Vicky Sunisa:Summer Reflection


sarNie Coma
happy to see Vicky finally in a mag but didnt imagine she would do a bikini shoot even though everyones doing it nowadayz.

but She looks so fit and in shape though!..also exotic and pretty at the same time

like how shes not too thin and she got curves!


sarNie Adult
not a surprise that they all do shoots like this. Kob or noon wouldn't surprise me at all if they were to do it. It's so common nowadays even the loooking conservative people. Thailand is no longer conservative like b4 and it's not a bad thing. In fact, every country is trying to be like American.


sarNie Egg
i think this was the shoot she was telling me about. she flew to hawaii for one shoot back in november 2006. not too sure if it's this one or not. she looks pretty though. ^^


Wow, she's got CURVES! She looks good in general, but extra good in the bikini haha.


sarNie Adult
Very beautiful....although I do miss her not being on screen anymore...i hope she will make more lakorns soon...she's so gorgeous and a good actress...


sarNie Adult
she looks so dark but hey man tha last pic :drool: :drool: :drool:


sarNie Adult
HOTT BODY! And she's got a nice tan. I've never seen her so sexy...when I think of vicky..I think of cute. But s'all good. :D


sarNie Adult
i think it's the lighting that make her look dark although she does have a tan, but it's also the lighting and stuff. The last pix is the best. At least, she is one of the few that go for a tan. Even with the tan she is not as dark as in the pix. Plus, it is that metallic thing and the camera/light/watever that make her look darker than her already tan body.