What's your religion?


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Chalidaluvprin said:
I was born as shamanism and stayed with it till today but I want to be a Christian so I read bibles and pray everytime. In my culture I girl has to follow there parents until there married so
Hoping to find a Christian husband or a Buddhist husband.
I'm not saying to disrespect your parents or anything, but I believe that you also have a saying in what you want to believe in. I don't exactly know how old you are but it doesn't hurt to change yourself to believe in what makes you happy. I converted to Christianity at the age of 14. To be honest, I did it without my parents consent. They weren't happy about it, but I stayed strong. I had to show them that I am not going to change my belief and stand firm. I may not be the best daughter to them, but I try my best to be the best daughter by showing them how much I have changed after converting. I still have my time where I blow up on them but that doesn't define who I am. If you want to believe in God, believe in Him. You can't believe in Him yet believe in another "god" or whatever. It doesn't work that way. Choose what you believe is best for you. If you ever need anyone to talk to, feel free to message me. :) I am always one message away. 555 :) 


sarNie Adult
Yea I will message you anytime I want. I am right now the age of you when you changed to Christianity. :) I know your not telling me to disrespect my parents an I should believe in what I want to. My family would have changed to Christianity if they didn't promise my grandpa before he dies that they will be this culture forever. :&


sarNie OldFart
I would love to say I am a "Christian" but I am struggling with my faith. I feel that I don't deserve to say that I am one when I don't know anything much in the bible except Jesus dying for our sins. I don't read the bible because the old testament literally puts me to sleep. I do love the book of Mark because I somehow connect to that book the most. It always stir something in me when reading it and wants to be a better person. And Revelation does scares me when I read it. My church is small and consist of a lot of older folks and even if I have been there for 10+ years I still can't find anyone to really have a heart to heart talk about my faith
I do go to church every Sunday but doesn't get involve much in Church activities because my husband's schedule is hard for us and the fact I have 2 young boys where finding a baby sitter is hard. Though, I know it should not be an excuse for me but I just can't seem to find the right time. 
We used to pray before eating, now we don't. I wanted my husband to be more involve with church when he has the time and grow spiritually together but so far in the years that I have become a Christian I felt like I am at a stand still. I desperately, wanted to grow in my believe and learn more but for some reason it's not happening.
To me, becoming and coming to believe in GOD has been one of the best thing that has happened. My life would not have been what it is now or the person that I have become if it wasn't for HIM.


Mrs James Ma
I follow Hinduism and Buddhism. A Hindu believes in dharma, means virtue.


The Realist guy here period
Everyone of us got freewill without freewill one would not be accountable for one's action in life.

Let say in reincarnation,where are the extra souls coming from? Since the beginning of time, the population of the earth has been increasing. So reincarnation said bad people are supposed to reincarnate to plants, animals, etc. But where are the extra souls coming from as the population of the earth is increasing. We are already witnessing intelligent design as we are starting to do that now. Look at cloning, genetic coding,etc.
I read that carbon dating is not legit either as there are flaws in the sequences of it.  Scientists have told us that dinosaurs were here for millions and millions of years before we did.  In contrast, we are a pretty young specie accordoring to them.  So my question is.  Why didn't the dinosaurs evolve beyond us if they were in fact here for millions and millions of years longer?  Dinosaurs started at Triassic period, 231.4 million years ago and ended at the Cretaceous (66 million years ago). That is a 165 million years.   
And then we are to believe that our specie "belong to is Homo sapiens during a time of dramatic climate change 200,000 years ago evolve in Africa. If one were to compare 165 milllion year to 200,000 years, that is a big difference.  So, in 200,000 years to now, that is a big jump where as the dinosaurs could not even make that big of a jump for 165 million years.  Something is not right.  Like the saying goes, if it to good to be true, it is probably is.
According to DNA analysis by scientists, we have neanderthal and denisovan.  They believe there is another branch that they don't know about.  
Anyhow, this is just my 2 cent on the subject.  Anyone can choose to believe what they want as they have freewill.  Now, back into the background for me.   :rockon:  :bopping:  :thumbsup:


sarNie Granny
i was raise Buddhist and i like their teaching  but honestly I don't have a religious to put my fate in . i believe in thing but mostly bad thing ^^^ if ppl ask me "do i believe in god"  , my answer are " I had not seem him/her  therefore I can not say I do but If you ask me , do i believe in ghost , Yes I do because i had saw them before" . Ppl does get scar after that soo ^^^ end of conversation lol .