Vee & Jui


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thank you so much for posting these....oh migosh can Vee be any hotter....i'm so in love...and I don't care who knows it... :rolleyes:


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"droolz" :drool: I'm soooo loving Vee, always have. He sure is HOT! Ok, not liking Jui's hair...that has to go.


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they look good but i'm not feelin Jui's hair. Vee is HOT!


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Vee & Jui :] Such a great couple, they should get together but fricken Vee!! has to go get a girlfriend first AHAHAHA! he's so handsome & jui's so pretty x]


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vee and jui were a cute couple in kom kohn. in this photoshoot i don't really like jui's hair and the outfits but this photo shoot is good. and thanks for sharing___sai!


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gosh Vee is getting cuter every day.......they are such a cute couple.