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For the rings, I love these natural, earthy, rustic types of diamond rings. So beautiful :love:, each diamond is unique, one of a kind for each lady :).

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There’s an online shop called ModCloth, I wouldn’t mind buying a wedding dress or shoes from there. It’s not nearly as expensive too! Samples:

Instagram #MarriedinModCloth
How adorbs!! :p

They also have very cute shoes on the website!!

Lol I’m now kinda into wearing different colored shoes (other than like a white) on my wedding day!)


Like a Phoenix from the ashes, I will rise. ✊
One hot wedding dress trend for 2018 is wearing white gown with black accents. Hmm.. romantic and elegant or a no-no?

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As for me I love short wedding dresses, it`d definitely be comfortable, as for long dress - it`s just little conservative and old-fashioned...just my opinion. When I got married I had a short milky beige dress. In fact, there`re a lot of outfits in this store here I chose mine. Perhaps for someone the designs wouldn`t look "purely" wedding, but I like this deviation from tradition. As for the hair - I prefer loose with beach curls, in my view it's the perfect option that suits everyone.
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