what is consider the saddest lakorn ever


I consider any lakorn that had made me cry the saddest ever. I don't shed tears unless it is very sad. =D


koogum. :lmao: i know there are a lot i consider sad, but i just can't remember them right now. :huh:


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koo gum but the first with bird and kwang.
pood pissawas with noon w


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koogum. :lmao: i know there are a lot i consider sad, but i just can't remember them right now. :huh:
OMG, how could i forget this one ..
i love this lakorn as well --- never get sick and tired of all old and new version even if the script are still the same LOL


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Neung Ruthai starred by Ann Alicia and Oil Thana..that movie is a tear jerker..even though I only watch episode 13 to the end..so sad...luv Ann Alicia in here...it's on youtube if anyone of you want to watch it...


KooKum 2 was also sad too. The one with Dan and Donut made me cry more than the one with Pol and Joy. Benz was great in KK2 too. Her character made me cry the most, how can you still live on, it was just so painful to watch.

Neung Ruthai made me cry when no one was by her side except for Oil. She deserved it but it wasn't her fault that she became mean. It was all too sad.

Luerd Kattiya wasn't all that sad, it was more heart-wrenching than sad.


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Nueng Ratai is definitely a tear jerker dude. I just rewatched it and gosh i watched the last episode today and TT.TT im balling in front of the tv lol


koo gum with num and benz..that one made me cry like heck!i was sick too..lol, megas stuffy nose..JR never really made me cry and shed tears as much..it made my eye teary.


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Kamin Kub Boon is also super sad. I've only seen the original Nirute version which was a looooong time ago so I'm not sure if they've changed the story for other versions. But from what I remember the N'ek becomes crazy and the p'ek goes off and enjoys his life with the n'ek's friend..


Mae Aii Sa Eun with Noon&Vee-I cried in every single episodes. It was just too sad.
Koo Gum with Bird&Kwang-I haven't seen Num&Benz version yet
Jai Rao-I cried with that especially when Ken cries! He's the best crying actor ever!

Pretty much any lakorns that has a very sad scenes in them would put tears in my eyes. I get so sensitive while watching lakorns that have sad scenes.​