what is consider the saddest lakorn ever


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OMG I totally forgot Joy shaved her head. She was just crazy! Her acting in there was superb, it brought tears to my eyes when she cried. :lmao:

OOohhh another sad lakorn

Keb Pan Din with Aom P/ Captain: ahhhh the ending was such a tearjerker! Such a sad ending. Captain chose his land over Aom P :lmao:
yeah girl she hella shaved her head. i remember thinking wow did she really do it?

that one with aom p and captin reminds me of leurd kattiya. the lakorn was just ok to me but the scnese towards the end when she snuck in to see him for the last time damn yall i cried buckets...

another lakorn that made me cry buckets was barn sai thong hahaha. but it was just the scenes where the liitle brother dies though. other than that the lakorn wasnt that sad. i just remember Joy R crying a lot and the moms nose was always flaring hahaha.


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- kaew leum korn w/Aom & Captain..
i cried throughout the whooole entire lakorn & had puffy eyes for days! saddest lakorn ever!

- koo kum w/Benz & Num
death scene was sooooo sad ;(

- meur dok ruk baan w/Aff, Chai, Ploy, Mart, Noon, & Tye
again, death scene was sad.. probably the saddest i've seen! lol

- krung thep ratree w/Janie, Rome, Joy, etc.
- Mae Eye Sa eurn ; Noon and Vee
- Reun Ruk Reun Tad w/ Chakrit & Joy
- Ruk Ter Took Wan w/Aom & Ken
- Kamin Gub Boon w/Jobb & Joy
- Rachinee Morlum w/Joy & Paul
- Bla Boo Thong!
- Rachinee Morlum
- Dao Pra Sook

Dang i listed a lot.. but those are lots of tears i've cried LOL. & I don't think Jai Rao is sad .. it had too much of that mushy mushy stuff. lol.


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Mae Eye Sa eurn
Koo Kum
that one lakorn wit noon and kade..where she's a ghost...cried when she was getting abuse


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i seldom watch sad drama...
but jairao is the sad lakorn for me!!!
i cry a lot esp when after ken just knew that aff was sick!!!


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Is this the lakorn with Joy, Job(?), and Vicky? And Nangek's 'friend' is called Sa in the lakorn?

Edit: NVM, i just saw Noy's comment. ^____^
Yea I believe the Joy/Job was the 3rd or 4th version. That lakorn had been remade a bunch of times. The version I saw was from the early 80's with Nirute, I don't know the n'eks name but she was Ann's mom in Sawan Bieng. I remember the grandfather was soooo MEAN and SCARY..the nek's story was so sad..she had tried to kill herself twice..first she hung herself and then the second she slit her wrist and the whole time the p'ek was off enjoying his life with HER FRIEND in America..I think she was his niece too or something like that. Bird Tongchai was also in it.


awh. i pretty much cry for every lakonr but man NANG TARD 08 was sad to the extreme. thats the most i've cried


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koo gum with num and benz..that one made me cry like heck!i was sick too..lol, megas stuffy nose..JR never really made me cry and shed tears as much..it made my eye teary.

Mine is Koo Gum with Num & Benz too. I watched this lakorn like three times now and I cried all those three times. Num acted so well and he's just so talented. Love him :)


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Luerd Kattiya was the one I cried the most. I cried for Kaew Lum Korn too, when the sis thought Kaew died and she was crying like crazy. Also cried buckets when Wonsai died in Mueng Dala (this is the sad version).


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Niran song Pope with Pip rawich and Tak bongkoch. The Ending Was the Saddest thing ever! ever! ever! Tak was so good in this movie. I don't know what happened to her.
oh man, everyone's got some really good ones, but for some reason nira song pope was a huge tear jerker for me too. i wouldn't say that it was the saddest lakorn out there but it was the one that made me feel the saddest. and yeah, the end just made me want to rip out my own hair. lol


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i didnt think jai rao was really sad..i mean like its suppose to be..but it didnt work on me.hehe..i cant really remember any right now but i gotta say oum ruk!..i cant remember which part made me cry..but i think it was when ken's sis in law had a miscarrige or something..and i was like hecka crying..like alot of tears were coming down and yeah..it made me cry!.hehe


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Here are my saddest lakorns :
- Mae ai sa eun : Noon has a very pitiful life in this one. The last scene is just so sad !
- Nang thart : damn ! haha ! I cried my eyes out in every episode ! I felt so sorry for Kob.


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Luerd Kattiya was the one I cried the most. I cried for Kaew Lum Korn too, when the sis thought Kaew died and she was crying like crazy. Also cried buckets when Wonsai died in Mueng Dala (this is the sad version).

did you know that the Thai version changed the ending so that Aom die? But in the Cambodian dubbed she's didn't die, they kept the original. They pretend that she die so that no one would come after her. I was so angry that they killed Aom in the Thai version.


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basically, it's num and kob's lakorn. num is this rich thai guy, and kob is this burmese girl. num and kob fall in love when num comes to kob's village. unfortunately, num has to go back, but he's so in love with kob that he takes kob with him back home. he dresses her up as a guy and claim that kob is his friend. kob and num live together at num's home in secret. they promise each other to love each other and will never be with ne one else as long as they are alive. but then kob's identity is revealed and she has to go back. num has no choice but to let her go because his parents disapprove becuz she's burmese and theyre thai.

in the end kob becomes a monk and keeps her promise, but num ends up marrying a girl that his parents make him marry. kob is kinda heartbroken, but she goes to num's home after his wedding to return his gift to her when they were together. however, num doesn't have the courage to meet kob because he couldnt keep his promise. so kob leaves the num's gift with the slaves, and she leaves back to the temple.

If I remember correctly, Num's character died at a very young age.. maybe 30s from drinking I think. Sad but love both NUM AND KOB in it.


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Come to think of it, I have not seen a lakorn that has really made me cry, but there are a few that were very sad!

Kaew Leum Korn (Captain & Aom) - It was so sad when Aom and her twin were taking their mom and running away from the bad people. Then, their mom got shot and died, but Aom and her twin had to leave their mom in the burning building or else they were going to die.
Koo Kum (Num & Benz) - If I really cried for a akorn, it would have to be this lakorn. Of course, the ending of this lakorn was what made me cry!
Nang Tard (Vee & Kob) - Everyone in this lakorn acted so well, especially Kob and Pok! When they cried, their tears came so naturally, and it looked so real that it made me want to cry with them. I felt that this was such a sad lakorn not only because of Kob's suffering, but because of Pok's suffering as well. I always thought it was sad when she slept by herself and cried because Vee was out sleeping with another woman. I just imagined myself in her situation, and I do not think that I could be as kind and strong as she is. Kob was just so amazing in this lakorn. I wanted to cry so many times with her during the lakorn, especially when they took her baby away, and the first time that she actually got to hold her baby : ( ! All in all, it was just a sad lakorn!
Rachinee Morlum (Paul & Joy) - I think the saddest part about this lakorn was the family situation. Between Joy's parents, it was very sad. Even though her mom had done wrong by leaving them, she still cared and loved her family so much. It was always sad when her mom went to go see her blind husband and her daughter in the streets, but she could never talk to them because then the husband would recognize her voice. Then the relationship between Joy and her dad was really sad, too. This was such a great lakorn!


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hmmm sad lakorn.. iono.. just any lakorn that makes me cry is sad..

but from my memories.. i think koo gum(any version).. is saddest.. T_T.. my fav koo gum couple is jintara n varutum..(lol.. iono how to spell his name..)

hmm.. i also consider mamia sad too.. i was a little kid when watching that but.. lol.. like kashie stated.. i also remember that lakorn so well too ..

well these are the only ones i can think n remember of..