Wan Jai Gub Nai Jom Ying (Makers Group)


sarNie Adult
It seemed like forever on this one. LOL. Is there anything on it yet?

Maybe I missed seeing Matt on screen....she has like one lakorn maybe 2 the most in a year. I wonder if they are even half way done with this yet. Sigh...maybe early next year then. :)
i miss seeing Matt on-screen too (withdrawal thanks to Kuan Kamathep!)...

it seems like this lakorn won't have much news until 2010...and it probably won't air until the end of 2010...


sarNie Adult
I gave up hope on them promoting her. She is talented but she's just one of those that the channel is hiding the talent in the corner. I know one or two is a small amount but I'm being optimistic and say it's better than nothing.

I wanted to see Mart and Matt in a way. I thought they were cute in their behind the scenes. They seemed comfortable and hopefully that'll cross over to onscreen as well. :)


sarNie Egg
i miss seeing Matt on-screen too (withdrawal thanks to Kuan Kamathep!)...

it seems like this lakorn won't have much news until 2010...and it probably won't air until the end of 2010...
oh no...i hope ya prediction isnt true.lolz..2010 seem soo long..let alone, late 2010?..i miss seeing matt onscreen too...
i know..there's isnt much news and update on this lakorn..maybe i should dig out more..
oh,does Matt hv a english fan club web or something? hmm..i wanna see her profile..i know nothing about this girl but yet,m totally admire her..lolz..im weird,huh? heheh..


sarNie Adult

Is it Matt's birthday or something? They surprised her with a cake. The cake looks good. :)

Her behind the scenes in this lakorn...her bubbly attitude reminds me of her character in Kuan Kamathep. She is so adorable. It looks like they are having a good time. Can't wait for this to come out...the cast seems pretty cool.




Tos - Smart Krissada Pornweroj
Jomjai - Matt Peeranee Kongthai
Kaewsai - Margie Rasee
tasawin - Ekapong Jongkatsakorn
Kul - Chalida Vijitwongthong
Lalil - Natalie Davis
นิลรัตน์ -วิรกานต์ เสณีตันติกุล
Nilrut - Weerakarn Saneetunkul
อุไรริสา -โชติกา วงศ์วิลาส
Urairisa - Chotika Wongwilat
วรรณยุพา- สุคนธวา เกิดนิมิตร
Wunnayupa - Sukontawa Koetnimit
ยุบล -พิศสมัย วิไลศักดิ์
Yoobol - Pitsamai Wilaisuk
วิชา รอน -บรรจงสร้าง
Wicha - Ron Bunjngsrang
เพลินจิต -เพ็ญพักตร์ ศิริกุล
Ploernjit - Penpuk Sirikul
ประกิต -สุเมธ องอาจ
Prakit - Sumet Ongart
อาจารย์พิกุล -พิมพ์แข กุญชร ณ อยุธยา
Teacher Pikul - Pimkae Kulchon Na Ayuthaya
สมศักดิ์หรือข้าวปุ้น- พิชพงศ์ โสมกุล
Somsuk or Kawpoon - Pitpong Somkul


Story and character of this drama (but in thai)

ยุทธ์- โฆษวิส ปิยะสกุลแก้ว
Yut - Kosawits Peeyasakulkaew
สะอาด- ดึใจ ดีดีดี
Saart - Deejai D D D


sarNie Adult
Thanks Jakjann for the info.

I wish someone would translate the story. I wonder if Matt and Mart are going to have a lot of scenes together. I doubt it since there are going to be three couple. :) Since they already have the cast out and the story hopefully it'll air soon.


sarNie Adult
Thanks CherryApple for the pics. Love Mart's sunglasses. :)

All three girls look cute. Is Mart that dark or is it just this picture? He looks pretty tan. I wonder if it's close to finish. Hmmm...Hope so.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
Wow. Louis with Margie Rasee?
Cute :D first time i'll be seeing Louis as p'ek.
can't wait to hear for more infos ;D
&&i hope it gets confirm soon ;D


sarNie Adult
I know Vanndii, I thought it would have been more than halfway through. Is the production that slow? I was hoping it would air at the end of the year when I first heard about this. But for it to be the middle of next year. LOL. They sure are taking their sweet time. :)