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There will be songs, graphics uploaded enjoy!


Songs:Dreams II - Collab with Muddie & Krystal [ Clickie ]

Save Me - Feat. Hyun Bin, Won Bin, So Ji Sub & Jun Ji-Hyun [ Clickie ]
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===> NEW ===> Smoke Life
===> NEW ===> Devil Within
===> NEW ===> So Far Away

Banners - Feat. Big Bang, Shinhwa, TVXQ
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Icons - Feat. Hyun Bin, Won Bin, Yunho, Ha Ji Won & Jo In Sung [ Clickie ]


ART 001

Dreams - Tum mai mai rup suk tee

Song:[ Clickie ]



ter pben arai pahk nee teung mai dai jer
roo mai kit teung ter krai tum hai ter nun haai pbai

mai mee waylah reu wah ter mee arai
chun kit pbai mahk maai gor leury tong toh hah ter

krang tee tao rai chun eng gor mai dai nup
mai hen ter toh glup toh pbai gor young mai rop leury

grawun grawaai chun tum thua mai took leury
meua ter mai pben meuan koey ying raw ying ron jai

* tum mai mai rup suk tee tum mai mai rup suk tee
yah ploy hai raw young nee chun noi jai
tum mai mai rup suk tee reu wah won nee ter ruk khon mai
bohk chun hai kao jai dai mai ter

**toh pbai gee krang nang fung pleng jon on jai
hai raw teung meua rai toh pbai jon tor roo mai ter

ter pbai gup krai laew tum arai yoo reu
teung hai khon tee ruk ter tong raw yoo tang keun

(repeat * / **)

what's wrong with you, how come you haven't been around
didn't you know that i miss you, what made you disappear like this
you've really been busy or is it something else
i'm worrying myself with thoughts of you so i decided to call

how many rings already, i didn't count
you didn't return the calls, you didn't answer any call
i don't know how to act anymore, i'm driving myself crazy with worry
since you're not the same anymore, the more i wait, the more impatient i am

* why aren't you answering, why aren't you picking up
don't let me wait like this any longer, i'm getting upset
why aren't you answering, or is it that today you've found another love
explain it to me so i can understand

** the countless calls and the endless songs is weakening my ressolve
how long are you going to keep me waiting, i've become discouraged
who are you out with, what are you doing
to leave the person who loves you waiting all night

Program used: Goldwave

If I see this on your thread I know you copied me muahahaha COPY CAT


sarNie Hatchling
Wow... Impressive! hehe... such cute voices. I enjoyed
listening to it!!! Keep singing... I WANTS MORE!
Thanks for sharing. You all did an awesome JOB.


Super Momo
ART 002

Wowie its been a really long time i havent used photoshop so I made this poster yesterday cuz I was so bored lol.

Theme: None... but I felt like doing something mysterious.. dark and kinda sad -__-"

Cast: Hyun Bin, Won Bin, So Ji Sub & Jun Ji-Hyun.

Software used: Photoshop CS2.


Super Momo
ART 003

WEEE a little come back to photoshop lol I was kinda bored today and decided to do some procrastinating a little bit so yeah here it is lol my icon/avatar wtv

Theme: Dark, Dreamy?, wtv -___-"

Cast: Hyun Bin, Won Bin, Yunho , Ha Ji Won & Jo In Sung

Software used: Photoshop CS2.


Super Momo
ART 004

Feat. Big Bang, Shinhwa, TVXQ



Super Momo
ART 005


Program used: Photoshop

This thing was actually for my INTRO to digital imaging lol it was such a pain to find high resolution picture. Note that I had to make a 20x24" graphic so all the picture I had to use had to be 300DPI or + -___- I made like 7 different chimera this is the one that turned out the best lol


Super Momo
ART 008
UVERworld CD

Photoshop CS3