Ur Parent's Favorite Phrases

My dad's known to the be scariest hmong man in our little town because he's got such a LOUD voice, but yet a very gentle man inside... Only if people knew him better... Anywaise... Anyone of you buddies remember any common phrase your parents would used around the house when they were mad, annoyed, or happy... I have alwaise lauf wen my dad used his common phrase when he's mad at us...

HMONG: Tsis txhob thas lub pheej pov, tsam lub pheej pov tawg os...
ENGLISH: Dont bother the bomb, cause if the bomb explodes, you'll be sorry...

My dad was like a time bomb... If u dont touch him, he's fine... but once u piss him off... he will EXPLODE... haha...

ALSO another one... when my dad is at his verge of getting annoyed by anyone in the family... he would repeat our names over and over and over and over and over... until he got tired of repeating it then he walk away... :lol:


sarNie Egg
whenever my sisters and i are sitting on the couch and watching movie after cleaning and stuff, if my dad is in a bad mood he would come and say

HMONG:"ua tsas, nev tsis paub nyuaj siaj lis os."
ENGLISH: "you guys don't know how to worry."

sorry..my spelling for hmong is relly bad..i hope you guys can read it.

or like if he's bored and has nothing to do, he would start complaining about how messy the house is and point out every little dust on the tables until we get so annoyed by it..^^ but we make fun of him afterwards..


sarNie Oldmaid
hahaa...My mom got two favorite phrases...

"you will know when you are old,"

"wait, until you have your own kids, you will know."



sarNie Egg
my mom's favorite phrase is 'oh, shut up' in english and in hmong it's, 'lwm hnub mas, nej yeej yuav paub xwb'
my dad's favorite phrase is 'what time are you working tomorrow' even though he knows i work at 5 every day, but i know it's his way of starting a conversation with me and his hmong phrase is 'lwm hnub mas yuav tsis muaj quav tso'


sarNie Egg
hmm...i remember back in the day my mom use to say "mos los ka np ta hua e" when we were bad...(say it fast..). dunno wut it means but i kno it aint hmong lol
my dad's is "sab laj your mouth" & "tsk..tsk..tam tseeb os"
..ahh miss my parents.. :(


sarNie Egg
my parents don't say much, especially my dad, and my mom alway just tell us to keep a clean house.


ThE GrEaT gReAt LyNn!!
i dont know how to write it in hmong but my mom would say

something like " i told u so" and " if u dont see the waterfall, than u wont learn/happy??".....hahaha im not sure if thats the right meaning....


sarNie Egg
my dad's favorite word is "stupid big head, u don't know shit so shut up" (chay moua choua tau how lue, tsis pow txhob ha ha lu- sorry, try to sound it out..CAUTION: NOT HMONG WRITING)

my mom's favorite word is "when you have you own kids u will know (i know lots of you said this already...but my mom always says it in a sad way...) but this is how u can sound it out: lue new may more may cov may ma lay pao. winks!!!