VCD to CD (song)


How do i make a karaoker into an audio cd so i can listen to in the car? Can i use Nero or do i have to use another program. I'm not so good with computers so please help me out. Is there anything simple to do it?
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sarNie Elites
i'm not sure about nero... i have it and never use it... well, i use advanced x video converter to get rip the audio off from karaoke... so you can get it from but it's only last for a couple of days since it's not free so i don't know if you don't mind using free trial which i hate it. -_-


sarNie Adult
Its very very easy.

The way I do is to download virtualdub.

Then run the program.

Then you open the video file on it. When its done loading.. just click on "file" and you will see the "save to wav" or something along that line.

Now use a program to burn the wav just like you would burn an mp3 on a cd.

Thats it!

Also remember that karaoke audio is not the same as cd. Yes it will sound pretty much the same if you have regular speakers.. but remember that its lower quality. You shouldn't use a cd like that if you go to a friend house and they have a nice sound system or something :)