What stream site is better


sarNie Egg
i want to register for stream site to see thai lakorns.

i want to know what stream site is better (more lakorns, and can copy..)

now i know 4 site but if you know more please tell me.





please help


well thaitv.tv has alot to choose from, i'm currently using thaitv.tv right now, it's decent for the money, all the shows and lakorns that's playing. sometimes it buffers but that happens with the other one i've tried previously.

i used to use doozija until i couldn't pay them regularly like before because of their paying system. but i think that doozija doesn't offer as much variety as thaitv.tv which also offers chinese, korean, and movies.

hope that helps, as for the others i've never tried so i can't really help u out there


sarNie Hatchling
Well ok i tried Thaitv.tv it is ok variety of choices but if u get in at the wrong time i mean when everybody around the world watching at the same time with u u will get all the time buffering which is annoying. Obizgo i like it and a little cheaper than thaitv.tv No need to pay 3 months in advance unlike thaitv.tv But the choices is much better a little less than thaitv.tv and the only thing i dont like is we cannot fast forward the show which sometimes i would like to fast forward .......some scences i dont like to watch etc.....

Well for bbtvthai i have no idea either so well anybody who using it can u guys just give the comments??? I would like to try this site too it seems new so i would like to have the feed back before using it please give me some comments on this site thanks guys... :) :)


sarNie Juvenile
BBTV, before it's free but now we have to pay lol. i think bbtv is good, cuz it buffers very quick, and it plays anytime you click it, lol... it has news (everyday news like ch3 news that airs in thailand), lakorns, sports, asian movies, shows (daokrajai, etc), and etc. the quality is quite good, i think quality is better than obizgo. it's 7 dollars a month, cheaper than thaitv. only sometimes the lakorn is not update (sometimes 2 days late), but that just sometimes. the lakorn is not update as quick as thaitv.

i think thaitv is the best, but bbtv is good too.

i don't recommend doozija cuz there's not much and very unorganized in there... bbtv is good for ones who want it cheap.