What song are you listening to right now?


sarNie Adult
still here-natasha bedingfield

does anyone still believe in love and the color of rainbows after the rain and the long night that steals your tears and leaves you with pain... letting go of you is not an option when emptiness is all that's left with these memories fading if i let you go, so i'm holding on tight so the loneliness does not crush my heart!!!


sarNie Adult
Flower (young pen dokmai khong ter rue plao) Fay Farng & Kaew

somedays the night wakes me to find the color of cute in the music tugging at feelings buried inside of me in a moment thats a reel on the edge of time until i let people make me believe in things that are real... alone in the night without voices to remind me "i can't" i find time to love you in these moments when i'm a child alone across the world missing you... the distance is great and the ages are more then we can bare but i find time in this moment to love you with the color of music defining my heart beat for you...


sarNie Adult
out from under-joanna

so random:
...is this the beginning of the end believing i was hiding under your pain waiting to be discovered until i saw you and i can't be the same... i don't want to believe any more because i felt your tears and thought they were my own and now i see we aren't feeling the same anymore the rain starts to fall i'm out from under your shadow without a friend anymore to share the pain like being the same that we were before...


Mama Noy ♥️
snoop dogg - life of the party

give me one second,
i'll pose for ya picture
like cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese
& everybody just freeze freeze freeze B)


sarNie Hatchling
Like ME by Girlicious

Frozen by Tami Chynn

Summertime by New Kids on the Block

I love the bridge..

Summer ended,
Winter started,
It got colder,
When we parted ways,

As the seasons change.

Winter melted,
Spring I felt it,
Summertime will never be the same,
(Without you. My summertime.)
My summertime............... :drool:


Professional Lakorn Watcher
It's too laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to apologize.. it's tooo lateeeeeeeeeeee.

This has been playing on my screen, from the JLR fanMVs.


sarNie Adult
*tear* selena-where did the feeling go?

when love first captivates us and we act like children in the beginning why does one of us have to grow up??? why do we have to grow old??? can't we last forever young in our hearts and in love???

--->*sighs...i'm so immature when i fall in love*<---lol


sarNie Adult
dai yin mhai - Da Endorphine

me and you*dreams*!!! would it not be wonderful if we could stand like this forever in white and innocence,,, like a first winters' snow that blankets our world and covers everything ugly that waits for us tomorrow when the love fades...