What are your pet peeves?

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  1. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    What pisses you off? What makes you angry, irritated? What are your dislikes? Would like to know from you guys.

    Here are some of my pet peeves
    • People who don't observe manners in real life and social media
    • Bashers, haters, keyboard warriors, people who spread rumors especially online
    • People who don't follow instructions
    • Possessive people and even fans
    • Boyfriends who restrict their girlfriends on what they should wear
    • People who expect others to be perfect
    • People who are close-minded and judgmental
    • People who don't respect others
    • People who abuse freedom of speech
    • Racists
    • People who hurt others especially their own family
    • Backstabbers
    • People who are rude
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  2. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    I like your pet peeves! Here are mine:

    1. People who cut in line
    2. People who like to take advantage of others
    3. People who don't appreciate what others had done for them
    4. People who are SO selfish & SO greedy
    5. People who like to show off
    6. People who like to belittle others
    7. People who are arrogant, think they are this & that
    8. Bad parents
    9. People who talk bad about others behind their back
    10. People who talk bad about others in a language that others don't understand
    11. Bad friends
    12. Unreasonable older people
    13. Bad kids
    14. People who like to talk so others could listen but when others talk they don't care to listen
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  3. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    It really bothers me when:
    - someone erases the chalkboard or whiteboard and misses a speck (I guess this is more OCD)
    - there are app notifications like I don't need that 1 or 2 or whatever number it is that's there
    - people don't know the different between address (add-dress) and address (uh-dress)...like one is obviously a residency and one is when someone is speaking directly to you
    - people who don't know the difference between "macaron" and "macaroon". Macaron and macaroon are both French-originated desserts but macaRON is the pretty colorful sandwich looking cookies and macaROONs are the coconutty roasted chewy a tad bit bigger than bite-sized cookies
    - people who drive slow and don't signal
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  4. GueSs

    GueSs TyziR

    Two tone vehicles.
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  5. p. Zoua

    p. Zoua sarNie Oldmaid

    I mean I know I'm not a perfectionist myself but these are the things that really bothers the H-E-double hockey sticks outta me lol
    1. People who takes or use my things without permission
    2. People who snaps at every little thing
    3. people who don't know how to clean up after their selves
    4. Irresponsible people
    5. Ignorant and cocky people who thinks they're always RIGHT
    6. Lairs
    7. Bossy people
    8. Racist people (uh, yea? don't we all bleed red?)
    9. slow drivers that speeds from 30 mph to 75 all of a sudden when you try to pass them
    10. Unfaithful spouses
    11. Rude and horrible gossipers
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  6. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    I agree with your list. :) Don't like people who are too close-minded, always judging others. We are all different and unique. And especially with the freedom of speech here in the USA. Sure, it's a good thing, but when people abuse the right, it's not so good anymore. :( Rude&sassy people, can't stand them. :(

    Agree so much with all. For #10, since I'm Hmong and not a lot of people speaks it, some Hmong teens/kids take that as an advantage and badmouth others. When others ask to teach them Hmong, they only teach the bad words in Hmong. I think that is belittle and insulting to my language and dislike it. I want people who doesn't speak my language to know that it's actually good to learn. I don't want them to look down on my language. So it's just the one that don't understand that gets angry, I also get angry.
    #9 also, I feel bad for those kids. With bad influence, they are more challenged into becoming a better person.
    #2, Yes totally. I hate it when people takes advantage of my kindness, taking it for weakness.
    #14, yeah, especially when I was there for them but when I have problem, they're too busy to listen to me. But I always listen to them rant on and on about their problems.
    #7, agreed. Got so angry with my friend that thinks he's king of the whole world, so I just stop talking to him. LOL I've never wanted to punch anyone as much as I wanted to punch him that time. But I thought better and just become silent, ignoring him, getting him even angrier, but I didn't care anymore.

    But I'll add more...

    1. People who judge others negatively without getting to know them first and only rely on what others told them about that person ( happens to me even though I'm pretty positive.)
    2. People who are unorganise.
    3. People who takes forever, thinking the world is stopping for them. (I do not like being late, but if people know they should be there and are slower, they should prepare earlier. Or at least don't let it affect others. I'm a pretty busy person.) (LOL I'm a pretty fast paced person, being a runner. I getting things done fast, sometimes can be a workaholic,
    4. People who hold grudges for a long time. ( I do get angry and hold grudges but it doesn't last. It's something I'm not good at. My friends gets angry at me for days but I always forget after an hour or so. I don't like holding grudges, doesn't make me feel good. )
    5. People who makes you feel so special yesterday but acts like they don't know you the next day.
    6. People who acts like they're all perfect but is not because no one is.
    7. People that are too sassy and thinks the world only revolves around them and not taking others feelings in consideration.
    8.People who gives up too easily and doesn't try.
    9.People who doesn't work hard for it but expects it to come to them.
    10.Lazy people, just not physically but mentally also. They don't challenge them self and take the shots.
    11. Cheaters. (Yes, I will report you, even if you're my best friend. LOL I told her I'll get her in trouble if she does so and she got mad at me.

    LOL I know that we're all human and cannot be perfect but these are just some of my personal preferences. Of course not everyone around is perfect like I say, including myself.
    Sorry for such a long list. :(
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  7. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    Totally agree with #1. I had summer school this summer and had to share a room with a roommate. I was a bit worried she might touch my things, but she didn't which is good because I don't like taking others without their permission also.
    #10, yes adultery bothers me a lot. Especially when the other spouse love the one that cheats so much.

    LOL I just have to add.
    12. Although I am Mormon and we had a history of polygamy, that still bothers me. I don't think that I can ever stand sharing a husband with someone else, it's just not me. A husband is different from candy.
    13. People who breaks promises (especially if there's no (good) reason, this is why I don't make promises I can't keep.)
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  8. Cupid Candy

    Cupid Candy sarNie Coma

    1. People who butt into by business
    2. People who assume things about me without any credibility
    3. People who tell me waaay too much personal info
    4. Condescending people who think they are entitled to tell me what to do
    5. Rude people in general
    6. People who honk and get mad at me for driving the speed limit
    7. People who have no filter
    8. People who are fake
    9. Pushovers
    10. People who don't follow rules and laws
    11. Scammers (emails, phone, etc)
    12. People who treat me like a child (or like their child)
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  9. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    Continue with more pet peeves everyone lol, I enjoy reading through them lol. I have some more lol.

    15. Drivers who intentionally change lane very close in front of you without signaling their light, very annoying :fighting3:
    16. Teachers who make mistakes on quizzes & tests but when their students point out their mistakes they still think they are right no matter what :fighting3: lol, teachers were once students too :fighting3:
    17. Good looking people but with bad attitudes lol
    18. People with very less humility, humbleness; people with a little fame then they quickly change to someone less nice lol
    19. People who like to find excuses when they are proven guilty/wrong lol
    20. People who preach their religion on others when others do not want to listen lol

    To be continued ... :)
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  10. p. Zoua

    p. Zoua sarNie Oldmaid

    two faced people. lol
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  11. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    14. People who talks sexually with me. I like to keep it appropriate, especially in public.
    15. People who smokes and drinks in front of small children.
    16. People who points out I'm short when it's obvious that I know and that I can't control my genes to make me taller. Gosh, I have short parents, okay.
  12. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    I'll add more to my list as well, good to see your lists.
    • People who create and participate in fan wars
    • Real-life and cyber bullying and people who are part of it
    • People who practice crab mentality (putting others down)
    • Fans who are delusional into thinking they can date their idols or dictate them on who they should date
    • Fans who always think their idols are better like hey everyone has a talent at a different level -_-
    • Hate pages, hate/dummy/poser accounts on social media yet these websites are not even doing something about it!
    • Pornography
    • Satire/Hoax news sites
    • People accusing others of "bandwagoning" as if they are the only one who has the right to enjoy their fandoms
    • People who don't think about their future
    • Animal and human cruelty
    • People who always find faults of others
    • People who comment something not related to the topic, copy-pasted comments, chain messages, commenting "who cares"
    • Unprofessional people
    • Companies who set unrealistic/too high/discriminating standards like how many superpowers do we need in order to get experience and hired lol
    • Poor hygiene
    • Public toilets without bidet or pail and dipper
    • Unreasonable comparisons
    • People who attack others because of the race, gender, age, nationality, religion, education, etc.
    • Misleading articles and headlines
    • Bad customer service
    • People who randomly follow you on social media then unfollow you later
    • High ticket prices
    • People who smoke/do drugs
    • When people spend more time on the phone than talking to the people on the table during meal
    • People who act, think and speak like a know-it-all
    • Demanding boyfriends/girlfriends
    • Too much PDA
    • People who don't know the difference between constructive criticism and downright bashing/below the belt comments
    • People who always make a big deal out of everything
    • People who get offended on everything even though sometimes nothing's offensive on a certain matter.
    • People who share videos that the audio is a woman who moans -_- So rude!
    • Parents who abandon their children and vice versa
    • Kpop fans who ship two idols of the same gender as if they'll end up together (I'm very sorry about this but as a fan I'll never be in favor of boyxboy and girlxgirl ships, just listen to their music, watch their shows, support them ok???)
    • Fans who ruin their idols' and fellow fans' reputation
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  13. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    I guess each day I have more pet peeves :risas3:. Enjoyed reading your continued pet peeves lol.

    21. Pushy people, even the ones who stand very close behind me in a line but in a way pushy wanting the line to move faster lol
    22. Birds, squirrels eating my garden fruits lol, any animal behaving badly, they're uninvited but still welcome themselves into my house lol, finding dog poops on my lawn or bird poops on my car, sorry I have to mention that :D
    23. People who invade my private space or privacy, people who don't knock before entering a closed door room
    24. Same with you guys here @Falada & @Maricon - people who smoke near or in a crowded place. I would cough loudly to let them know that I'm both annoyed & tired from holding my breath :risas3:
    25. Same with you @Maricon - bad customer service: grumpy cashier (a hello or a fake smile wouldn't hurt ;))
    26. Bad neighbors: don't care to take care of their lawns, smoke (I dislike when the smell of cigarette travels to me when I am outside like you could smell them before seeing them outside smoking :confused:)

    To be continued again :p
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  14. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    LOL agree with you on #22. I mean, doesn't people ever take care of their dogs? When I go outside and play in the front yard, there's always dog poop, and it's so annoying and disgusting. Same with the cats. Their owners let them roam around, killing/eating our chickens. :(
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  15. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    Yea cat poops too :confused:...it is more annoying when those pets have owners (bad neighbors) & these owners let them roam around the neighborhood freely biting people or when they walk their pets & their pets did their things on people's lawns and these owners don't clean after their pets. It is less annoying when the dogs/cats don't have owners.

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  16. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    More pet peeves I just thought of :D

    27. Cats making noises late at night, they are fighting with each other or just making scary noises lol....meowwwww
    28. Screeching noise like cat scratching noise on a chalkboard
    29. People who don't use the sidewalk & walk across my lawn very close to my house, my neighbors do that :confused:

    That is all for now :p
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  17. Falada

    Falada sarNie Adult

    LOL Mine neighbors don't do that but that is very annoying. My cousins have it worst. People will climb through their backyard without permission, only kids though.

    17. When I'm riding my bike and people are walking, and I'm trying to go first because I don't want to run them over, but they purposely walk faster to be in front.
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  18. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    Hehehe I was one of those kids who climbed over neighbors' fences to pick their tree/plant fruits when they don't eat them lol. I don't mind kids doing the same thing like I did. If they do it many times & leaving a mess then I will have a talk with them lol. For the neighbors who walk on my lawns so freely, they are grownups which makes it annoying.

    30. Mailman/mailwoman talking on the phone while delivering people's mails, they don't pay attention & deliver mails to the wrong houses
    31. Road rage drivers
    32. Backstabbers
    33. People who sweet talk to you but they don't mean it (what they say to you). I like people who are straightforward even if what they say to you will not make you happy but hey at least they are honest (the truth hurts, right? lol) & you will improve on your flaws lol
    34. People who talk bad about others to make themselves look good

    Will be back if I think of any other :D

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  19. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    Looks like I have to add more lol
    • When people always say "there are a lot of homeless people out there or their country is at war you should have donated instead) whenever there's a luxury post (new stuff, grand wedding/birthday celebrations, new house, etc.) like can't we enjoy life?! It's their money they can do what they want as long as it is clean money and it is for good use. You don't need to impose those words I'm sure there are people willing to help the needy without publicizing it (unless they have to do so as proof to shut those people up)
    • When people say "there are more important news than this and that" then why bother reading it? There are different kinds of news FYI.
    • When some relatives comment irrelevant to the posts you do
    • When every person of the opposite sex that you are with gets mistaken as your boyfriend or girlfriend (sometimes it's difficult to post photos of your friends from the opposite sex because other people will ask "is he/she your boyfriend/girlfriend?) Like give us a break and post freely without malice lol
    • Apps not compatible with your device even though your software is the updated one
    • Expensive paid apps
    • Slow or no internet connection
    • Other people who only rely on Facebook free data or neighbor's wifi like you should provide YOUR OWN wifi/broadband internet.
    • People who don't listen to every side of a story
    • Too many/complicated requirements for something though sometimes it's unnecessary
    • Visa restrictions (can't we all equally exercise our right to travel?!Our passport here is only limited to some countries that we can visit for tourism purposes without a visa unlike other first world/very rich/developed countries can visit most countries easily :/ now I understand why some are changing their passports/citizenships)
    • Embassies that require a lot of money as part of their requirements to get a visa to their country (it's not easy earning money and not everyone is rich)
    • Video uploaders that set their videos to private if they upload tv shows. Like what's the sense of uploading in the first place?!
    • Video websites blocking videos to certain countries. HELLO WE ARE NOT ON OUTER SPACE!
    To be added if necessary lol
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  20. Maricon

    Maricon sarNie Oldmaid

    More pet peeves
    • People who romanticize poverty. SERIOUSLY? No one wants to go through that!
    • Self-righteous and "religious" people who judge others
    • People who say women get raped because of their clothes. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!
    • People who always generalize everything and everyone
    • People who doesn't speak direct to the point
    • Employers/interviewers who always say "We'll just call or text you" like can't you just outright reject the person if he or she's not qualified? That would hurt less than waiting for nothing.
    • People who don't care about other people's feelings
    • People who don't understand that everyone goes through something
    • Ridiculous/unrealistic standards for various companies towards job seekers
    • Immigration personnel (especially here in the Philippines) who asks unnecessary questions and always find a way to offload a passenger even though the documents presented are complete and there's a proof that they will return if their trip is temporary
    • People who think mental illnesses doesn't exist

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