What's your favorite lakorn theme songs?

Discussion in 'Thai' started by LDi, May 24, 2006.

  1. LDi

    LDi sarNie Hatchling

    Some lakorn have some pretty good theme songs. Sometimes, i'll get movies that I've already watched...but just am not sure. Once I pop in the tape and hear the beginning theme song, I'll know right away (if I've seen it or not), even without watching the screen.

    You'll notice that most series have 2-3 major songs they play throughout the movie (Korean series more). So what's are your fav. songs or theme songs from thai lakorns?
  2. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai ♫ ♪Dj Kisses [Spicy sarNie] ☻♥ Staff Member

    I love the theme songs from leh ratree and also any theme song that sirasuk does like for roy ruk roy adeed and lued kattiya....I think he has an amazing voice and I like the ones from loy leh sanai rai also ^-^ Oh yeah and one more soda grap cha yen the song by pin =D
  3. LDi

    LDi sarNie Hatchling

    I love the song from lued kattiya by sirasak.....ah ....so sad.
  4. kry*star

    kry*star sarNie Adult

    this question is way too hard for me! i LOVE too many lakorn songs even if i haven't watch the series. here's what i can think of right now:

    ost for look poo chai hau jai phet- hugo's voice for the songs were just so good!

    ost for bung buang... stars chakrit&marsha- panatda and uthen were wonderful

    ost fad lhong hon- man the ending and closing song tight! also so sad :wavecry:

    ost wi marn din- oh yeah all the songs rock! the four stars sang most of them and they were wonderful!

    ost oon ai ruk- they were sad songs especially kae mee

    ost su parb bu rood look poo chai- especially the one tai tanawut sang

    Kaew Luem korn- the one by beau

    well here's a couple for movies:

    club za
    beautiful boxer
    come together
  5. yajvaj

    yajvaj sarNie Adult

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai just said it all for me!! hehe...
  6. chenchy

    chenchy sarNie Egg

    i like the realy old theme song, when you hear them it's like return in the past lol I can't explain, it's make me feel more things than the news ones

    like : Roymarn the old one (if somebody want, i have it and post for you ;) )
  7. anjos

    anjos Guest

    there is sooo many good theme song..... but the one I really like is in the movie.... "kol luang rak"......I love the movie and also the theme song and the ending song....
  8. st_nba

    st_nba sarNie Juvenile

    Boran Theme: SanoNoi and BuaKaew BuaTong theme songs. Not the remakes, but the original.
  9. HuabNag

    HuabNag sarNie Adult

    Modern: **Buang ba cha tong** Charkit and Marsha,
    **Nee ruk** Kong and Mam

    Boran: **Yor plaglin** Kob and Chatree
  10. noungning

    noungning Heartless

    wow one that i love forever and will remain to love

    yarm muer loom pud huan the lakorn from mew and jay years ago...
  11. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    KhoOnxNouxWanxJai ♫ ♪Dj Kisses [Spicy sarNie] ☻♥ Staff Member

    lol! oh I had to come back remembered some more! lol

    **Ost.Buang Ruk
    **Ost. Duay Rang Hang Ruk
    **Hua Jai Chocolate!!

    And Wimarn Sai-M The Star-Tur Kong Mai Riu
    And lately Ive been digging Kor Kaya Sit Ost..... lol

  12. bopha

    bopha sarNie Elites

    i like the theme song from "pleng pah fah lom dao" :wub: and also "koo kum" the old version
  13. lalalek

    lalalek Guest

    Dang there is alot...hmm lets see right now it would be from the movie Sins (Choo) with Andy&?.....Sang by Fourth called Mai Luerk Dai Mai......i am so inlove with this song, the meaning, and her voice right now..

    .lol.....but as for others.....i agree what what KhoOnxNouxWanxJai has to say about hers...she has good taste in music, she looks so young but enjoys such matureish music, every intresting if you know what i mean..!!!!! :D
  14. LDi

    LDi sarNie Hatchling

    Are you referring to the one by Sniper...I love that song.
  15. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    i have so many as well:

    ma la thong(old version)
    se la daran
    pitsavong pitsawaud(arisman and ?)
    koh luang rak
    la rathree
    silo hit
    dao prasook

    so many more...
  16. slee00

    slee00 sarNie Adult

    I really like the theme song" wi marn din"

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of it?
  17. anjos

    anjos Guest

    I agree w/all ya..... all of the theme song that everyone had wrote is very good too...... :wub:
  18. moilee

    moilee sarNie Adult

    I really like the theme song from KRGP that Bua sang. Also, I like this song that they played in Mek Khun Err (love song) for Oil & Kob.
  19. victoria

    victoria sarNie Juvenile

    Well, as for me, everytime i watch a new lakorn, their ost become my favorite songs!!! Like right now, i really like Long Ngao Jargn theme songs...

    But the one that comes to my mind for favorite themes songs would be TIk J. and Aom P. lakorn, i never get tired of listenning to that soundtrack.
  20. Sah

    Sah sarNie Elites

    I can post it for you in Buddie Media. Do you want the whole album or just the theme song? Please specify & I'll upload for you :)

    Most of my favorite lakorn songs are x-track songs, they're probably the best.

    Here are a few that I really like, just in general:
    Pleng Kong Tur by Fluke Kerkpol (Tawfun Gub Mawin w/ Aom)
    Kaw Kae Fun by Beau Sunita (Game Ruk Payabath w/ Captain & Aom)
    Ruk Ter Nirun by Sirisak (Roy Ruk Roy Arded w/ Captain & Pin)
    Kae Mee Ter by Panatda (Cheewit Puer Ka Hua Jai Puer Ter w/ Captain & Pin)
    Wun Nee Tee Raw Koy by Bird (Wun Nee Tee Raw Koy w/ Bird & Sirium)
    Tae Pang Korn (both versions)
    Ruk Mai Mee Kum Dtorb by Korrapin (Barn Rai Ruen Rak w/ Tao Somchai & Nan)
    Yom Jum Non Fah Din by Bowie (Huk Liem Prakan w/ Num S. & Joy R.)
    Ruk Nai Roy Kaen songs (From both original & remake)
    Ruk Chun Nun Puer Ter by Earn (Forgot the Lakorn name but it was w/ Patson. I loved this song since the Thom Rainbow days haha)
    Yood Dtrong Nee Tee Ter by Ford (Samee w/ Joy & Pol)
    Sang Dao Fung Talae by Touch (Sang Dao Fung Talae w/ Touch & Ning)

    I'll stop here, otherwise I'll end up naming like 1,000 songs.

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