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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Ngao Asoke Fansub Subforum! Thanks for patiently waiting for the English Sub version of Ngao Asoke. We've got a handful of wonderful translators, 2 timers, and only 1 editor...so that's where the process slows a bit. But, as they say "good things come to those who wait" and, as Sarnie Addicts of Ngao Asoke can attest to, this lakorn is worth the wait! :D

Here's a bit of necessary info. to get everyone situated.

First, the translators and I have decided to start subbing at episode 7. This is when the action between Pong (Monthai) and Pueng (Pee) start. Like true Sarnies, we wanted to hit the ground running with scenes that would make you blush! ^_^ As for episodes 1-6, don’t worry, once the lakorn is complete, we’ll go back and finish them. However, to get everyone up to speed, I’ve recapped episodes 1-6 here .

Second, KhoOnx is the Ngao Asoke Addict ring leader. So for more info., pics, spoilers, and updates check out her Ngao Asoke blog .

Third, all the subbing is done at overstream.net. Therefore, there are no downloadable hardsub or softsub versions. Please don’t ask for them. Perhaps, after the project is complete, this may happen. Also, with the use of this site, I am using streaming video raws uploaded by futifu from youtube. So a thanks to futifu as well! :D

Last, but not least is a list of the wonderful people making this Fansub project possible. Much thanks to them!

Episodes 7, 11​
Episode 8​
Episode 9​
Episode 10​
Episode 12​

English Editor:


payangsta (not an active Sarnie addict, but definitely a Sarnie supporter)