Watching Romance Movies

Jus want your guys opinion when it comes to watching love dramas. Whether it be thai, chinese, korean and etc... Jus a long serie in general... When it comes to the main people of the movie do you guys prefer:

1.) The main character gradually fall in love with each other and then trouble later with cheating and etc... OR
2.) The main characters hate each other guts and cause trouble to one another then gradually fall in love.

Jus wanting opinions... I mean as for me i rather pick 2. I like the way the characters pick on one another and then fall in love. That is the type of person i think i am. I dont fall in love so quick, i get to really know the person by being mean to them to see if they can stand me first. kekeke... :lmao:


sarNie Hatchling
i dont know really, i like both ways, i like number one because it shows all the tuff times a couple may have to face, but at the end true love prevails................its sooo cute!

as for the second one, i like it too because it shows the fine line b/w love and hate and its really entertaining to cracks me up n also very cute.

so i would guess it would depend in the mood im in, but im okay with both scenarios.


sarNie Adult
I think most people would prefer the 2nd option.

I like the 2nd option but it doesn't always have to be over the top. It sounds a bit gay but I really like romantic comedies. Gotta thank the Korean movies for really reeling me into that camp.


sarNie Adult
number 2...

cause it just funny to watch them fight.....LOL....


i think i like the they met fell in love, extreme obstacle (could be cheating, a wife she doesnt know about, a pre-arrange marriage they have to escape), then they get over the obstacle then boom one of them have a terminal illness and dies..

:sweat: too much korean drama