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i know some have been post to one of her lakorn thread but maybe i prefer it will be share in her own thread so no need for me to go back and forth just to search about her in between her lakorn thread.easier for anyone who want to know her solely too.feel free to anyone who want to add translation,information,pic and spazz about her.   ^_^
Big thanks to BUBBA and VIMALEE for allowing me to take her translation here. :thumbup:
start with SPACE4NY's translation about her from various article and magazine.i really appreciate her/his hardworking for translating yaya's article for inter fans. :thumbsup:

Cr as in pic shared by lovenangfah@maya_channel(article) & space4ny(translation)​
 Scoop Only one only Y @ Pantip "Yaya-Urassaya" Where there's a will, there's a way. If the name "Yaya-Urassaya" is mentioned,we believed that many people will have many thought about this beautiful actress from Chanel 3. But when we go through all the news and commentary from people in the same entertainment industry. We found that "Yaya" have been getting so much love and affection from everyone. If you ask a question "Why love her?" the answer from everybody will be different according to news,information and their own experience when they met "Yaya". So we are going to sum up roughly the reasons"Why everyone love Yaya" 
 "Yaya" entered the entertainment industry by modeling at the age of 13. After that, she moved into the acting world. She rose to fame by playing the leading role in lakorn "Duang Jai Akkanee" as "Noo Jeed" rival of "Fai" staring"Nadech Kugimiya". "Yaya" in the role of "Noo Jeed" was very cute and lovely. That is her first step to get into everyone's heart.
It shows that she puts a lot of effort into her work. Not only remembering the script, because "Yaya" is not very good with the Thai language. She has to tape herself reading the script and listen to it again and again. So she can remember the right tone with the right emotion of her role. She also has to put extra effort in understanding her role and script, so she can act and send the right emotion to her viewer. All of these stories are told by people who working closely with her such as producer, director, actor and actress that work with "Yaya".
Then, she is always improving her acting skill. The result is making her work very successful. And she also got more admiration from her fan. People who work with her outside lakorn production crew such as Event team, Fashion shoot team, etc. Also admire her for respecting to the other and being humble. Other than that, "Yaya" is very good at managing time between work and study. Which she excels in both fields.
She is a very nice actress that have a good school record and good manner. Moreover, "Yaya" is happy to help with charity work. You can often see it in the news. But she also helps charity work outside the press too. We believe all the reasons above is enough to answer the question "Why everyone love Yaya-Urassaya Sperbund"


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Oops! Magazine 10th Year Anniversary
Yaya-Urassaya Sperbund Happy and fun with everything I do.
1. Actually my dad call me Yaya, from my full name Urassaya it is ended with Ya but my dad can not pronoun Thai that well, so he called me Yaya instate. Most of my foreigner friends can not say my full name. (Laugh)
2. when I was young I like to eat ‘Care’ baby powder, it is very yummy (laugh). When my mum apply baby powder on me I licked it all from my arm. When I taste it I feel like ummm…..yummy. at that time I eat it so often that my mum have to tell housekeeper not to bring baby powder into our house again. But now I’m a grown up so I do not eat it anymore.
3. I didn’t like eating meal, I only eat snack. My mom has to force me to eat food and stop eating snack. So I have to sneak snack into the house and eat it in a bathroom. Until everyone in my house know that bathroom is my favourite room and I like to have snack in there. But I’m always got caught because I forgot the evidence right there in the bathroom.(funny)
4. Normally I'm a very good girl, really (smile). No noughty story. Until I argued with my Physical teacher because he took my name out from school football team. Because at that time I start working, have no time for practice. That was why he took my name out from the team. So my friends and I protested by lay down on the street but the teacher wasn't care (Laugh)
5. Back when I was living in Pattaya, I was very good at predicting lottery number. Once, I'm at a horse riding competition. Horse that I rode is number 47 and I sleep talking said "fighting No.47" people I'm my house bought that number and they won a big prize. And dustman in my neighbourhood also won a lottery from the number that i said. He asked me "How do you know?". I told him that angel told me so. After that the dustman buy a lottery from the number that i said every time. So, he call me Angel, and always asking me for lottery number. Everyone who see me will ask for a photograph with me. But he always ask for lottery number (laughing)
6. I'm really scare of darkness and ghosts. I still leave the light on when i sleep to this day, otherwirse I can not sleep. Once I went to practice the dharma at Chachoengsao province and got haunt by a ghosts. I woke up and saw someone in front of me and feel like so many people in my room even though it was just my mum and I in that room. I'm not sure if I was dreaming. At that time I just learn how to extend loving kindness to all (buddhist way) but I forgot everything. So I put my hand together and asked them for permission to stay in that room for a night, because tomorrow I have to wake up early so please let me rest comfortably. And tomorrow when I work up I made merit for them.
7. I’m happiest when I see beach, mountain and nature. When I was young my sister and I ran out of the house in our boots and dance in the rain. It was very fun
8. I hate doing manicure at nail salon. I like to do ot at home, I did it at the salon once and I accidently kick the person who did my nail because I was tickled. Actually I like to do manicure by myself, cut it, file it but I don’t like putting a nail polish on my nail. It feel like my nail couldn’t breath.
9. I like to watch and hug old people, the are so cute (big smile). When old people hug me it feel warm and sincere. I think that hug from old people is warmer than any hugs. As for kid, I like to tease them (laugh).
10.My biggest dream is to own a horse. I ride since i was young. We bought a horse from oversea, and call him "Sundance". But he got sick on the way to here and die later. After that, dad never let me buy horse again. I ride a horse without saddle (Bareback riding) because when I touch or stroke them they will know which way they have to go. I think I can communicate with horse just like with people.
i love this pure happiness from her face when she with her fav animal  :heart:

cr anyama


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Cr Dichan magazine(pic) & space4ny(translation)​
IN FULL BLOOM "Yaya Urassaya" She hasn’t been on the cover of "Dichan" for almost a year. But because the popularity of super romantic story of "Mayumi" and "Ryu Onitsuka" that just left our screen. Made us have to steal the lead actress, the beautiful "Yaya Urassaya", to give brightness with all flower and welcoming the winter that going to be here soon.
The reason that she hasn't been on our cover for so long is not because we getting bored of her but because her schedule is very tight. She has to shoot a drama and take some time to study too. But we keep updating her schedule with her mom all the time. When she has time, we got a chance to work with Yaya again. If we going to shoot only in a studio, we think it's not worth the wait. So fashion set for this cover we move all production crew to "President Suite at Swissotel Nai Lert Park"
 President Suite that we use for our shoot today is designed be "Valentino" the well-known designer. That is why the room is very luxury. Not only that, P'Art ,our fashion director which also work as a stylish for this fashion shoot, tell the team to prepare flowers that make the room look more beautiful. Yaya arrived at the photoshoot early morning with her mother (kunmae Pla). As soon as she arrives, Yaya was ready for p'To and p'Mai (makeup artist and hair stylish) transform her to a chic and beautiful woman. Make up today is a natural tone which compliment her long straight hair and chic outfit from "Dior Autumn/Winter 2014-2015"
 When Yaya is beautiful and ready, we started with first shoot. With an easy still pose, easy job for our pro model, and because Yaya and p'Lor (photographer) work together often. p'Lor took just a few shots and it's done for first shoot. After working for a while our model have to take a lunch break with Chicken breast salad. Yaya told us that she has to calculate calorie intake for a fitter figure. That made our team that eating Stir fried chicken and fried egg with rice feeling bad for themselves. (Just kidding)
 After lunch she is ready to work again. This time in fashionable look with red lip that add more bright to this beautiful actress. Yaya very dedicated to her work. With complicated pose and also she has to hold rose in her mouth, Yaya never complain. We get all set of beautiful pictures faster than we thought.
Haven't seen her for quite sometime, today after photo shoot for a beautiful fashion set, we got a chance to have friendly chat with this beautiful actress. "Today I'm here for cover of Dicahn magazine photoshoot, with Floral theme it's very beautiful. At the moment I'm shooting lakorn Nueng Nai Suang. It will be shown probably at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. I'm starring with "James Jirayu". This is a period drama, i'm playing "Khum Pum" an arrogant women that still have a sweet side" said Yaya
Yaya have to work and study at the same time. But when she had a free time she is never stay still.
Yaya: "When I have a free time I like to sleep (laugh) but at the moment I like to workout, yoga or jogging in the park. I like to find activity to do when I have a free time. Many songs that have been released at this time are all about Booty, about woman that have beautiful firm and strong body. Now I try very hard to make myself like woman in music video, like J Lo. I try to workout and build muscle. I think it's a new trend. In other country, woman start looking after themselves again and everyone has a nice figure."
When we asked about a place in her dream. She answer with bright and glistening eyes.
Yaya: "I have so many places. But now I want to go to Safari, Africa something like that. I want to ride a Jeep car and photograph wildlife, it's something that I really want to do." 
Another thing that Yaya want to try is a new acting experience and study master degree.
Yaya : "About work, now I want to try acting in a movie, any role is ok for me because I want to try. And about study, now i'm in the last year of bachelor degree at Chulalongkorn University, almost finish now. After I finish, I want to try to study Master degree in Psychology. Because The BA that I studying now is relate a lot with Social Science. So I think I might be good for everyday life and for work as well.
The happiness like this successful actress is not a hard thing to find.
Yaya: "When you have to work, challenge with yourself. Try to do it as everyday is a new experience. I feel like I have been working for some period of time and its going steady. But now when I go out to work and change something here and there make a new experience in everyday"
 Today we can fully call her one of the top actress of Thailand. She is always find inspiration and challenge with her life in everyday. No surprise that we will see this girl "shining" more and more everyday

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Urassaya Sperbund interview in Sudsapda Magazine Huggable Girl 2014 issue Be a huggable 2014.
How do you feel?
Yaya: Happy ka, happy that someone still want to hug me. (laugh)
What is the overview of your life this year?
Yaya: This year is probably the year that I feel most tired since I entered entertainment industry, tired not only physical but psychological too. It might be because of my age, my experience, and the difference way I see the world. In the past I might see some situation in a naive way, but now I see it differently, because I have seen more of the world. But if you ask if i'm happy or not, I can say that I'm very happy.
This year is my bad year in the chinese constellation year, I don't believe in something like this before, but now I have to believe because this year I have many accident. First incident, finger surgery because the accident while shooting lakorn Roy Fun Tawan Duerd. Second incident, torn cuticle that got inflame so I got a minor surgery to take pus out. Third incident, stepped on a bone of dog that got Rabies and the bone pierce into my skin. We know that the dog got Rabies because he was shivering and missing half of his fur. I decided to go to doctor and got 8 injections. Forth incident, jelly fish stung while filming lakon Neung Nai Suang. James (Jirayu) and I was standing in the sea, and the jelly fish chooses to stung me, it might be a male jelly fish (laugh) When it stung it felt like fire burning. Actually the jelly fish is very small, but when stung it gave a big wound. Two days after that I have to perform on Give Me Five Concert. My leg was very painful but when i got on the stage I had so much fun so I forgot the pain for a moment.
What make you most happy this year?
Yaya : This year is fulled of new opportunities for me.   As presenters, I have the opportunity to meet and know many people.   As for lakorns, I also have the chance the play new characters.   There was also a concert to showcase my singing and dancing.   Actually, I'm a type of person who always dance out of sync; however, if there were someone to teach me then I can do.   I will be finishing with my school this December.   I plan to continue with my graduate degree (master) after I complete my undergraduate program.   I'm thinking of pursuing the psychology field since I like it and feel that it will be useful in my daily life.
Most huggable guy of this year.
Yaya: I like Sam Smith ka, but his song is very sad, bitter sweet style. It’s about unreachable love but still have sweetness inside. When I listen I'm not sure whether to be sad or to smile. The song that I like the most is "Stay with me" lyric and music is ohh… love it and memorize it by heart (sweet smile). I want to hug and cheer him up while he is singing. 
Hug of the year and its story.
Yaya : Hug P'Nadech after Give Me 5 concert performance. In the run-through round we practiced only dance move. But in the real show everything that you saw other than dance move was unscripted. When we finished the performance we felt that we did it, so we were very happy and hug each other. It felt good that we can make the whole concert hall scream (laugh). To tell you the true, it was not easy. Because P'Nadech want to make this concert difference and he want something new unlike any concert that we have done before. That's why the dance move is very hard and complicated, and have to do cartwheel. Actually we have more dance move than that but my leg was hurt so I cannot do them all.
Who you want to hug the most now?
Yaya : Margie ka, because now she is the only one in the group that disappear off face of the earth (laugh). She is working 7 days a week oh no… I have to say 9 days a week. Despite the fact that our home are in same neighbourhood but we never see each other. Before this, if we have a free time we will call and talk, but now we almost never meet. She is super busy. I think I'm working a lot already but not as much as P'Margie. Now she is the busiest one in our group ka.
Your work that we are going to see in the future?
Yaya : Lakorn Neung Nai Suang ka, This is a period drama, i'm playing "Khum Pum-Hathairat" it’s about love that happen when you least expect between male leading role "Nung" (James-Jirayu) and "Kun Pum". They both know each other since they were young. Aunt and Uncles raise Pum up because her parent died. Her shortcoming is about her social status that lower that everyone else. In the beginning Nung like to use this point to make her feel bad. That make Pum angry and they cannot love one another. But its happy ending at the end. Thay are fighting from the beginning to the end.
What do you want to say to Fanclub that is voted for you?
Yaya: Thank you very very very much ka for voting for me. Thank you for wanting to hug me. Actually we hug each other every time we meet anyway. I want you all to feel like this for a long time ka.

*Poor the girl got into many incident this year.super love margie-ya friendship  :heart: 


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From Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World event lastnight..imma side profile lover lol

cr by_family

cr dailynews.ent
Roughly according to google(lol) & urassy.s trans Yaya going to have foreign movie which will be confirm next year. She also learned acting in New York. She will have family vacation in Norway this new year for 2 weeks.

super love these lovely girls friendship.. :heart:

Kim posted this with a caption,  "Whether to post sexy or cool,  mission always fail haha.  For those who met Kim-Ya today, may we have your supports.  Do we look coooool??? "
 cr kimmy_kimberley. trans by bubba

best quote...

"Always find a reason to laugh. it may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years"
cr yayeeumarin


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Thanks for thread darie. I'll js add random stuff of ya that I like too so it's easier to find in the future if that's ok :)
One of fav songs of Ya, i've lost count of how many times i've listened to it --> Nalika Tai 
cr: Chun Chen
Other Ost sung by Ya, I like Nong Nee's song too :)
cr: GMM Grammy Official


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@Ms.Zoe you welcome.hope to see you around here again. ^_^

@bubbles i don't know if i have cowboy allergy or what, coz of that theme i can't even start to watch that lakorn fully.feel bad as a fan..>_<

her soothing voice always melt me.i keep replaying this cover of her for weeks now.this become my fav recently.


cr urassayaclub


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You're not the only one darie, not my cup of tea either, i barely watched it too, i dont even know wat TD is abt lol, my memory of it is so vague, i rememba reading some recaps on it and only watched ya and mark cut scenes which are subbed, but thought they were really compatible in those scenes!! I liked mark's looks back in the days (esp as Din), now it's js.....

But ya sings nalika tai beautifully, have a listen to it, i like it alot better than the original

Il post links to p'Fia's recaps on ya's lakorns here when i have time heh


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have listen to the song.it soothing.her voice suitable with that kind of song more than high note.thanks for the future-share link bubbles..hahaa

yaya look adorably cute tonight with her braided hair and babyblue outfit but why they have to make her look like little boy with that outfit when everyone look gorgeous with dress..>_<. they make her look the youngest.ok i'm not complaining for that..hahaa

cr as in pic​
her leg inflamed again due to packed schedule.this girl really don't know how to rest..

cr pooae
omg why they have to remind me of you're beautiful kdrama.. :facepalm: (i don't like this drama though) but for some reason i want to see yaya have to disguise as boy in lakorn for once.

cr uploader

compilation pics of yaya with everyone..love to see ya working and have fun with others too and i love how pancake look a little fond with ya.wish there was pic ya with other girls too.there was yam,pat,bella,min,pooklok etc.my KIMYA shipping sail..lol

cr za_poy, by_family, suwimonbreeze, khemanito, authentic-room, urassayaclubdotcom, tangjaidee, m1keangelo_interfanpage, thicha_mkpantip, yamfanclub


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cr only one only y@pantip(pic) and space4ny(translation)​

Interview in Woman's Health Dec 2014 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING "Urassaya Sperbund" Chatting about love, dog that she want to own and Yaya's six-pack. We have to confess to you, when we know who will be our cover model for this issue we can not help but feel exciting. Maybe its because she is very hot and it took us a long time to get her queue or because of our personal nosiness, we want to know why Yaya's figure looking firmer recently. What did she do? Because she changing from a girl to a woman? Losing baby fat? Or she just working too hard? Or she is on a diet? No one answer this question better than Yaya herself.
A girl with high discipline. Yaya is the actress with busiest schedule , she has lakorn (tv drama) work all the time, also TV commercial, fashion photo shoot and event work. But she didn't like to stay still. Even though she got jelly fish stung in the middle of lakorn shoot, she didn't think about stop working. Yaya: "I'm use to it, now its quite easy because I have only 1 lakorn "Nueng Nai Suang" this is my first period drama. Its not excited but its fun and challenging because I have to learn about culture of that period of time. Mostly I have 2 lakorn shoot per week. But now I have only one lakorn, so this is easy."
With life now go to work and go to lakorn shoot. Do you have time to make new friend?
Yaya : "Something like this is depend on a person ka. For me, i'm study and work at the same time but i'm not that tired, I still have sometime to go out with friends. Its depend on the discipline. If I really have a free time, i will make it useful. If I have something that i need to do I will do it so I will have free time to do something else."
About study you almost finish right?
Yaya: "Yes, almost, now is my last semester. If I finish I will be freeeeee my life will be happyyyyy"
The advantage of working since you were young, is make you grownup faster than everyone else and getting stronger at the same time?
Yaya: "Only my body grownup (laugh) I'm grownup with my idea. Working like this is an endurance training. I see the other side of people and meet many kind of people too."
What kind of people that you don't like?
Yaya: "I think everyone have light side and dark side. If I meet a person for a short period of time I can not said that I don't like that person"
Even Though you don't judge people, but if it's really effect you what will you do?
Yaya: "Positive thinking. It's easy to say but it's hard to do, but if you just try everything will get easier"
Easy is the word that she use often and it's the word that people around her use to describe her.
Yaya: "They said that i'm an easygoing person but for me, from the first day that i work until now i feel the same. People often tell me what I should be, what I should do, but if one day I become myself. Will they shock, surprise? Its better to be myself"
In the past, we never heard anybody complain about you being yourself.
Yaya: "It's because I never have time to do anything, I think (laugh).
Have you ever gone to another city for a holiday with your friend? (Just asking, ,we already know that she didn't have time)
Yaya: "oh we never go to another city, mostly is just in Bangkok. In the past my mother quite strict because I have grown up in Pattaya, so I went everywhere with my mother."
That is why yaya and her mother do everything together. But the only one thing that her mother never allowed her to do is to have a dog, and Yaya wants it.
Yaya: "I really want to raise Yorkshire terrier, but my mother doesn't allow it. First my mother said that she will let me when I finish my study. But i'm not sure, I'm never at home and it will be hard to have a big dog."
SUPER ACTIVE GIRL.Maybe it's because we didn't follow her news or she didn't talk about this subject. Who knows that Yaya is a sporty girl that always taking care of herself.
Yaya: "I think exercise and diet is depend on the discipline. I'm not a skinny girl and didn't strict on diet. But I try not to eat bad things. I exercise a lot everything jingle bell (laugh). In Sukumvit it's easy to go anywhere, but if I didn't really have time I will exercise at home play yoga turn on a song or jogging in Benjakiti garden. It was a period of time that I went to Indoor rock climbing every day, my hand still rough now. When I go to the gym, I don't like training class or weightlifting. But I like to play basketball or badminton. I don't like fitness workout, it's boring. Maybe it's because when I was in Pattaya I had nothing to do. I was in boarding school so I played on every sports team. That made me like sport since I was young, I like horse riding the most, but is very hard to find a place for horse riding in Bangkok."
How long does it take for each exercise session?
Yaya: "If I'm at home and feeling lazy, it's half hour ka, mostly like that (laugh). As for jogging, if it's not morning than it is in the evening otherwise it will be hot. But when I run there I feel guilty because there are a lot of old people, they run nonstop and I'm panting so embarrass (laughing)"
Try to eat clean, but for dessert its hard to stop right?
Yaya: "I try to eat clean, but I don't like drinking water so I have to eat fruit instead. And for dessert, I like it very much. My favourite is chocolate ,its ok if I don't eat food, just chocolate.
Lately your figure is getting firmer, is it your intention?Yaya: "Actually, I'm not, It might come with age, I'm 21 now (laugh). I didn't change myself much for work, but because I'm growing up. Current trend, people start to workout more. A lot of my friends are working out, so I'm not alone. Once I was super crazy about exercise I started getting six pack"
Would you like to have a six pack? You need to have a discipline in your diet and exercise.
Yaya: "Yes, I try to have s discipline now. I don't want to be super skinny, I want to have some muscle."
A woman with six pack shouldn't have a problem with figure, should it?
Yaya: "I have, my problem is that I cannot find a balance. Now i'm a little chubby"
Complexion is another thing that important to her.
Yaya: "Complexion is the most important thing for an actress, because we made money from it. So I try to give myself a face massage at home, I mean tapping my face lightly (laugh) and apply face cream. Because I wear makeup everyday, my face is getting dry, normally I don't have acne much."
We believe that only exercise regularly, eat right, and taking care of your skin are enough, but Yaya has the better secret for taking care of her health.
Yaya: "I'm a happy person (laugh) no point of being serious, being easy is better. In this business, we met so many serious situations. If we can think that.... We have this problem, and it will be solved because everything happens for a reason. If we try to understand it like that, it will not affect us too much. But if we don't understand it, we will feel bad."
YAYA'S LOVE.Many people start paying attention when we talk about Yaya's love, which is nothing spectacular, exciting or newsworthy. It's just that we haven't seen anybody look at love with pink expression of the eye like this.
Yaya: "My point of view of love is "Love is a beautiful thing". Love is beautiful through age. No one in my family forbidden me of love. Everything depends on the step of life. Never say no to love. Woman have to be ready for love always (laugh)."
Answer like this you never disappoint in love right?
Yaya: "Never Never Never" strong confirmation and laugh at the end.
We want to know what are you looking for in a man that you will spend your life with?
Yaya: "Someone that can be with my family, family is important. Dad, Mom and my sister have to like him. Because no matter how much I love him but if my family doesn't like him, he will not pass. He have to be easygoing like I am. A little bit funny, I'm not really care about how he look"
You haven't said something like he should take good care of you?
Yaya: "I can taking care of myself, I just want someone that I can get along with. Someone that I can sit beside and don't have to say anything."
Are you ready for love?
Yaya: "Not that much, because of age and work. Many obstacles ka"
We not sure when she will be ready, just happy with the present and it will come someday.
>> Like a guy that can cook or clean? - Clean the house and I will cook.
>> Like a guy that wear leather shoe or sneaker? - Leather shoe.
>> Like SUV car or Sport car? - Sport.
>> Like hug or kiss at the cheek? - Hug.
>> What do you do before you go to bed? - Check Line.
>> Book beside you bed? - The god of small things.
>> First thing you do after wake up? - Brush my teeth.
>> Favorite love song? - Snow Patrol: Chasing Cars.


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Losing baby fat *sniff sniff*. I prefer my ya fuller, she looks alot prettier and healthier with more meat, if only my goof can share some of his fatness to her lol 
Cutest pic from the recent event, thought there were gona be some pics of mike and ya together cos Authentic-room seems to like the two, but i couldnt see any 

cr: Authentic-room


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Recaps of Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong, thanks to my beloved P'Fia  :heart:



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i thought she got back her baby fat coz her cheek look a little chubby in fine way last night.or maybe my eyes play trick on me..hahaa
add yaya's art into compilation~

cr urassayas,daradaily & treetinee shared by lovenangfah
cr urassayas
the outcome and other art..

this was said a pen painting by ya for auction..

another beautiful art.this one have been duplicate on wall too if i wasn't mistaken..

cr urassayasdaradailynyclub  lovenantaya


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I Like ya singing to this song too, the meaning of it is cute--> Poo Chai Nai Fun
cr: xiaoying ENG


sarNie Adult
Another cute song, I remember listening to ya's and the original version so many times back in the days--> I want to be your girlfriend
cr: thipjan
cr: GMM grammy gold official


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when ya said she want 6-packs,she remind me of taya.not sure if taya have 6 packs or not but for me she have firm body which make her look tough in good way when i watch her lakorn airing right now.i don't mind if ya have body like her.she already look good now..add photo of ya with taya~

cr urassayas

i've watch the fancam behind the pic of ya with elder(i think she someone important) you have shared bubbles and the thing i like most is when she goes around meet and greet the people there from elders to co-worker to children and to fans.i like when the person i like socialize in good way. ^_^
simply love how the elder caress her cheek..will update with cap if i have time.

cr urassayaclub shared by onlyoneonlyy_pantip

not sure if i've watch that fancams of her singing or not but i will do later.my net in the verge of dying..lol -_-


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cr ThaitvHD Station
Rough translation by Vimalee & Bubba..(tq.. ^_^)

"She was in so much pain and didn't even show it. Her wound was infected again with pus oozing from the wound. She had to go to the doctor every day to deep clean the infected area. She said it was so painful and the doctor didn't even numb her wound before scraping out the dead skin off her wound."
" Her wound from jelly fish last October has come back again. The area was infected again and had blisters all over. She said, she practically is crying everyday because it hurts so bad. She has to cleanse and clean out the deadly tissues every day."

Poor little girl.hope she recover soon..


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yaya is participate and support for World Wide Fund (WWF) campaign. The translation for the symbol is "Give the forest back to the tigers".

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together with others..

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another year.congratulation to yaya..

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the auction for 'Yaya Sunshine' paint have reach 220,000 bath​
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she know people miss her and she miss herself too..hahaa

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they miss her too..
"Love u & Miss u" - saovaluk niyompanich

yaya's fav crew..

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"....i miss her"gabump

aww..they just miss each other

entertain myself with her soothing voice over & over again especially the last few second.i need her for ballad more..>_<
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and her choding self.. :bhehe: 
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