What would you do?


sarNie Adult
if your partner makes friends with someone of the opposite sex, at a shopping mall, gym or at school, how would you react?

and what if he/she was better looking?

and what if he/she wasnt any good looking overall

see now, the average person would be jealous and feel insecure, though if you done it, you'll be ok with it because you know your just makin friends but if your partner does it you'll feel jealous and insecure wheres the trust there, and if that other person is better looking it makes your worrries go up abit more right? though if he/she was not anywhere near good looking it'll make you feel abit more relax right?
in otherwords were all HYPROCITS!


I think if you TRUST your significant other.. there's no sweat in them befriending better looking people right? ^_^


sarNie Adult
i wouldn't mind as long as he's not jealous when i make friends with the opposite sex


It's all about trust! I've done tat b4....I would date a guy n have lots of guy frens but I've never fallen 4 a guy fren aha! Jus can't b/c the one I'm datin is the one I want to be with!