what is consider the saddest lakorn ever

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sarNie Adult
The ones that made me cry the most were Bang Rajan and Koo Kum. Eyes were pretty swollen the next day. Had to change my shirt when I was watching Koo Kum because it was too drowned in tears and for Bang Rajan, I used lots of tissue and had to search around each tissue to reuse it since it was too wet and I ran out of tissue lmfaooo.


sarNie Hatchling
Ruk Tur Took Wun with Aom Piyada and Ken. First lakorn I ever cried too.
Koo Kum with Noona and Bie because the story of Koobori and Angsumalin will never have a happy ending.

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sarNie Coma
Yatika. The first couple Dodo and Tik, Tik dies and leaves him with two kids and his grandmother forces him to remarry, causing him to never see his two kids again because his new wife is evil. Then the second couple, Kwang is too hard headed to realize she loves her husband and is sooooo mean to him and only realizes it when he is dying and she is pregnant with his child.


sarNie Hatchling
For the moment for me it's Jai Rao & Qi Pao (even if i after i cry a lot when i see my favorites actors and actress cry...)