Vee Aum And Oil


sarNie Juvenile
i could's in one of my'll take awhile..since finals are coming up this week...if you don't mind waiting...i'll pm it to you as soon as possible... =]


Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!
louis sings it... it's from the lakorn pleung pa yu, staring aum and oil

I've never seen this lakorn. Is it old? And how could they put two pa'eks in one lakorn. Did Vee pair up with anyone in this lakorn? Man, i gotta go rent it. :D Cause of Vee.

Ok, i've just finished the clip. It has parts from the lakorn Song Sanae Ha with Aum and Vee, and then clips with Oil and this just a music video with the two lakorn in it? Then it would make sense to me. LOL