What the Devil Calls Love (Completed)

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    OM & Cheer = Nick & Kwang
    Poster credit to my lovely cousin: Elena

    1st Version --------- 2nd Version
    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3hAip2dkvw[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C64xC7mjqEw[/media]

    Cred: Pink w/ Ruk Na Dek Ngo & Khon Long Oei
    [​IMG] Same song, but different video [​IMG]

    WTDCL Stars...

    •Nickorn (Nick) Yodsaman – Om Akapan Namart •Apai (Kwang) Sirimath – Cheer Tikumporn Rittapinun
    •Priseth (Prince) Yodsaman – Nat Nattarat Maurice Legrand •Latsamee Wittasit - Bell Manunya Limsatien
    •Parnkorn (Knight) Sirimath / Parnkorn Pattanaworawet - New Chaiyapol Pupart •Mary Hansen - Sammie Puntitha Puwijarn Cowell
    •Yatna Yodsaman – Kik Mayurin Pongpudpunth •Phet Hortheuy - Namfon Komolthiti •Lawyer Witoon (Toon) Anantorath – Oh Warut Woratam •Therin Putasa (They) – Andy Watchara Tangkaprasert •Assistant Rachapat (Pat) Chattawanpranu – Nui Ampol Lumpoon
    •Gai – Maprang Wiragarn Seneetunti

    Non Casted Characters: Chai & Fon Pattanaworrawet, Nanny Wai, the maid @ Yodsaman Mansion, the investigator, Blank Charlie Thammasinh, Nappa Florence, Beige Nattaraka Chattawanpranu (*Will have character for her later)​

    “Life must keep moving forward. No matter the obstacles. But, why does he have to make it so difficult on me?” = Kwang

    “The company that killed them must be killed. I must do everything to get what I want. No matter what.” = Nick

    “Why did she leave me behind?” = Knight

    “I’m doing this because it is the best choice.” = Phet

    “I came back hoping things would change. It has, but is it for the better?” = Prince

    “Money! That’s all we need in life!” = Yatna

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    the title just make me drool. so hot, i like how you make your t-ser with the fire, soo cool. i just love it. the preview just makes me go :eek: ... can't wait for updates. love cheer.
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    OOoo can't wait to read this. i'm loving Om atm. he's a hottie <3
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    The second mv is kool. Can't wait to read this story. Love the cast all ready.
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    oh, Phone, u know i'm one of ur support. PM me when it's up! i can't wait.
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    -Latsamee’s Apartment-

    Nickorn Yodsaman wearing his black pant suit, belt, an ironed and clean white dress shirt and a black and gray striped tie urgently knocked on Latsamee Wittasit’s door. Latsamee rushed to the door and peered out the peep hole to see her boyfriend knocking. She smiled and opened the door. Nick rushed in, picked her up, used his right leg to kick the door shut and rushed to their bedroom. He dropped her on the bed and jumped on top to meet her lips like a savage beast. He kissed her like he can eat her up and frantically unbuttoned her blouse while she loosened his belt. The blouse was a hassle so he just ripped it open and moved his lips towards her breasts.

    -Yodsaman Empire-

    Yatna Yodsaman, a mogul of a large real estate company came walking into her large empire building. The immense amount of employees stood guard at the entrance:

    “Good morning President”

    She looked sternly forward and headed to the elevator in her silk business suit with her assistant on her right and lawyer on her left. Once in the elevator, the doors shut and the employees dispersed in relief that she had moved to another floor.

    “Where is he?” shouted Yatna at the secretary.

    The secretary responded, “He’s, he’s, he left to go to a meeting Mrs. President.”

    “Does he know that he has to fix this issue? Why did he go out to play?” asked Yatna.

    “I know that he is not at a meeting! That bastard nephew of mine!” shouted Yatna. “Mr. Pat, hold a meeting right now and Lawyer Toon, call that rascal to the office!”

    -Phet’s Spa-

    “Kwang! Go grab a towel for Mr. Krit. Hand it to Ann when you get to the door. You still sneak out after I told you I will lock you up and sell you to the next customer if you do it again,” said Phet Hortheuy, the owner of Phet’s Spa.

    Phet had walked to the back alley of her shop. A 14 year old in rugged clothing laid passed out on the dirty street. She ran to the girl to see if she was still alive. Phet quickly rushed back inside and got her guard to go and carry this girl inside. Phet washed the girl up and found clothing to dress the girl in. This little girl reminded her of her own daughter. Phet’s daughter once helped at the shop, but was raped and killed while she was sent out to buy massage oil. Phet’s eyes teared up as she cared for this ragged girl.
    -End Flashback-

    Kwang, or Apai Sirimat was the 14 year old girl that Phet had rescued from the alley. This girl was diligent and hard working. Phet loves this girl like her own daughter, but hid these feelings on the outside. Now Kwang is much older and had been taught to be a masseuse. But, Phet refuses to let Kwang take on clients unless they are in need of extra help on busy days. Phet had saved up money to send Kwang to school, but had told Kwang that she would have to pay Phet back for lending her this money. In reality, Phet does not expect to be repaid through cash, but would like Kwang to be successful so that she doesn’t have to keep working or live in this lowly field. Kwang had taken a year off of college to help Phet out when Phet was sick. Now, she is on her last year of college and hopes to own a flower shop one day.

    Kwang had been helping out with everything at the shop, even massaging several clients behind Phet’s back. This way, she can make extra money. Everyone at the shop had kept it a secret from Phet because they either envy Kwang or they love her. Some of the other women want Kwang to get in trouble with the male clients because she is too innocent. Others admire Kwang for working hard and don’t want her to get in trouble with Phet. Kwang however is smarter than everyone at the shop thinks.

    -Latsamee’s Apartment-

    Latsamee is now leaning on Nick’s chest, “That was great. What brings you here so early today?”

    “The office work is stressing me out. My aunt expects me to come up with a plan to take over this market in Mae Hong Son so we can build some more houses to sell,” said Nick.

    “What is bad about that?” asked Latsamee. “Haven’t you ever cared about taking over those useless places in the past?”

    “I usually don’t care, but this place that she wants to destroy is…” muttered Nick (starts to silence)

    “Nick, here is some money to go buy something to eat before you go there. Remember, after you do that you go straight to this place that I wrote out for you. Don’t go with anyone who says they are here to pick you up. Understand?” said Nick’s mom.

    “Yes I know. But, when are you getting me? Do I have to stay here long?” asked Nick.

    “Son, once everything gets resolved, your father and I will come back and pick you up at this place.” said Nick’s mom.

    Nick looked back one more time as he walked off towards the restaurant. His mom had run back to the car and didn’t look back at him. She seemed rush. Nick continued towards the restaurant, but then he heard a little boy crying. The boy was crying for ice cream. Nick looked at the boy’s older sister. She was petite and cute. He started to admire her. Her hair was long and in curls, but she dressed as if she were going to sell newspapers on the street. He could tell that she was stressed at not being able to get ice cream for her little brother. Nick walked back down the steps and crossed the street towards the ice cream stall and bought an ice cream. He then walked up to the little boy and the girl and handed the little boy an ice cream cone. The little boy was happy, but the sister stopped the little boy and told Nick that he shouldn’t have wasted his money on a boy that needs to learn about the value of money.

    Nick: “I insist. It really is no trouble at all.”

    Girl: “I…well, I don’t know what to say. But, thank you.” And she smiled at him and forced her little brother to thank Nick. Her smile made Nick’s heart flutter a little. He was glad to have done something nice for a girl he liked. The girl and her brother then told him they had to rush home and they waved good bye.

    Nick started to walk back towards the edge of the sidewalk, but a car jolted in front of him. His aunt’s lawyer stepped out of the car and rushed to him.

    “Nick, your mother just got in a car accident! And your father had been attacked at the market here and was shot to death,” shouted the lawyer.
    -End Flashback-

    Nick got out of bed and got dressed. He told Latsamee that he’ll just stand up for this place. His aunt can’t control him forever.
    “Hey sweetheart, but don’t you want to own everything your aunt has so we can be together?” asked Latsamee.

    “You said that if you do everything she says, you can get the company. If you get the company, then you can sell it and we can go off and start a resort in another country together. Remember you said your aunt taught you to show no mercy?”

    Nick walked out. His cell phone rang; he picked it up, “I will be right there.”

    -Yodsaman Empire-

    Nick burst into the meeting room and tells his aunt he can’t force these people from the market. Yatna looked at her nephew with a pierced eye, “I thought I told you, show no mercy or you will not survive in this world!”

    “I lived the way you taught me, but this one place is the only place I don’t want to touch,” shouted Nick. “I won’t let you touch it!”

    Nick then burst out of the room and into his office. He grabbed his things and told the secretary that he will be out the rest of the day.

    He then rushed to the temple.


    Nick stared at his parent’s pictures on the urn. A tear dropped down his right cheek. His head bowed.

    “Mom, I left that day with Lawyer Toon. I didn’t go to the place you told me. How could I when I knew you wouldn’t be back to pick me up?”

    More tears dropped down and Nick wailed in sadness and despair.

    “Dad, you and mom knew something, but you were murdered! I was old enough to understand. You should’ve let me know what it was you were hiding. I could’ve helped.” He wiped his eyes dry.

    “That market can’t be destroyed. Those people there remember your death dad. They tried to save you. They have kept pictures in honor of you. They even have an alter dedicated to you. How can I destroy the people who tried to save you? I’ve only been merciless for 8 years. But you raised me 16 years. Aunt Yatna can’t control me forever! I must take over the company and run things my way. Then I can have more money to figure out what happened to you both. I must find out why you were murdered. I need to find out who murdered you. I will destroy whoever did this to you father. ”


    thanks :D I love the teaser too. I decided on Cheer as the main cuz I like her in dramas. She's pretty with long hair. And Om is pretty hot right now. :p

    I agree, he's a hottie.

    Glad you like the cast.

    Oh, I didn't PM you. But I'm sure you check ff often :)
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    this is very interesting. great start. poor Nick, his parents died and his aunt is trying to control his life.
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    interesting start.
    TT_TT poor Nick, his parents are gone...
    the last line he said...oOOo...revengeful
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    I hope you continued with this story. I love it and I've been waiting for you to post this story up. hehe.
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    yes, i want more lol
    good ending. cliffhanger...
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    Ugh CLIFFHANGER! Update soon. This is very interesting. poor nick ='(
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    -Phet’s Spa-

    “Hey, P’ They. Aunt Phet is out today. That means that some of the workers are going to secretly go off with some of the clients today,” said Kwang. “That means, I can make extra money too. Go get Gai for me. Tell her that the client coming in today will pay lots.”

    Therin Putasa, the guard that carried Kwang into the shop when she was 14, rushed off to find Gai. He too loved Kwang like a daughter. They and Gai are the only people that Kwang had told her secret to. She was caught by him the first time she attempted to make extra money the year that Phet was sick. Kwang had begged They not to tell Phet because she wanted the money to get her shop when she gets done with school. Kwang didn’t want to rely on Phet for so long. Phet had told They that she did only wished for Kwang to finish school and be successful. So, They decided to keep the secret so that Kwang can make extra money and Phet’s dream for Kwang would also work out. Besides, They is mute.

    -Yodsaman Mansion-

    “Where did you go?” asked Yatna. “You know that you have to buy that market or else we have to cancel on our clients. When we cancel on our clients that means money out of our pocket. That means I will be nothing. That means you are worthless.”

    “I will not touch that place!” shouted Nick.

    “You have to. Just because your father died there you can’t keep it as a memorial. You have his ashes here at the Bangkok temple. He was a worthless little brother anyways. If he were alive you wouldn’t be working as hard to make us one of the richest people in the world. He would’ve trained you into a weakling.”

    “I’m not weak Aunt Yatna. I will go and buy that market tomorrow.” He storms up to his room and shuts the door. “I’m not weak. I will show no mercy. I will earn her trust and destroy the company that took my parent’s life away. I will find the killer.”


    “Mr. Roy, thank you for coming out with me. Can I have my money early?” asked Kwang.

    Kwang had put on heavy makeup and brought her bag with changing clothes. Some of the other women at the shop looked after her as she got into the car with Mr. Roy earlier in the evening. Some of the women were saddened that Kwang had to go through this just to get money to pay Phet back for school. The others smirked and hoped Kwang wouldn’t be back. It would be best if she left so that Phet would see that this girl doesn’t really appreciate Phet and left with a rich guy for good. Then, Phet wouldn’t scold them for making Kwang sanitize their masseuse rooms and doing their dirty work while they sneak out for extra cash.

    After receiving her money, Kwang told Mr. Roy that she will go to the bathroom and step back out in a little bit. Inside the bathroom, Gai wrapped herself up with a towel. Gai had her nose plugged and Kwang called out for Mr. Roy to turn off the lights so they can play a game. Kwang never goes with the same client twice. She receives the schedules early on and the calls early on to figure out who the regular clients are. Mr. Roy listened and Gai stepped out. She walked towards Mr. Roy and opened up her towel. She got on top of Mr. Roy and played with Mr. Roy by putting the towel near Mr. Roy’s head. After a minute or two, Mr. Roy fell silent. Gai quickly got off, Kwang found a new towel and came out of the bathroom. Gai rushed to shower to get the medicine off her body and Kwang place the old towel in a bag. Kwang then wrote out a note to Mr. Roy.

    “I had a good time last night. But, I have to head back early because if the owner catches me, I will be in big trouble. You know the routine.”

    -Curry Shop on street side-

    The two girls left the room with their cash in hand. Both walked to a nearby food stand and sat down and ordered curry and rice. They both laughed at what just happened.

    “Oh my gosh, that cracked me up,” said Gai, or Rita Bootasriviruth. “He was by far the easiest to get away with.” “Remember Mr. Krit? He wouldn’t turn off the lights and was about to crack into the bathroom instead. But luckily we opened the door and I had placed that facial cream on and pushed the towel in his face so he fainted in the bathroom. I even had to take a picture of me pretending to sleep with him and you write a note to him to get away with it.”

    “Yeah, he totally would’ve remembered walking to the bathroom last instead of being on the bed,” said Kwang. “At least your face wasn’t revealed.”

    “Yeah, at least I don’t have to sleep with these guys and still get paid for it,” said Gai.

    “You know, I can never be like you Gai. I can’t ever go naked in front of a guy for money,” said Kwang.

    They came to pick the girls up after they were done eating and went to drop them off at Gai’s place for several hours. The girls split the money up, with Gai getting more money because she went naked. Then They came back to get Kwang and they went back to the shop. Kwang got in safely and They went to park and go in through the front so no one suspects that he is helping Kwang.

    -Yodsaman’s Living Room @ the Mansion-

    “Mr. Pat, go and take care of the market. I can see that if Nick goes to the market, he will not be able to go through with it. He is weak. Just like his father.”

    Nick comes downstairs and tells his aunt that he is on his way to Mae Hong Son.

    -Mae Hong Son…Market-

    “Ahh, fire, get out!! Some people came and burned the place down and rushed off,” shouted the vendors.

    Nick got there just in time to see the alter that was placed for his father burn to the ground. He rushed to help the people put out the fire. After an hour, the fire had destroyed the whole market. All the people looked at the ashes that laid before them. Nick caught Assistant Rachapat Chattawanpranu panting and sweating.

    “Mr. Pat, what are you doing here?” asked Nick.

    “I came because your Aunt told me to get the job done. She thought you had lost your touch. I didn’t think you’d play this game,” said Pat. “I must call to tell your aunt what just happened.”

    Nick grabbed Pat’s phone and looked at Pat angrily. “Give me the phone. I will make the call!”

    “Hello, Mr. Pat. Did you do it? Did you pay them off now? They should be accepting the money. After all, it is the best we could do,” laughed Yatna.

    “Aunt Yatna. How could you?” asked Nick.

    “How could I do what, dearest nephew?” asked Yatna.

    “How can you burn the market to the ground?” asked Nick.

    “What? The market burned to the ground? Let me talk to Mr. Pat right now.” Shouted Yatna.

    “Aunt, don’t act too surprised. I know you did it. Thanks for making me merciless and reminding me of what I have to do to survive on this land,” said Nick. He handed the phone to Mr. Pat.

    Mr. Pat walked off and talked to Yatna on the phone. Nick couldn’t believe his aunt was this cruel. He usually got the job done in other places by persuasion, and a little bit of harassment. But, not to this extent. He wanted more and more to take over this company. He can’t let it go to Prince, or Priseth Yodsaman, his aunt’s son who went to study abroad and only helped at the company once. Prince had left since he started high school. They were close as children. But, after Nick’s parents died, Prince never came back for the funeral. Yatna told Nick that he had nobody now and he must be merciless to survive in the family. He has to prove that he can take over. Otherwise, she would’ve left him at the orphanage if he can’t show his mercilessness. Nick, for years after thought that is probably what Prince was taught as well. His aunt had taught Prince to show no empathy for Nick in order to survive in the family.

    The people thanked Nick for trying to help. Nick can see the mountain view in the background now. He went back to his car and thought about 8 years ago. He thought about his mom dropping him off in front of the plaza and to go to this address drawn on the folded paper. While he was in Lawyer Toon’s car, he had opened up the paper and remembered the drawing.


    Suddenly, he got an idea. He drove to the plaza site. While he passed by he saw an ice cream stall and went to park. He walked to the ice cream stall and got an ice cream. The man who sold it to him was still the same old man. Then he stood standing at where he had met a girl who had once caught his eye. He wondered how she is doing now and if her little brother is still making a fuss. He wished he had caught her name. But, he has no time for her now. He has Latsamee and he has his plans to get the company and sell it so that he doesn’t have to run a company that he dislikes. He then stared at where he was standing 8 years ago when Lawyer Toon stepped out of the car and told him his mom had been in an accident and his father murdered.

    After contemplating the events of that moment, he came back to reality when the ice cream dripped on his shoes and the vendor offered a tissue to wipe it off. He walked to his car and drove off to where his mother had intended him to go that day.

    -Empty Lot/Burnt House-

    He had to park and walk into the alley. When he got there, there was nothing there. The lot was empty. He wondered why his mother would send him to an empty lot. Nick walked in the gates and walked around the site.

    Then someone called out and said, “Hey, you! What are you doing there?”

    Nick responded, “Has this always been an empty lot?”

    The person answered, “No. This place burned down 8 years ago.”

    Nick asked, “What kind of building was it?”

    “It was a beautiful home. The biggest one in the whole town. I remember that day. I came to help put out the fire, but we couldn’t stop the fire. The family died in the fire. All four of them. We couldn’t even identify them because they were burnt to ashes,” said the person.


    Thanks. I hope this ff will keep you interested.

    Revengeful/Mystery perhaps? LOL.

    I will continue this story :p I just need to brainstorm faster and see where this is gonna take us.

    Hmmm...wonder what's gonna happen next. hehehe.

    The truth is that I actually didn't know I was leaving a cliffhanger LOL. I just knew that with this ff I wanted to end each chapter off with 3 pages in my word document. :p Awesome method right??

    Thanks for reading Saifah :) I hope to keep you entertained.
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    Glad that Nick know his aunt is bad. Can't wait for more. Its so good.
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    great end to that ch. getting good n interesting.
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    -Burnt House-

    The person then left Nick to wander the lot. All the ashes had been cleaned and the lot is bare. But, Nick really wondered why his mom wanted him to come to this house and it made him wonder why his parents were in such a hurry that day. He placed his hands in his pocket and started sliding his black leather shoes against the dirt. Back and forth. He walked to the middle of the lot and did the same thing. Then, his foot uncovered what looked like an old photograph. It sparked his curiosity. He leaned forward to pick it up.

    The coloring on the picture was starting to smear, but the face was visible. There was only one face that wasn’t distinct anymore and some of the body was burnt off. It was a family photo. A gentleman, a woman, a girl that was unrecognizable, then Nick saw the face of the little boy. That face he had thought he’d seen somewhere before. After a moment of pondering, he figured out that it was the little boy begging for ice cream that day. The girl who he had once had good feelings towards had burnt in the fire and died.

    -Yodsaman Mansion-

    “Assistant Pat, let’s go to the den to talk,” said Yatna.

    They followed each other into the den and Yatna sat confidently down at her chair. Assistant Pat seemed a little nervous.

    “Assistant Pat, our plan didn’t go according to plan, but everything worked out much better than I thought. Now, my ignorant nephew has no way to deny my orders. That place made him weak. We must make money. Money is all we need to be happy. You agree Assistant Pat?”

    Assistant Pat, with a little hesitation, “Yes. Ma’am.”

    “Now, all I have to do is give him the paperwork, the budget that I’m willing to spend to buy off those people. Then it will be ours and Nick should be getting the plans ready for new housing,” said Yatna

    -Yodsaman Empire: Office, the next day-

    Yatna said, “You know what to do. Go.”

    Nick said, “I know. That place held me down. Now we must make it work for your company.”

    Yatna said, “You mean, our company.” She smiled as Nick walked off. Nick had a smirk on his face as he walked.

    -Market…Mae Hong Son-

    The people were crowding Nick as he offered to pay them all for the loss that had concurred. Some were happy for the money. Then Nick told them that the company bought the market from the owner and it will not be a market again. The people were in shock as he made that statement.

    One man shouted, “So, you made us all happy about receiving what we loss and now you say that it will never be reopened? How will we make a living without the market?”

    A woman shouted, “You made us think you were here to help. Take your money back!”

    Nick responded, “You can form a new market elsewhere. We are building houses here. I will start plans tomorrow. Good luck.”

    Nick got in his car and drove off to head back to the nearest airport and get back so he can have questions ready to ask the contractor.

    -Phet’s Spa-

    Kwang woke up early and turned on the tv in her room. A reporter was interviewing Yatna about a market in Mae Hong Son. Kwang was shocked and rushed to get ready. Phet asked her where she was headed to. Kwang simply told her she needed to go to this company that the rich lady on the news is from. Yatna appeared on screen again. This time, Nick sat beside her and they start talking about plans to build new homes so that it can be rented out to attract more tourism to this city. Phet’s face grew pale. She asked Kwang why she wanted to see this lady.

    “I want to see her because I don’t want her to give those people back their land. How will they live without it?” exclaimed Kwang.

    “Do you know who that woman is? She’s horrid,” said Phet.

    “You know her Aunt Phet?” asked Kwang.

    Phet silenced for a bit and thoughts recollected in her head. She began to tear up and Kwang rushed over to comfort Phet.

    “She must’ve taken something away from you too,” said Kwang. “That’s why I need to stop her from taking away those people’s livelihood.”

    “Don’t go,” said Phet. “Since when did you become Mother Teresa? Do you know what you’re doing? Do you even know those market people?”

    Kwang hesitated and thought about whether she can actually help those people. She was a bit useless in her mind. She thought back about her past and how helpless she was. Phet helped her live. Phet was her hero. Phet is like a mother to her.

    Kwang walked towards the porridge shop to buy breakfast for Phet and the others who live at the shop. On her way back They spotted her walking and offered a ride back home. She refused the ride and kept walking. They called after her and signed if something was wrong. She didn’t want to tell him at first, but They walked with her and told her that she can tell him anything. Kwang told him that she saw news about this company taking over a market and she felt it wasn’t right to do that to those people.

    “But, Aunt Phet told me not to bother. She had tears in her eyes too,” said Kwang.

    They looked at Kwang and put his hand on her shoulder, “You’ve never followed the rules. Why follow it now?” he signed.

    Kwang looked up and said, “Uncle They, you’re right! Aunt Phet can’t stop me.”

    Kwang got in the car with They and they headed back to the shop. They brought Kwang in and Phet asked to talk to They privately. They went off into another room and talked. Kwang wondered what it was about, but she went into the kitchen to get things ready. Aon came out to help Kwang get breakfast ready. Aon asked Kwang how it went that other night with that rich old guy. Aon told Kwang that some of the ladies were hoping Kwang didn’t return.

    “Don’t worry about me Aon. I will return here as long as Aunt Phet wants me here,” said Kwang.

    By mid afternoon They came back to the shop and told Kwang to get ready to go out. Kwang wondered what it was all about. Kwang got ready quickly and they headed towards the center of the city. There they parked in front of Yodsaman Empire. They told Kwang to get out and do her thing. Kwang was shocked.

    “But Uncle They, I don’t know how I can stop them. I didn’t think about coming here today!” said Kwang.

    “You were very confident earlier. I have faith in you. Go and stop them.” signed They.

    -Yodsaman Empire-

    Kwang paused for a moment, but decided to go ahead and meet up with Yatna. The receptionist told her she could only meet Yatna with an appointment. She decided to cause a scene and the receptionist threatened to call security. Kwang wouldn’t stop, so the receptionist picked up the phone. Finally, Kwang stopped and asked for forgiveness and then asked where the public restroom is. Kwang walked towards the restroom and hid behind a screen. Somebody came into the building and told the receptionist that they were here to see Nick to talk about plans for construction of the new homes. Kwang knew she had to meet Nickorn Yodsaman, the person working on the blue prints. Maybe he can help stop this madness.

    Somebody came down to greet the man. They get in the elevator and Kwang rushes to catch it before the door closes. She steps in and she looks up at this face that looks familiar. Suddenly her knees weakened and she began to drop to the floor. Before she hit the ground, Nick grabbed hold of her and stopped her from fainting. She was lying in his arms and their eyes met. Nick’s heart began to beat faster. He felt like he had felt this way before, but can’t remember when. The contractor interrupted their moment and Nick guided Kwang to stand back up.

    “Oh, I’m so sorry for causing you both this trouble. This is the first time this has happened to me.” said Kwang.

    “No problem.” said the contractor.

    The elevator door opened and Kwang followed Nick and the contractor out.

    Nick noticed Kwang was still following them, so he stopped and turned around to look at her. “Did you need something else?”

    “Actually, yes. I would like to meet Mr. Nikorn Yodsaman. It is about the market,” answered Kwang.

    “I see. I am him. But do you have an appointment?” asked Nick.

    “Oh, I don’t,” answered Kwang

    “Well, then, I cannot meet with you. Are you from there? Did I not pay you enough the other day? Obviously I did for you to afford a trip all the way here,” remarked Nick.

    Kwang couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He paid those people off and is taking away their lifestyle.

    “You! Don’t you think of those people? How will they live once the money you paid them runs out?” yelled Kwang

    “I don’t care.” said Nick. Then he tells his secretary to call someone to escort Kwang out of the building.

    Thanks. I can't wait to write more :D

    Oh, it'll get more interesting. Self appraising myself :p hehehe.
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    it's hard to vote. i'll wait for the next update to c who i'll put my vote for.
    thanks for the great update. Nick is such a pain on Kwang lol
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    thanks for the great update, Nick is soo mean!
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    I re-read this story again omg I just love it every minute of the story. It sound like Nick aunt is mean but I hope she just doing that to make Nick strong and tough for later what going to happened. I so hope Nick doesn't sell his company when he the boss like what his girlfriend said. I all ready not liking Latsamee. I have a feeling it going to be bad if he sell the company. Kwang past is so mystery. I want to know more about her pass did her family real die in that fire and what happened to her brother? And how she relate to Nick? I think Kwang and Nick parents were friends...
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    -Phet’s Spa-

    Kwang closed the door behind her and she entered her bedroom. That guy wasn’t any better than his aunt. He just called security to take her out and she had felt that he was a good guy in the elevator. But, she was mistaken; he was the guy that appeared cold on tv. He was cruel and selfish and she let his looks get to her. Kwang didn’t want to give up hope on saving the market.

    -Outside Yodsaman Empire-

    The next day Kwang took Gai and several friends from school to protest the company. She was determined to put a stop to things. By midday the news broadcaster came by as the scene was causing more popularity. The reporter asked Kwang why she was protesting the new housing, she told them that it wasn’t right for the company to take the market that people rely on because that is their only source of income. Kwang told the reporters that she will keep protesting until the plans are stopped and the market rebuilt for the vendors.

    “Everyone may think Mae Hong Son is filled with mountain people and small villages, but that market has brought tourism to the city. It is not as small as people think. If the market is taken away, the people will have nowhere else to sell since most of the land had already been claimed by other tourism companies, they don’t want street vendors selling on their property without contracts,” said Kwang.

    Suddenly, “The people can go build a market elsewhere. The city is large enough to find a new location, let them sign the contracts. You can suffer out here for days, but our company will not change our mind. We are set on building homes to attract fortunate people to that area. Isn’t that good for the city?” declared Nick.

    Kwang looked over as Nick approached her. They both glare into each other’s eyes and Kwang began to say something, but…”Kwang! What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at school today. Not out here protesting nonsense. I told you not to come here!” exclaimed Phet.

    They had brought her here. Kwang looked at They and he only motioned a “I am sorry” with his mouth. Kwang knew Phet would eventually find out and get upset. She told Phet that she had her reasons to defend that place and she’d appreciate Phet’s support. Phet told Kwang that she would fully support the cause, but she cannot let Kwang be near Yatna and this company.

    The cameras all began to look towards the front door as Yatna stepped out. Reporters began to ask Yatna questions and Phet was about to pull Kwang’s arm to go home, but Yatna suddenly caught a glimpse of Phet. She excused herself from the reporters and shouted, “Hey! You. Stop!”

    Phet froze in place and slowly turned to face Yatna. Yatna slowly began to smile and walked down to the two. She went up to Phet and told Phet to go inside with her and they can discuss the matter. At first Phet didn’t want to, but Kwang urged Phet to do so because she wanted to talk to Yatna about stopping the market.

    Phet couldn’t avoid that glare that Yatna gave and agreed to meet. They walked upstairs as Nick stared at the three walk pass him. Kwang turned slightly to look down at Nick and gave an eye smile and ‘in your face’ look. Nick had seen that somewhere before, but didn’t know where. He came back to his senses and walked back into the building to go to his office.

    -Yodsaman’s Empire: Yatna’s Office-

    Yatna began to speak as they all sat in individual comfortable chairs surrounding a coffee table full of delicious refreshments. “I see your daughter is doing well. She has grown up well and I must say she seems to look a lot like her father.”

    Phet began to deny/mumble the mother-daughter relationship, but Kwang jumped in, “You know my father?”

    Yatna began to tell Kwang that she had a hint. Then asked why Kwang was causing all the fuss outside. Kwang proceeded to tell her story about how she really didn’t want to see the people lose their only source of income. After hearing what Kwang had to say, Yatna asked to speak to Phet alone. Kwang left the building and Gai left with her to go back home. They called it quits with the protest after Yatna did not give a definite answer, Kwang was still satisfied she got to speak her mind to the president of the company.

    “Ahem. I see you still look the same. Always beautiful,” said Yatna.

    “I didn’t want to come here today. But she is always getting into trouble,” said Phet.

    Yatna said, “What happened 23 years ago…I am truly sorry about. I shouldn’t have let you suffer all by yourself. But you know how selfish I am. I at least admit to my selfishness. But you were worst than I am to you now.” She shifted to sit next to Phet.

    “I didn’t know that he was using me. He told me he wasn’t with you. He used me to get to you and made me look out to be bad. If I had known he was yours, I wouldn’t have messed with him. You know that. But, you still paid me off to leave him alone. You knew I was pregnant with his child. You knew everything, yet you kept him from taking responsibility because you wanted him by your side. Why did we let a man get in our way?” asked Phet.

    “I know. I let him get in the way of our friendship, but I couldn’t accept the fact that you were carrying his child and I wasn’t. After my husband kicked me out because I loved another man, I came back to Thailand for him. He got you pregnant and I thought he was infertile for the longest time. Now, we have forgiven each other for swaying away, and is in love again,” said Yatna.

    “Well I am happy for you two,” said Phet, looking away fighting tears.

    “Let me make it up to you. Let my son marry your daughter,” said Yatna

    Phet’s eyes widened and asked why she should accept the offer if there will be awkwardness around all the people involved in Yatna’s life. Yatna persistently told Phet that she wanted to care for the daughter of the man she loves with all her heart. But, she can’t stop her selfishness. She’d like Phet’s daughter to live in their home starting this week as her son will be arriving home in two days.

    “What is your daughter’s name anyways?” asked Yatna.

    Phet hesitated, but eventually answered, “It’s Kwang.”

    “That’s her real name?” asked Yatna.

    “No, her real name is Apai.”

    “Wow. Beautiful name. Does that mean you forgive me for dumping you like that? Before you agree, I just want to let you know that I don’t intend to tell him that Kwang is his daughter. I don’t want their relationship to rekindle and then he changes his mind about me. I don’t want to hurt her either,” said Yatna.

    Phet then said, “Okay. I will agree to this marriage. Not because I’m a selfish mother, but because I want the best for her. She needs to finish school. She’ll be better off with you than with me.”

    Yatna replied, “As long as she moves in to my place and agrees to an engagement, I will wait until she finishes school for my son to marry her if both the children agree on waiting.”

    “I do not know why you believe that having your son marry Kwang will bring you peace of mind. How do you know the children will even love each other? If it were not for her well being, I would not agree to this nonsense,” said Phet.

    “But, you have,” smirked Yatna. “And, because of this agreement, I believe I will…be at peace. I at least know that I am taking care of my lover’s daughter.”

    Phet knew that Yatna thought Kwang was her daughter. But, decided to let Yatna think whatever she wanted because Phet knew she could not fully support Kwang in achieving her dreams. Plus, Kwang would have higher social status and not known as a masseuse’s daughter or even the wrongly accused ‘whore’s daughter’. She just needs to think of a way to get Kwang to agree.

    -Phet’s Spa: Office-

    “They, I’ve decided to let her marry into Yatna’s family.” Said Phet.

    “Why? “ motioned They.

    “Because, she’ll be better off in that house.” Said Phet.

    “But, isn’t it that she made you into this? She can change her mind and go against Kwang. She doesn’t care about anything except money and him.” Signed They.

    Phet told They that she has a feeling that Yatna does have somewhat a sweet spot. She has a sense of being a mother. That is why she even suggested the two kids get together, so that she can feel like she is making it up to herself for being ruthless in the past. She knows what it is like to suffer without a father for a baby. Yatna was thrown out by her husband 23 years earlier after he cheated on her and realized she loved another man.

    -Phet’s Spa: Kwang’s Bedroom-

    Kwang was shocked to hear what Phet had just told her. She was to marry Yatna’s son that is coming back from America.

    “How can I? Is he going to be rude just like his cousin? Just like his mother? You yourself said that she is evil and to stay away from her. And here you are telling me to marry her son?” protested Kwang.

    Phet told Kwang that Kwang needed to go through with the marriage for her own good. She’d be better off with that family than here at the spa. This spa has a bad reputation for being a whore house.

    “How do you know this is known as a whore house?” asked Kwang.

    I just listed all the characters that have appeared so far. Some are good, some are bad, some are mixed, some are pure evil. lol. Maybe I will keep it up for another week along with a new poll on Sunday.

    Yes, he is. He has a lot going on in his life.

    thanks Dancy. We'll see what happens. I wrote to chapter 9 so far and many things are revealed by then. We'll see if you're correct. :p

    *I may start updating more freq than twice a week if I get past a certain amount of chapters. Right now I wrote to ch9, but then I might not be writing more until last min...so I don't want to risk posting a lot now and then having everyone wait for the next chapters, since I tend to get lazy easily when I write my stories.
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    Yatna is really strange. i feel she got some kind of evilness hide under that pure skin :ph34r:
    i love Kwang's reaction to the marriage lol
    thanks for this wonderful update... :D

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