true love were endless and amazing. He tried very hard to attain his leading position in the Japanese army but at the same time entrusted his heart in the hands of a Thai woman whose hatred for the Japanese was to the max. He trusted that she will love him back and entrusted not only his heart but also soul and body to his Angsamalin.
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  17. aimeelove

    aimeelove sarNie Juvenile

    i try to think of one single character that i love, but no, it's the actor that I love, not the character he plays lol
  18. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Haha. It's hard for some of my most beloved actors/actresses too. Like I try to find the character they played that made me like them, but in the end it's only because I like them.
  19. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

    ATEAM from Jamleuy Rak
    BARGIE from Roy Marn
    BIENA from Koo Gum
    NAMKEN from Majurat See Nampeung
    POR/KOB from Dao Sawan
    TIK/AOM from Roy Leh Sanae Rai
    WILLY/ANNE from Manee Ya Fah

    YADECH from Duangjai Akkanee

    Aum from Jamleuy Rak
    Bie from Roy Adit Haeng Rak
    Boy from Wayupak Montra
    Chai from Pan Rak Pan Rai
    Chakrit from Wimarn Sai
    Ken from Oum Rak

    Kong from Sapai Jao
    Mark from Ton Rak Rim Rua

    Nadech from Duanjai Akkanee
    Peter from Nangrai Sai Lap
    Pip from Jao Bow Kon Krua
    Por from Dao Sawan
    Tik from Roy Leh Sanae Rai

    Toomtan from Soo Sai Pan
    Weir from Wong Wian Huajai

    Willy from Fai Luang
    Aff from Jamleuy Rak
    Ann from Manee Yah Fah
    Aom from Fah Pieng Dien
    Benz from Mai Paekpa
    Janie from Sompong Gub Somchai
    Kob from Yor Praklin
    Margie from Badarn Jai
    Mew L from Jaosao Krua Fon
    Namtarn from Majurat See Nampeung
    Noona from Hello, Stranger
    Vicky from Yod Yad Yee
    Yaya from Duanjai Akkanee

    Joy from Khun Por Jorm Sar
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  20. Popred

    Popred sarNie Egg

    I remember the very first lakorn I watched is Sawan biang of Ken n Ann. I was very new to slap/kiss n rawr lakorn n thought it was kinda weird thing to watch. But then somehow I kept watching it n got addicted to it. I didnt really like Ann at first cause she looks a little bit old (look like 35 at least for me). However, her great acting changed my thought completely. And also I had a big crush on Ken (of course, I rarely see someone doesnt like him in Sawan biang).
    then I stopped watching lakorns for 2 years since I was put in boarding school n couldnt watch anything I like freely. Recently I have chance to get back to lakorns n just feel in love with Mark and Kim. It was very funny that in the beginning I didnt like Kim at all, but then thing changed when I watched her lakorns (especially the ones with Mark- omg now i m the big fan of this couple).
    I love Punya Chon Kon Krua the most, then Ab Ruk Online

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