what do you think of people that lie???

...it one of your friends and you all know them and in time they will reveal themselves not on purpose but because all does not add up:(
:angry: now i start to be really curious about that... :arrg: ...but :spin: couldn't u give a hint about who is it? :spin:
:rolleyes: woah i just take time to read all the post and it make me think that what some of u say is right...... ^_^ ppl usually lie online because they need to keep their life private......that's why no matter why...this is not really important..
each one have his reason!!!..... ^_^ chacun a droit à son jardin secret! ^_^
i think i can forgive to someone i meet online who lie to me...because at the end it's just an illusion.... :rolleyes:


sarNie Adult
my offline mesage to my friend hurt by all this:::

ijohn: ???' let me say this don't hate them for what they have done!!!
ijohn: we all make mistakes and when we judge someone for their mistakes we accept the hate as part of us… we need to understand them and see the good for all the bad that they do as a friend to ????? and ???? i still see some good and in time this is what they need from people a chance...
ijohn: you see something happen to this person to make them the person they are and we can't let our feelings perpetuate what makes them behave they way they do... we need to understand them and realize we have choices to make and hate only confirms to them what they have done is justifiable no matter how wrong it is…
ijohn: yes my trust is gone for the moment but people need a chance to change and i won't cast the first stone because i know i'm not perfect...for all the wrong i do and have done i still want a chance too and so does this person...when we find we are alone and all those we blame for our wrongs… we all need to learn from this and know when we cast stones at people enough times we change them and more importantly we change ourselves to be like them in the end...
ijohn: ..so pity them but don't hate them learn and give them room to change even when you don't talk to them any more...we all were put here on this earth with good intentions its people that change us for good or bad...don't change yourself with hate just understand maybe you were to late to help them and in all the hurt brought to you,,, maybe they feel the same way and this is all they know,,, so be you and continue to move forward with lessons learned and love in your heart but a little less trust for the moment...but look into the mirror and love the one you see and share that with your friends you have with compassion and pity for the mistakes they make… don't hate them for someone has done that since they ware given to the world to share the same air you breath because we're all human
ijohn: and we all make mistakes...
ijohn: just be careful dear,,, god speed to finding the truth inside yourself to pity them and have compassion were someone else has failed to raise their child with more understanding... :wub:

PS forgive my grammer i'm tired 4 hours sleep is not enough---lol


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I swear...I think the whole world's gone crazy but me...

Look peeps...whoever this person is...if they lied about themselves, obviously they have problems. The point here though is that it's not our POSITION TO DEAL WITH IT. Some people are acting like we should condone it...or that the person who lied is the victim.

That's bullshit. I don't care how messed up that person is...they're not your family. Yeah, maybe they need help, but you're not in the position to give it. What you can do, is just be safe. If you see a criminal (and I know the analogy might seem harsh, but hear me out), you DO NOT reach out to them. Sure, maybe they have problems and with the right counseling, they can get better. But dammit, your only purpose should be to protect yourself and let others who are in the position to help this person do the helping.

Damn. Seriously, if you know who the person is and you know they're lying, stop chatting with them. Even if they have some "good" in them or whatever, it's none of your business anymore.

And just to clarify, I'm talking about people who make up a completely new identity online. I'm not talking about people who lie a little here or there about their age or where they live...cause a lot of us do that to protect ourselves from perps out there.

I hope I made sense, cause I'm pretty pissed about that part.


sarNie Adult
...so let me get this straight maybe i should not have posted this thread in the first place and all would be cool because you all aren't my family---lol--- and if someone is robbing the house across the street i should just lock my door and forget about it because they are not a concern to me---lol--- and lies are ok if they are little ones---lol---i wish i had that luxiery in my life every day---lol


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... i'm asking the mods to delete this thread and my account here at sarn world because i hurt someone with this thread and i have to take my leave for that!!!


o gosh this is a little annoying. but i guess your opinions are yours, and if you choose to leave no one can stop you.

but what mike said, human nature, you can see someone drowning and just sit there, you can't see a person's house being burned down and not call the cops. there's an extent to everything, but the whole thing about you being able to continue on the relationship with whoever that lied is up to you. everyone is entitled to their own thinking whether or not they are selfish or naive.

and the whole point about lying. tho someone lies, if they mean that much to you, you will be able to forget it. you wouldn't have doubt because even if you get billions of advices, you will go back and continue that relationship. the only reason why you would question whether u should or shouldn't go on with the relationship is because u sorta care but not too much, but since you consider them "friends" you have a small attachment and feel bad to let it go because of who they once portrayed. but then again, if you don't care of the person, you can do what mike said, just stop chatting with them or contacting them in whichever form you use.

i guess running away does help in the end?